Friday, November 11, 2022

G3 Torelai Review


Hey I know it's been awhile but I've been dealing with mental health stuff and haven't really found the motivation to write reviews. 

But I'm going to get this one done, so here's my review on Torelai who is a Walmart exclusive.
First is the box. Looks like all the other boxes but I think her artwork looks the best besides Ghoulia and Draculaura's.

First we'll show Torelai's items she comes with.
Includes her backpack, phone, milk, a can of tuna, tshirt, her pet and a microphone stand!

First is her microphone stand (guess Tor can sing now) Which I didn't take a picture of by itself but you can see Torelai with it in the photo below.
The stand is silver with a web base and the holder is a hand. The mic is purple with cat ears and a tail, it is removable.

Next is her phone it is orange with a tabby cat on the back along with a sticker of her apps.

Torelai's backpack is silver and says the word Hissfits in purple on the front with black claw marks, as well as spikes on the front pocket and strap, only one strap so it maybe a sling bag? also a red charm dangles from the front. 

Torelai comes with an adorable carton of milk that has an orange cat drinking out of a bowl of milk along with milk drippings and the nutrition facts on the side.
The can of tuna has a picture of a grey cat with a white spot on it's face and a tuft of black hair eating a fish on the front (wonder if it's supposed to be a reference of the werecat twins?) with more fish and purple webbing as well as nutrition facts winding around the back.

Lastly is her pet sabertooth tiger Sweet Fangs. They are orange with blue stripes on their head and furrowed expression, green eyes and a red spiked collar. Very cute less intimidating looking then the G1 counterpart though. Also anyone know if this is a remold of a cave club pet? (I don't own any)
The  Makeup
Torelai has thick brown arched eyebrows and green cat eyes, her makeup varies the one I have has yellow eyeshadow with pink. She also has a cat nose and red lips done up in a smirk. Torelai still has tabby markings on one arm and leg but where it differs is the stripes at her forehead and the molded on tuffs at her ears, wrists and tail. 
The tail also does not seem to come out or is not supposed to. Which is a plus since the G1 dolls tails always came out!

The Hair
Torelai's hair is also pretty different to her G1 counterparts (most of them anyway) while it is still orange,it's long and has light pink streaks in it instead of black stripes (but hey you can wash her hair without ruining the design and it doesn't stink like permanent marker!) 

The Outfit
Torelai's outfit is the most changed from any resemblance to G1  (her as a whole is pretty different) other than the slight punk theme  with her jewelry , jacket and backpack. 
She has more of a rocker chic/modern grunge vibe. 
Her earrings are red and silver spiked cuffs on one ear and a silver cuff on another.
Her choker is black with a cat scratch pendant (which is hard to make out.)
Her red pleather jacket has purple claw marks all over it and fake zipper detailing. The shirt that she comes wearing is white with a print of a calico cat on it.
Her high waisted pleated skirt is black with a pink criss cross detailing and bright yellow claw marks. Very vaporwave. Her chain belt is silver and all one peice with charms of yarn balls hanging off.  Tor's skirt is probably my favorite (besides her food accessories) but it definitely needs the belt.

Torelai has purple molded on socks (that I wish were fabric) and white boots with black laces and red claw marks on the toe, the backs have a black yarn ball dangling from them! 
The bottoms are a shiny black with treads and giant paw prints. 

The second top that Torelai comes with is my favorite of the two but I don't really like how it sits on her with the jacket on...
It is a grungy looking dark bleached top that says Hissfits (her band) in red with a purple cat with white eyes and red claw marks. 

All in all Torelai's outfit and hair is pretty different compared to her G1!

That is it on Torelai, I think she's really pretty even if she is the most different of G3 (besides Lagoona being pink of course) and I hope they give her short hair and gloves in the future! 
I probably won't be doing reviews of Frankie or Draculaura just because it's been awhile but we'll see. I likely will do a review on Lagoona because I restyled her hair and the coffin bean playset!
Also stay tuned for the Coffin Bean 2 pack Frankie and Deuce, as well as Creepover Party reviews!

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