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Inner Monster Fangtastic Love and Fearfully Feisty Review

Not looking forward to this review because there's so much,but doing it anyways!
Found Her and the Other Inner Monsters (except Deluxe) at Target.

First Her Box
it is pretty large,Most of it is Clear With Giant Artwork of her on either side. 
The Cardboard hair weirds Me out,reminds me of Mystixx Vampires.
it has a Hole on Top where u can push her Brain to change her eyes. 
on the back it has the Doll Posing With Various other Photo's showing what all she does and comes with. 

all the Inner Monsters are meant to show to Different emotions hers Being Love and Anger,or maybe what comes with Love,Jealousy? 
Now onto the Doll herself who I named Fury Lovely.

The Accessories
The Back of the Box says she's supposed to come with "20 Fabulous Accessories"
if you Count Her Removable Torso Casing and Her brush then yes I suppose she does. though the Brush and even stand are pushing it. 
Here is everything Laid out. 
Her Wig,Torso,Face Plate,Sunglasses,2 pairs of shoes,Dress,Two Pairs of "Wings",Purse,her little Emotion pegs and Stand. 
The Stand is a Saddle Stand,only her Orange shoes can touch the bottom though.
The Diary Was Hidden in the Back I only knew it was there once I opened the back of the box and it fell out.
it's pretty Cute,the Part where the name goes on the Front is Blank,so U can write her name there. The Pages are also Blank,with things like 'Killer Style' or 'Freaky Flaw' Much like the Monster High about Me. they are all one page long and say the same thing.
As I like filling things out,I do like this,though it could be More in depth. But I can fill it out for all My CAM's!
Next up her Purse,which I would so own IRL! It is A Large Black Skullete With a Giant Pink Bow on Top,it does open but you can't put anything in it as it's too flat. 
Her Sunglasses are Hot Pink and made to look like Hearts With Flames.
Unlike what the Box shows they are Not Clear though.
Not Found of them like this,they look better on top of her head.
The First Pair of Shoes she Wears go with her Love side and resemble CA Cupid's 1600 shoes. 
They are Black and Twisted to look like Intricate hearts,with a Red Wedge.
The Second Pair go with her Fiery side and are Recasts of The Harpy CAM's Purple Shoes but in Orange.
Next Up Her Back Accessories. 
The one's For her Fiery Side are Giant Wings that look like Flames and remind me of a Phoenix.
I love them!
The Piece that goes on her Shoulders and around her Waist is Black,I like how it fades into the wings. you can also see the Holes in her head that hold her Wig in place. 
Next Up is Her Spider Backpack or Maybe a Spider just attached itself to her...They are supposed to be Monsters after all. Not sure What Spiders have to do with Love but it is Pink.
The Spider goes on her shoulders and around her Waist same as the Wings. 
It is Two Shades of Pink Bubblegum and Hot Pink. It's Legs that Protrude outward on either side of her do Move but just the Lower Limbs.
It's actually kinda Cute for a Spider. 
Fury Comes With 8 Different "Emotions" You can put on her. 
The Black one looks like a Bomb,for when you're ready to Explode! An Angry Red Skullette,An Orange Snake that is curving around Intestines,maybe for when your Stomach is in Knots From Being Nervous?,Three Pale Pink Evil looking Hearts,For the Evil Hearted. A Pink Skullette With Hearts For eyes-Crush,A Purple Evil looking ghost? I have No Idea....A Red Ghost which might Mean False Love of Some Kind and of Course a Pink Frilly Heart With an Arrow through it,True Wuv,I mean Love!
Now onto the Doll Herself and I'll include the Wig,Dress,Faceplate and how everything goes together!
The Inner Monster
Fury is a Pale Pink With Dripping Dark Pink Hearts on her Hands,Arms and Lower Legs.
One hand also makes the symbol for Love.
She also has No Make up save For Pink Lips.

Also Her Limbs do come off,so You can switch With Other CAM's.
She has Normal Blue Eyes at First until You Push her Brain. 
They Change From a Dark Purple,With Flaming Irises and Black Pupils with one large Dot in the Center. they are also Slit.
To White With Giant Pink and Blue Hearts for eyes.
My Favorite's the Flame eyes.
As you can see the Faceplate goes with the Heart or Normal Eyes the best.
An Add on Pack Comes with a Face better suited for Feisty.
The plate Clicks onto the Face easily as you can see it does not cover the whole Face as that would interfere with the Wig. 
It has Giant Blue and Pink Hearts on one side above her Brow,around her Eyes are Giant Blue Dripping Hearts,down one cheek is More Smaller hearts and Her Lips are Hot Pink With a Bright Blue Heart in the middle.
It's pretty fun,Very Circusy to me.

Now onto her Wig.
It's pretty much the same as far as CAM Wigs go,I've seen better but it's Not the Worst by any means! (Skeleton Girl's Wig comes to Mind,ugh that one cannot be Tamed) 
It is Medium Length and Hot Pink With Black Streaks in the Bangs and Underneath the Hair. 
Mine Came With a Really Bad Crimp though From the Ties :/
I didn't want to Boil it as the Wig Cap Might Melt,I Managed to Straighten it as best I could though. 

Next Up is Her Dress. it is Short and Tight so I don't think she could sit down in it.
Sorry I didn't get a Close Up shot. 
it is Sleeveless With a Fishnet on Top Attached to a Plastic Clear Pink Collar,The rest of the Dress is Blue with a Sweetheart Neckline and has Large Evil Pink Hearts,Normal Pink hearts,Red Hearts and a Flaming Blue heart on it. The Skirt Part has Graffiti of More Evil Hearts,tiny hearts,A Cupid's heart,Bats and a Blue Cobra all outlined in Black. The Waist has Clear reddish Pink and Yellow Green Plastic Frills Sewn on Top.
it's a pretty Cool dress I would wear it,if it wasn't Body hugging.
Last But Least Is one of the Neatest things about her,her Torso!
The Torso Covering is a Hard See through Plastic 
it Can be a bit hard to get's easiest From the Bottom.

Her Torso under it is Lavender and Skeletal,With Holes Where the Pegs go.
Their re are only 4 Holes so You can't fit all of them on there. Nor can they all Fit together. 
I Managed to Fit the Evil Pink Hearts,the Red Ghost thing and the Pink skullette on the Chest and the Heart on the stomach. Unless they are all Small Pieces you can't Expect them to stay on their without the Clear Torso on over it. 
Looks pretty Cool once it's all there though!
That's it on the Review,Hope You Liked it!
I give her a 10/10,They may look Creepy at first,but they are so Creative and once you have More,there's Endless Possibilities! I'd like to think this is Mattel's Answer to Cutie Pops,Small Version and less Cutesy! lol 
Until Next Time! 
Might do Zombie Shake and Ghoul Chat unless I get More Inner Monster's or a Playset before then!

Have Some Creepy Cool Pics! 
Fearfully Feisty

Fangtastic Love 

That's the Cool here's the Creepy!

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