Monday, September 9, 2013

Ever After High, Raven Queen Review

So onto the Next EAH Character I have bought.
The Daughter of The Evil Queen From Snow White.
(Who wants to be good)

Raven is Different in that she wants to change her Destiny as the Next Evil Queen and be good.
Well Apple wants her go ahead with her Destiny,for Apple's Future.
I like that in this Version,Raven is the more level headed and Nice one (or try's to be) and Apple Supposedly the Good one,is Selfish and a bit Snobby.

I did not take a picture of the back of the box so I had to find it online. I found it here

 Here is Raven with everything but her Comb as I threw it away,I only usually keep one.

 Her stand is Exactly like the other's except in Silver.
Here is her Booklet that you can read in my Previous post.

Raven comes with her Purse,Headband/crown,Bracelet,Belt and Shoulder Guard/Collar

Her Crown is Silver with molded Spikes on top and is held in place by rubber bands as well as her hair.
 I like how they gave this a more Modern look,while still seeming Queen like

 Her Purse is a Small almost Clutch purse and does not open. It's Black with studs with a Silver bow on top and a Silver Mirror like Design on Front and a small Silver Handle.
Her Bracelet I think is supposed to be one of those Ring one's but it's not long enough for her Finger to go in and it just looks silly.
it's Silver as well and Molded to look like Stack bracelets with a Chain Attached with a Purple Gem on the end.
it moves around alot and I think is my least favorite thing about her.

Her Belt along with her Collar are Awesome!
Her belt is Silver as well though Darker and made to look Antiqued
The Front is a Chain link with a Bird Skull on it! (possibly a Raven) the Sides are Wide kind of like a Corset and have intricate Designs on it.
Her High Collar is the Same Silver Antiqued as the belt.
and a Hard Mold as well.
it fins out like a Marie Antoinette Collar,with Grooved edges,the Shoulder Piece looks a bit like Feathers,in the Middle is a Purple Gem (which is also the Clasp) with Black Molded Chain hanging from it.
The Back is Very intricate as well and in the Middle it looks vaguely like a Spine. around the high Collar are raised molding.

It's very neat!
and lastly her Shoes.
They are Ankle Wedges,they are Black and look like they are made out of Raven Feathers. the Front has Chains Attached and are open toed. the Back makes a Curved shape.

Raven's hair is Much softer than Briar's,of course it is Straight.
it's Pure Black with Plum or Fuchsia Streaks,underneath her hair and also tied at the top in a Crown like Fashion.
Raven is Pale with Lavender Eyes,she has,Faded Dark eyebrows, Thick liner and Lashes,Plum eyeshadow,with a tiny bit under her eyes and Silver on the lid. Her Tiny Lips are a Light Shiny Maroon.

The Outfit
Raven's outfit is Made to look like one piece but is not. it is actually a Top under a Skirt.
The Tank is Made out of a Shimmery Material and Given the Light, one side looks like a Dark Green and the other a Dark Purple. it's very Iridescent though. the Bottom makes a V Cut.

The Skirt is Very Fancy and Detailed,it's a Plum Purple Color,the Top makes a Tulip shape a bit and Has a Black Lace print on some of it. underneath that is Rough thick Tulle Type Material a lighter Purple on Top and Darker Plum underneath it is all one piece. the Back and Front Puff out a bit.
underneath the Skirt she Has Black Fishnet Panty Hose.

That's it on Raven.
Now I'll show you how she looks in other outfits. like this Bratz one.

MH Shoes,Perfect!

Sexy! The Vest is Frankie's and the gold top is Clawdeen's. 
More Grown up don't you think?
I won't be giving her a Pro's and Con's list as I really don't have any Con's!
She is a 10 out of 10 for me! I love her More than Briar to be honest.
Stay tuned for more Monster High Reviews!

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  1. Love the redress, she looks great x