Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Amanita Nightshade Review

Been a long Time I know! I've been busy with other...Interests...
Anyway Here is Amanita NightShade's Review,Daughter Of The Corpse Flower!

First Her Box.
Now I've seen Boxes That Say 'Limited Edition' and other's that don't. I happen to have the one that does. But I haven't seen any Difference regarding The Doll,anyone Know?

Now onto Amanita!
She is So Much Prettier in person,In My Opinion.
Here is Her With Everything she comes With (She also has a Diary)
The Accessories
Amanita Comes With A Phone,Purse,Binder (or Portfolio) and Wearing Earrings,Necklace a Bracelet and a Flower in her hair.
Her Phone is the Same as all The New MH Phones.
Her Purse is Black With a Long Strap and The Front has a Flower Design and Looks like a Clutch,it does open.
What I thought at First Was a Binder,I think is actually a Portfolio Since it has her Picture in it. It is Lavender With The Corpse Flower on The Front.

Her Earrings are Black and Look Like The Same Design as Some of Cleo's.
Her Necklace Looks like Black Thorns Tied around her neck and She has one Black Spiked Bracelet.
My Favorite Accessory of hers is Her Giant Plastic Black Flower Hair Piece!
I Wouldn't Recommend Cutting the Ties as it would probably just Fall off then.

The Hair
Amanita has Beautiful Thick Wavy Hair,It is a Plum Color With Blue and Purple Highlights. 
I love how it Frames her face!

The Makeup
Amanita has Light Green Skin and a Very Pronounced Jaw. 
She has Purple eyebrows,lavender Eyes and Dark Green Eyeshadow With an Amazing Green Leaf Design Framing The Bottoms,Her Lips are Lavender. 
The Outfit
Amanita has a Very Pretty,Floaty Chiffon Wrap Dress. Most of It is a Pale Pink or Lavender Color With Black Leather Capped Sleeves With Frilly Trim,The Bodice is Trimmed in Black as well as The Waist. 
It rounds out at the skirt and the bottom has a Tulip Cut With Green Flowers and Tendrils Going Up from the bottom. The Sides have Extra Purple Material That is Gathered to look like Flowers. 

Underneath That Dress She has a Club Looking Outfit Which I love!
It is a Green Satiny Tube Top With Black "Lace" made to look like Leaves and Thorns,Her Top is Attached to a black pleather Miniskirt. 
Around Her Ankles are Large Plastic Pieces Shaped Like a Purple Flower With Giant Green Leaves and Vines Coming out. 
Her Shoes are Black Pumps That Have a Leaf Pattern and The Heels are also Curled Leaves. 
Unlike alot of People I like The Flowers On The Gloom and Bloom Dolls. I think they need that Extra Push. 

That is it on Amanita,Like I said do NOT go off of Pictures online over whether you should buy her or not. she is Gorgeous in person!
Stay Tuned For Some Older Reviews as Well as Gloom and Bloom Cleo!

 Careful Amanita Cleo's going to bury you!


  1. Hi, I just wanted to say that I love your blog! I found it recently and read all of your posts this weekend :) please do more doll reviews and I would love to see all the different monster high things that you have repainted

    1. awesome thx! I will do that! I just got Gooliope and Way to wonderland Lizzie!

    2. awesome thx! I will do that! I just got Gooliope and Way to wonderland Lizzie!