Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Curl and Coil Novi Stars

After a Long Novi Star Drought,I finally found these at Kmart by Accident,they were on sale for $17

These have to be My Favorite Novi Stars by Far! They are so much fun!
Here is them in there Boxes.

and here is Tily's Bio
and Roe's
I'll Start With Roe Botik First.
Here is her out of the box. her hair was a pain to get out. not only was it held in with plastic ties but some of her real hair was sewn onto plastic grrr...
But I managed to free her and no Cut hair!
Roe is not really Articulated but like the Beach one's she has Movable  joints at the shoulder and thighs.

Her Pet is a Cute Green Robotic Alien. Her Name is Circuit. She has Bulbous Blue "Eyes" A Silver Plate screwed to her head,A Silver Circuitry body,4 legs,Wears Green Gloves and a Pink outfit and reminds me of Something Off Invader Zim.
Roe's Accessories include a unique Comb and Hair clips.
The Hair Clips are made to look like Cable plug ins and her Comb is Silver with 3 Lavender Wheel Cogs going up it and a Pink Bow.
Roe's Body is as unique as any of the Novi's Since she can Move she does not have any Fun Features like Lighting up,but she is still Neat to look at.
Roe is a Pale Pink,She has Silver Circuits at her Neck and Waist. She also has Silver plates Molded on her upper Arms,almost as if the Skin were laid on top of it.
oh yes she also comes wearing a Silver Circuit Bracelet. 

She has a Thigh plate on one leg and a plate With Circuits showing just below her right knee. 
Pretty Neat!
Her outfit is Minimalistic,but still cute and Edgy.
She wears No Top,But has a Short pleather skirt in Hot Pink that flares out at the sides and have Teardrop Windows around her skirt,that have Clear plastic underneath.

Her shoes are peep toe heels,In Mint Green,Black Edge the upper cutouts,Sole and the Top With silver straps. The Heels and Back are Silver and look very Futuristic.
Roe has Mint Green and Bright Blue Eye shadow on one eye,as well as those super long Lashes in a Glittery Green,Her Eye is a Glittery Fuchsia With a Flower? inside. 3 Pink painted on Bolts act as her eyebrow. The other side From the Top down is Completely Covered by a  3 Dimensional Cyborg Eye plate.  Her Tiny lips are painted a bright Green.
So Awesome!
Now onto the Feature of these Dolls the Hair!
And My what alot of hair it is!

Her real hair is Green on top,Black on bottom.with some of it tied up,interspersed along With it are Two Pink Cables,Shiny Silver Fabric Tubes and Lime Green and Black Netted Tubes,Some of the Lime Green and Black are Rolled up with her Bangs into a 40's look,and Tied to her hair in back. 
Before I forget her Novi Antenna's are Metal Cog's 

Her hair is so Shiny With some Wavy Curls thrown in

One Main feature on her is that she has these Braided silver Ties that you Pull on and they make the Silver Tubes,Coil up. 
I decided to play with all the hair and randomly made some style's. 
First I just Braided this.
Than I went Nuts. 
Here's where the Clips come in handy. 
I did a Braiding Mechanism with the Cable and Green Tubing. I also Coiled the silver Tubes. 

Whadya think?
Now For Tily Vizon!
She's alot like Roe Hair and outfit wise. But her body is quite different. First though here is Her Pet,Telepuppy. It is Pink,With a Tv shaped Head,on the Top is what looks like a Faucet Knob but I think it supposed to be Antenna.,His? Head does Move and his Front Legs are Silver and he has a Silver Zig Zag Tail. 
Here's It's Many Faces. 



Cry Baby
Body and Outfit
Tily Has Milky White Skin and the Same Circuitry on the Neck and Waist as well as plates on the Arms as Roe. SHE has a TV Set For a Chest piece! Her Skirt is Blue but otherwise Exactly the same as Roe's. 
Her Bracelet is Very Space age and in a Copper Color.
Tily's Upper Left Thigh has a Metal plate over it but her right Leg has Metal Contraption attached and is Movable! 
Tily's Shoes are Peep Toe Heels also but Cover More of her Feet and are Hot Pink With Acid Yellow Straps going across,the sides are Blue and the Heels are Plug in's!
Tily has Purple Bolts going across as Eye brows and Her Make up is Pink with a Thick Purple Crease,Her Lips are Pink and Her Eyes are blue with the same Design in them as Roe's. Her long Lashes are a Glittery Fuchsia. 

Tily's Real Hair is Long and Wavy,Dark Pink on Top,Black on Bottom. Her Cables are Yellow,Slightly Different Style Coil Tubing and Pink and Black Netted Tubes.  Some of the Pink and Black Tubes are Coiled With Her bangs on top of her Head,in a 50's style Bump. They are Tied in Back along with her hair. 
She has the Same Antenna's Except Without the Line in them. 
Now My Restyle of Her hair,Having a bit of Practice already. I think I did better with her hair.
How is she going to fit into her ship?!

That's all On The Curl and Coil!
Hope you liked!
I would give them a 9 out of 10,a 10 out of 10 if they had come with More Hair Accessories and of course Better stands. but can't ask for Miracles. 
I would Recommend them to Kids as they are entertaining,but do keep in mind this hair could easily become a Tangled Mess in the hands of the Wrong child. 
Also If you are interested in these or any of the Newer one's,I would suggest getting them Now as they have No plans For New one's in 2014.

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