Friday, December 13, 2013

J-Doll DE 9 STRAATJES Review

I finally got My First J-Doll! Ordered From someone off of Facebook.
I got her for $5.00 less than Ebay!
Having one of my Holy Grail Dolls is Awesome!
Now if I could just get a Sybarite....

J-Doll's are Japanese Made Collector Dolls that are named after Famous Streets. Her's being "de 9 straatjes",which means "nine small alleys" in Dutch, refers to a historic street in Amsterdam.
Since to me that's not much of a Name I renamed her Anne-Marie Straatjes. 

She doesn't look Dutch to Me though...despite the Curls,I thought she was French. 

Now onto the Review!

First Her Box,it's really pretty and shiny! it has graphics of Large Flowers on it and the Back has a Small Picture of her as well as thorough and Polite Instructions on how to take care of her. in both English and Japanese.

Here is her out of the box.
She is pretty Simple to take out,she has plastic wrapped around her hair and on her hands and Feet. 
Here is what the back looked like after I snipped a few things.
Her Stand is a New stand for Me,it's Metal and Screws into the 

Base,i thought it tightened but it doesn't. so the Stand does do 

a 360 it also moves up and down. 

The Base is Red and Made to look like A Brick Street. it has the J-Doll stamp in the Lower right corner.

The Waist part is a Bit wide and without her Jacket she wouldn't be able to stay on it. 

Sorry about the type,idk what happened there....
Now onto Ann Marie,as With Many New Doll Lines I will show you her body first. 

She is Pale and Her Skin looks like Porcelain but is Actually just a Hard plastic. 
She has Articulation in Her Ankles,Wrists,Waist and Double Articulation in her Arms and knees. Much like a liv Doll or Sybarite. 
She is Smaller than I Expected,though Taller than Jun. about Monster High Size. She has Jun's Delicate Body though and light weight. 
Here she is With Alexis,Briar (wearing a Bratzillaz dress),Cleo and Jun.

Same Articulation as Liv. except the Ankles only move up and down,they do not turn. 
She comes With Real underwear,Lacy and Red.
Her upper body Moves up and down and Her Waist can turn 360 as can her head. her head can only turn side to side not up or down.
 sorry about the butt shot
As you can also see her Arm has a joint in it that makes it so she can turn her upper Arm like a real person and not just at the shoulder. 

Her Arms are Pretty Flexible. 

But her Legs? Not so much she can't do the Front Splits very well.
or the Side Splits at all
Only one leg at a time.
But she Can kneel quite well! 
And do this Neat little Number
Eat your Heart out Barbie!
The Face
Her Face is Very Small and Delicate looking She has Glass Blue Eyes,outlined With pale blue shadow on Top and pale pink outlining the Bottom. with thin black liner on top and Tiny lashes on bottom. 
She has thin eyebrows,a Cute realistic Nose and Pale glossy Lips. 
The Hair
Her hair is a Cherry Red, and very soft she has thick bangs and Medium Length Spiral Curls that are not stiff with Gel or spray. though the curls do not go all the way around they are parted to the sides and sewn.  but No visible Scalp is revealed!
The Accessories 
Ann-Marie comes with a Purse and Hat. No Jewelry.
Her Hat is Black Felt and with a Red Ribbon around it and looks like a Magicians Hat. 
it is a bit small to stay on top of her head without Falling off so I perched it sideways on her head,Her hand holding it in place.
Her Purse is pretty big and snaps open. it is White and Black striped Cloth,with Red Satin on the sides and Black pleather Handles,that are very soft,the straps are held together by silver Metal rings and studs on either side. The Top Flap is a Shiny pleather also and has a red button snap. 

The Outfit
As Far as Textures Go her outfit does remind me of Jun's,Especially The Top.
Her Top is A Pale Pink and White,The Bodice is Noticeably stitched to the Front and is Slightly darker than the rest,it rounds down like a Bustier,the rest of the front is very soft Cotton With Wide White Lace sewed around the bottom. The Sleeves are Soft too and long With Wide Lace around the Wrists. The Sleeves are Actually too big without the Jacket. the Top is attached to a Soft Collor that has White Lace on  top. 
The Jacket is Dark Blue with polka Dots and is more like a Cardigan. it looks alot better with the lace coming out. 

Her Thick large Skirt is a stiffer Material,which helps hold it's shape along with the help of a netted Petticoat underneath. 
The Skirt has a thin black waistband,that hooks in back,the Skirt is also White With Black stripes and another shinier stripe going around,as well as a Pattern of thick red Roses and Vines,The Bottom of the skirt is Iron pleated and Red. 
She has Netted White knee high stockings With Lace Trim and A Red Ribbon sewn on the top of each one,tied into a Bow.
Her Shoes are Shiny Red Pumps With Black underneath. they tend to fall off quite easily as they are slightly bigger than her feet. 
Here is Everything laid out.
And that's all on her!
hope you Enjoyed.
She really is Beautiful and nothing on her versus the Promo is Different!
I give her a 9 out of 10,Just because I don't like how much her stand moves around in it's base  or how her Ankles move too far the wrong way...
Other than that I love her!
Now For Picture Spam!

Next Will Be Dance Class 5 pack and a Few other surprises!

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