Monday, December 8, 2014

Haunted Vandala Doubloons Review

Picked Up Vandala on Sale on Amazon Since at the time they didn't have Haunted At the stores yet.
The Whole Haunted Line is So unique and Creative (Minus Sun Burned Clawdeen...),The Best Line Since Scaris! After Monster Exchange.

Vandala is a Ghost Pirate who've I've Head Canoned as The Daughter of Davey Jones.
She's a pirate who gets seasick lol
here is her in box.
The Box's are  Different in that the Clear Plastic goes all the way around and it just her attached to a Cardboard backing. The Front is the same though as it has Her Artwork on the Bottom as well Haunted and Says Monster High Down the upper right side with a Picture of the Movie on the otherside.
For some reason My Phone's Flash Makes her Hat look Silver,I did not get a Variant as cool as that would be.

I also Do have to Comment on her Stand as it is a New Stand and it is Clawsome!
It is a Clear Blue The Stand and Clip are Molded Chains and the Base is Rounded With Chains Going across. The Clip Holds them under the arms so it looks like they're Floating!
Much better than those Wobbly Saddle Stands.

Now onto the Doll I will Start with Her Accessories.
The Gold Chain does not Come with her,it's a Broken Necklace of Mine. 
Vandala Comes with a Purse and wearing a Hat,Earrings and Bracelet. 
Her Purse is Turquoise and quite large,it is made to look like an Anchor with seaweed hanging off it and a Pirate Skullete in the top Middle,the chain makes up the handle,it does not open.  
Her earrings and bracelet are Grey,Her earrings look like Tentacles and The bracelet looks like pearls and Seaweed.

Her Hat is My Favorite,Finally a Proper Hat (Besides Skull Shores Abby's beach hat)
It is a Very Large Pirate Hat in a Clear Nude Color (I think it's supposed to be Pale Pink though) With a Giant Molded Piece on Front of a Blue Pirate Ship on water With a giant Feather sticking out,below the ship is a Cutout Design with a Seashell,Starfish and fish bones on it.
They did such a great Job!
The Makeup
I didn't take any nude shots of her but you can see that her Skin is a Milky Seafoam Green and Slightly Translucent.
She has Grey Eyebrows and Light Purple/pale Pink eyes that almost look like they're glowing. She has Pale Blue Eyeshadow on her lid and going down with a thin outline of Purple and no eyeshadow on her Brow bone. Her Lips are a Peach Color.
You can definitely tell she's a Ghost without being Obvious with see through limbs!
The Hair
Vandala has knee length hair in Wavy,Messy curls. It is Platinum Blond on Top and Teal underneath and in her bangs,which are Gelled to the side. 
She had really bad Box hair and a Crimp From her Hat,I thought about Straightening it but she's a Pirate so all I did was Brush it out and it looks alot better!

 Pre Brush
All Brushed out!
I then pulled some of it back into a braid.

The Outfit
 Her outfit is very detailed and I love the Layered Look on both Vandala and Kiyomi!
She has a intricate Plastic Piece over her outfit that too me looks Viking Inspired so maybe she IS european. 
It is a Light Pink and Consists of Shoulder Guards with Chains attached to a Bone piece attached to a belt,With Squid Tentacles emerging from the middle wrapping around Chains that Dangle past her Skirt With her Skullete and an Anchor on them. It's Amazing!

 Her Dress is a scoop neck With long torn see through sleeves in black with a pink design on them.
The Dress itself is a Watercolor Print of Teal and Seafoam Green With Black Designs of Sinking Ships and Krakens. A Black and Grey Straped Sash is tied around her Waist. The Bottom makes a Asymmetrical cut With that same Material and Design as the Sleeves Underneath and showing past the skirt. It's pretty Cute I would wear it!

Now onto Her shoes or should I say her shoe and Peg Leg! Yes She is an Amputee!!
She Wears a Teal Wedge that is Clear and peep toed. The Ankle has Pearls extending from it and the rest of the shoe is beaded The Heel is an Actual Treasure Chest! 
Her Peg Leg,which is Detachable,Is a Clear Nude Color With Intricate Designs all over.
it has waves at the knee,below that is her skullette with lots of beads and Waves down and around the leg. The Heel is an actual Mermaid Bust and the Tail makes up the Foot!

That's all on Vandala,I have to say she is Amazing. My Favorite things about her are Hat,Outfit and of Course Her leg! I can't wait to paint in all the little Details!
Now for some Shipping!


  1. Thank you for this!
    Such sweet looking ghost, and I love that she has a peg leg! <3

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  3. I have her and I love her, but I she's got bad roots, I mean there are lots of ”bald spots” at the top of her head and it sucks...