Friday, November 23, 2012

Juku Couture Jun Doll Review

So I said I would do a review so here goes!
I got my First Juku Couture Doll Named Jun From someone on Facebook,It was $44 With shipping,which is Cheap considering they are Selling for That Price and Higher on Ebay and Amazon! They only Made 12 Dolls in total (4 Different Characters) with a Few Fashion and Accessory Packs.
They are supposed to be Harajuku Girls and in the 1st Edition I can see that (albeit Jun looks very American despite being From Korea),2nd Edition I don't see it. they just kinda looks like girls From the 80's.

Looks the same as the 1st Edition Except A New Belt,No Hair Streamers and Crappy Face ups

I only like her Jacket and Tie

Pretty Much just Copied 1st Edition Kana
Then they're are the Global Good Dolls,Like The Panda outfit but the Faces are still bad.
Then their are the Rare In the Wild Collection with the Original Faces I like all but Haley.
So Onto my Review of 1st Edition Jun lol Here is The Poster She comes with
Her Bio Reads
I love that her Bio isn't like Music,Sports and Want to be a Fashion Designer,Not that that's a bad thing but it's so Overused (Barbie,Bratz,Liv) This Like Moxie Teenz Makes kids realize you can be Pretty and Smart Too with Varied Tastes. 


She is Articulated in the Elbows,Wrists,Waist,Knees and Ankles. Not as Much as The Liv Dolls but not Many dolls are. She can still make some Cute poses though.
Nekkid and Flat as a Pancake! lol
Gasp! Eeek Zombie!

Her head does not Move very well that may be due to the Choker. and she is The Smallest Doll I own she also is very Light.

Comparison Shots

Look at those tiny Feet! so cute!
Her shoes are a bit big on her,though they allow her to stand on her own,unlike Most Dolls.
Hair and Eyes:

Her hair is Exactly like on the Box art,it is very hard due to the hair spray and what not they put in it but if they didn't,there's no way they could keep the Hair style like that in the box! also the pink and White are Clip ins. Her eyes are Glass but she doesn't have the Wide eyed look like the Liv's do (particularly Sophie) 
My What big eyes you have!
Her Makeup is a Subtle Pink Eyeshadow With Heavy Black Eyeliner,Pink Blush and Pink Glossy Lips.

This is The outfit she comes in,it is Layered so you can Take off and add on for 2 or 3 Different looks!
My Only complaint is I wish she came with an Extra Pair of Shoes for the Second look,Lolita Heels would have been Cute. but oh well. Her gloves and stockings are Lace and while her Dress and Pants are a Slightly Rough Material her over top is Soft and she comes with a Belt that really if a little girl wanted to she could wear as a Bracelet. also the purse is Stuffed with Paper to give a More fuller look.
here are the 2 Different looks I gave her. 

So all in all I would Recommend her or any of the Juku Dolls to Kids and Collectors alike,she's Durable enough for kids yet Put together Well enough for Collectors. she is Definitely Collectors Price though!

                                                            Say Bye Jun, "Bye Jun!"
Next Up I will be doing Scaris Jinafire Long Review!

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