Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Catrine De Mew Review

So I promised a Review of Catrine and here it is! I am so Excited! She is one of my Favorite From the Scaris Line after Skelita,my Favorite of the Main Ghouls would be Clawdeen in this line.
Now onto the Review!
Who is it...

Friday, February 15, 2013

Swim Venus Mcflytrap Review

Finally another Venus Doll!
Though I wish they would have given this Line an Actaul Name...They Consist of 3 dolls,Venus,Lala and Lagoona. I might do a Lagoona review when I get her but I can't do a Lala Review as I redid her hair before I took any pictures.
as the other Beach lines have been about 5 Dolls including one Boy,I am hoping they Expand this line,Maybe add an InvisiBilly?
onto the Review.

Ghoulia Deluxe Fashion Pack review

I know it's been Way too long since I've done a Review,But I've been working on creating a Doll Room in my Basement :)
Since it's been So long I've decided I'm going to do two reviews,Starting with Ghoulia's New Fashion Pack which comes with two outfits.
Boots,Headband and Red Glasses not included

Ghoulia Deluxe Fashion Review Coming soon!