Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Freaky Fusion LagoonaFire Review

It's been Awhile! I've had My Nieces over for the Summer so I haven't been getting New Dolls until Recently and The Stores Finally Got out of their Drought.
I Found LagoonaFire At Justice along With ClawVenus (Who I didn't Purchase)

LagoonaFire is a Mix of Lagoona Blue and Jinafire Fused together.
The Freaky Fusion Line comes in Unique Boxes.
With CGI Art on the Side and Back as well as a Bio about them Which you can Read in their Diaries.

 Cute! but I realized that LF's Hair Piece is Different on The Art Vs The Doll it seems to be on her Ponytail. 

 The Accessories
LagoonaFire Comes Wearing a Belt and Headpiece as well as Carrying a Purse. No Earrings.
First Her Headpiece it is Bright Pink Which I guess is Lagoona's New Color Now? It Looks Fangtastic on her!
It looks Very Ornamental which would be Jinafire's Influence other Wise it's Pure Lagoona With what looks like Waves of Seaweed on Top With Pearls Going down. it Opens in Front.
I know Some Didn't like it on top as it Differed From Her Promo Image But I like it Better as without it,her Curl looks Very Elvis Presley....

Now Her Belt,it is Gold and The Most Jinafire about Her Outfit Wise. it does not go all the Way around which is probably why there was Tape around her Waist,without the Tape though the Belt Fits Fine.
Here it is on the Yellow Stand. This Line all comes With Yellow Stands,Nice Change From Black but 1 Yellow is my Least Fave Color and 2 I wish for the Fused ghouls it had been Multi Colored like Yellow and Green For LagoonaFire,also all New Basic Dolls should come with Sig Color Stands!
Moving on....
LagoonaFire's Purse is Hot Pink and is a Cross Between A Lantern and A Squid. it does have an Opening on Top but is Not Pliable. it's Very Cute and Large!
Makeup and Skin
At First Glance this Doll is Obviously Lagoona But after Comparing her I can Definitely See Jinafire Especially in the Skin and Makeup.
Her Skin is a Light Blue like Lagoona's But with a Shine.
She has Her Webbed Hands also Her Fins in Gold.
Her Skin is Scaled like Jinafire's and She has Jina's Chest Detail.
She has Her Signature Freckles,Lips and Ears (though Jina's are also Pointed) 
 But she has a Tail! With Gold Fur instead of Green.
 Even Her Eyebrows are Jinafire like, Her Eyes are More Rounded and Fishlike but her Makeup Style is like Jina's in Pale Yellow or Green With Coral and Lots of Lashes!
Her Lips are Coral as well.
Her Eyes are Reptilian like Jinafire's.
To Make up For Looking like Jina So Much (Sans Skin Color) They Gave her a Very Lagoona Inspired Outfit and Hair.

The Hair
LagoonaFire's Hair is Bright Yellow With Chunks of Lime Green in Her Bang and Underneath.
it is in a Simple very soft Ponytail With that Giant Curl Gelled in Place on Top.

The Outfit 
Despite the Cutouts and some Patterns,LagoonaFire's Outfit is Very Lagoona.
it is all one Piece,The Top is Bright Pink it has a Low Neckline and High Collar,the Sleeves are Capped With Lace Trim and Bottom has Cutout Sides. The Skirt has a Gold Trim around the Waist as well as Teal Peplum Knetting on each side. The Skirt itself is Black With Designs of Coral and Green Chinese Fans and Squids all over.

 Her Shoes are one of My Favorite things Besides the little Details and Purse!
They are in a Matching Pink and are in a Slight Chinese Style,The Straps match her Belt and Her Heels are Curlicues.
And That's all on LagoonaFire!
I think this is one of My Favorite Line's! I know I say that alot but I just love the Attention to Detail and Bringing out Each Ghouls Characteristics!
Until Next Time! My Next Reviews Will Be Avea Trotter and Bonita Femur!

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