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Scaris Frankie Stein Review

So yes I finally Decided to do this,I know it's been awhile been busy with Making Christmas Gifts!
so now onto the Review

Frankie Comes  in a Scaris Box like all the other Deluxe Dolls,as you know from my other two Entries I don't take pics of them in their Boxes as I open them as soon as I get them.
I do though have a...I wouldn't call it a Bio more of a Journal Entry of Frankie's on how she got her Parents to let her go to Scaris,it is on the back of the box.
Click to read.

Here is her in all her Glory with her Sunglasses (Copy's of her Gloom Beach Blue pair) and Scaris Suitcase!

She comes with a Plain Black stand,I prefer Color Coordinating. Mattel make more Colored or Clear stands please!
Before I get into what she looks like ect. I want to show off her Accessories,she also comes with a Travel Journal. 
Very Creative! look at Lagoona rocking the 80/90's Topknot XD

already Explained the Glasses,her Earrings are a Big Blue Screw on one ear,Which I think is Awesome! and long Yellow studs on the other. that is it for her Jewerly,Simple but still great!
Her suitcase is Bright blue,with a Pink square plate on the front that has a lighting bolt in blue on it. blue Molded Cables come out of it with lighting bolts around it to resemble Sparks I think,A Time clock above it as well as a Dial on either side and Various knobs or screws. 
below it,there is a Molded on Pocket of the same color,with nuts and bolts on it.
The handle is Yellow shaped like two Lighting Bolts and is retractable.
The back is the same blue and has Various Molded Eiffel Towers or Terrors on it as well as Nuts and bolts.
the suitcase opens like all the others but the side resembles a Lighting bolt.
And that's all for her Accessories. 
Now onto the rest of her...
(sorry about the Graininess my Camera doesn't like my Bedroom Light or Vice Versa)
Her eye shadow is Silver or Grey with a Strip of Yellow on the lids,the Silver extends to below the eyes as well. it pops very nicely with the other colors.  Her lips are a Dark grayish Blue. as I♥Fashion Frankie is one of my Favorites (After Wave 1),I love how this Frankie has that Similar Lip color,slightly Gothic Meets Eccentric.  Some like Simplistic I prefer Bright or Dark and Creative! 

As you can see from my photo,Frankie's hair is still the Traditional White with Black,it reminds me slightly of Pepper like Wave 1's did. it is also in the Same style,but Not straight. 
It has a Wave to it that starts in the Middle and goes down. It's Soft but not as Soft as her other dolls that have straight hair. 
I would have preferred it More Curly or Straight or if Mattel was feeling Generous Crimped! as my own hair has a Slight Natural  wave to it,I'm not a big fan lol but it still is pretty and looks really good when her glasses push it back more.

The Outfit:
Her outfits Consists of a Long Blouse with slightly Puffed sleeves and small collar,it ends in a V at the bottom. with a Simple black sash to hold it in place (irl it would prbly have buttons) her shirt is a Satiny Blue and has the same Print as the back of her suitcase does albeit in Black. She has Black trim on the sleeves and Pink piping that starts just below her Color and goes all the way around the bottom. 
Her Mini skirt is Silver with Blue stitching running Horizontally  across it and black trim around the bottom.  it is also high waisted. 
Now onto her Boots my Favorite thing about this Doll!
They go up to her Calves,and are black with a yellow Lighting Bolt on the side of each boot. raised Black molded Stiching goes around the top and bottom at an Angle,their are small black lighting bolts on them with Black laces down the Front of the boots. on the bottom sides are black screws, her Heels are also Matching Lighting Bolts as well as her slightly raised bottom of the shoe. they are a soft rubber and easy to take off, they have a Cyber Goth feel to them.
that's it pretty simple really aside from those boots but also very Frankie! 
Not sure why some think she is boring but she wouldn't go walking the streets of Scaris in something as elaborate as say her Ghouls Rule outfit! This is more of what Tweens or Teens wear now. 
all in all I give her a 9 out of 10.
would have been higher if her hair hadn't been so Wavy but all she needs is a quick new hair style.
And Voila!

Amazing what a little hair down can do! 
Also Yes I did get the Scaris Cafe and will be doing a Review on it as soon as I get Scaris Lala!

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