Saturday, December 8, 2012

Skelita Review

So I know I promised a Review and it's been awhile but I've been busy.
so here it is now!
First off my Sister in law Jennifer, if she were still alive, would love Skelita! she worked as a Nurse and was very interested in the Skeleton structure of the human body,plus she just loved anything with Skull Print! and she was pale with Black hair :)

as always click on Pics to make them bigger!
Skelita comes with her Journal,Suitcase,Stand and Brush.
Mi Familia
yes her Legs do bend.
her suitcase does open and the Spine Handle does retract.
here is my repainted Version
Back of Suitcase

now onto her hair and Makeup,I love the Day of the Dead Makeup on her and the way they curled the Orange Streaks,yes they put alot of Gel in it but they have to if they want it to stay perfect. they Tried they're hand at a Bump here.
While it is good I decided to make it even bigger. 
Her outfit is Actually a Skirt (made out of Flags according to her Diary) over a Dress. with a Brown Belt,Brown Bracelet,Orange Necklace and Green Strappy Wedges,the heel being Brown.
With the skirt off she just has a Simple black Dress with Flower designs on it.
sorry about the Glow her bone white Skin is not easy to photograph.
now onto the Moment you've all been waiting for her Skeletal body!
her entire body is Skeletal unlike the CAM Skeleton. also her bones are filled in and do not have the gaps like the CAM does. so it is easier for her to stand,her legs and Arms do bend albeit not as easy as the other ghouls. I've heard her lower legs come out but I've not tested this. her fingers are long and Rubbery like Jinafire's and Dance Class Howleen's.

Though they look like they bend at the ankles they don't.
your Probably wondering how her clothes fit or how she stays on her stand?
Well her clothes are a bit baggy but they stay on,as she does have boobs. she can only stay on her stand if you have her feet are touching the base. she does come with a plastic torso over her (like the kind that come in fashion packs.) to make her clothes fit her properly but with it on it is pretty hard to get her on her stand.
All in All I would Highly Recommend her as well as any of the Other Scaris Dolls! Everything about them plus what they come with are highly Detailed and I think the Best Line since Wave 1 & 2,that Mattel has come out with! 
Con:No Pet,I am hoping they come out with her and her Butterfly Nati,at some point. 
since Skelita is a bit Fragile I would Recommend her for Adults or 12 and up but that's just Me,I personally wouldn't let kids play with Monster High because of the Price and that they could ruin them. though For Kids the Ghouls Alive line is Perfect!

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