Monday, October 12, 2015

Bratz Study Abroad Sasha Review

Sorry I haven't posted sooner I've been Sick.
Now I'm back with one of My first Bratz Reviews! (not Counting Bratzillaz) I started out not liking Bratz when they first Came out The Big Heads,Lips and Feet turned me off (With the Exception of Rock Angelz) But much later I found Myself Thoroughly enjoying The Movies (including the live action) and a Couple years ago I started Slowly Collecting them.
The New 2015 Bratz are a Callback to the Older Bratz with a Modern Spin and at first I didn't like them and only wanted the Accessories but after seeing them in person I gotta say I'm definitely Warming up to them and even want some Old Bratz!
I Picked up Sasha First because she's the Hardest one to find! At Walmart at least,Surprisingly they have a lot of her at Toys R Us!