Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Ever After High Briar Beauty Review

This will be my first EAH review,though after some waiting I'm not as inclined to review her as I was. I decided I should get it done anyway. because of her brown hair and Rose theme,I think she should be the Daughter of Belle not Sleeping Beauty,but ah well.

Here is Briar in Box. I like that they're Boxes are made to look like Books. Briar's is predominantly Pink,with a hand drawn Forest background and a large rose on bottom. the Front of the Box is all Clear except for a Cardboard cutout of their Symbol stuck on the bottom. inside is a Bookmark,that folds out as her story.
The Side of the Box,is meant to look like the Spine of a Book,it is Pink with a Cream colored "Sash" on top with a Orange Crown button on it. the Middle Part has Art of her inside a Black gilded Frame,the Bottom is white and says Briar Beauty,Daughter of Sleeping Beauty. the very bottom has a Tiny Black and white picture of a Girls Face,with hair over one eye and what looks like a hood on. she is supposed to be their Mascot. 

The back has The Full Boxart of Briar and includes info on her. 

The  other side is meant to look like Pages,it says Ever After High in Black script and a tendril of leaves on either side,also in black. 

The Top again is made to look like pages and is where her Stand hides. 

Here is everything she comes with,I forgot to take a Picture of her Brush but it is Pink with the Mascots Face on it. I will take a picture of Raven's when I do her review. 

also here is her Stand.
it is Hot Pink,Much like the Monster High stands except it is meant to look like a Key and lock,the bottom is in the shape of a Lock and says Ever After High

Briar's Accessories include her Purse,earrings,Sunglasses,a Ring and Bracelet.
First her Sunglasses,they are a Light,Clear Pink,large oval Lenses with a Intricate Royal Pattern on the Top. the sides have two Matching Roses on them.
While they are cute,I prefer them perched on her head, as her Face is too flat for them to look good. but yes they do stay on!
Her earrings are Silver and the only non Black and Pink thing in her outfit! they are made to look like a Rose with leaves. though I wish they would have painted them different colors so you could see what they are better. 
She has a Pink Flower Ring,that goes on two fingers and a Black Bracelet with a Pink Rose on top,I think the pieces of black seen on it are meant to give it a Vintage look. 
Now her purse! it is Mostly Black with Silver on the trim and Strap. 
it doesn't open,it is Round and meant to look like a Pillow I think. it has molded thorns and Roses on it,the sides are Silver and Frilly. Here it is with the Glasses.
Finally her shoes,they are Dark or Hot Pink heels,they have straps,meant to look like thorns,going across her feet,up and around her ankles. the outsides have two Pink Roses molded on. They remind me Fashionista Shoes. 
Since this is my first EAH review,I will be remarking on her body and overall design. 
Briar is Tan,her Handmold resembling Frankie's or Cleo's. She has the Same amount of Articulation as the MH Ghouls do,if not a bit less. 
They are the same height as MH,though Maddie is Smaller than them,the same size as Howleen and Twyla I think. they are Slightly thicker-like Nefera-in the Arms,torso,Calves,even their Bust is slightly bigger. Briar's Arms are a bit shorter,they have the same foot mold though.
also they're Faces are much rounder,resembling a Moxie Girl to the side.
Nudity Beyond this point!

I will remark on Clothing Options in a bit.

Briar has pretty simple Makeup,she has thick black eyeliner on top with a thin layer on bottom,and Pink Eyeshadow all the way around. with a lighter Pink crease. Her lips are a shiny dark pink. Her eyes are Brown. because her eyes are so flat,it's hard to photograph without a glare. her Brown eyebrows Arch and Fade towards the end.
 I like the Simplicity of the the makeup,it lets the other pieces shine!

Briar's hair is long,reaching to her but,in Waves and Curls of Dark Brown along with Dark pink Streaks underneath,and one tied up to look like a bow,on the top right side of her head. 
the other side frames her face nicely,the quality of the hair is okay,it's not perfect. a bit like when they Curl Clawdeen's hair but not as rough. 
but it's still beautiful to look at.

 Her outfit color is scheme is of course Black and Pink, first up is her Shoulder Pads/Guards? that are Moulded to look like a Bouquet of Pink Roses on each shoulder,attached to Black beads,each "string" attaches to more beads that circle around her neck and attach in back. in the Middle is a Molded Pink Gem.  
The top of her dress,is actually sleeveless,their are plastic straps,but try and take the dress off and they snap right off! so if you want the straps left on,then don't take her dress off!
The top is Bubblegum Pink with Black lace all over it (not real lace,the Materiel is all one) 
The Skirt part is knee length and poofs out,made to look like a Tulip I think,it's a Shiny Pink Materiel,with a thorn and Rose pattern along the edges,ending at the top. their is Black tulle along the bottoms. there's actually four layers to the skirt,the top layer barely covers the second layer and the Bottom layers are almost completely covered,save for a bit of one side of the bottom,that is a plain Dark pink. 

Her stockings are Amazing!
they are sheer Black with Black thorns wrapping all around the Stockings. 

now how do their Clothes fit MH and vice versa?
Lets find out! I will be using my Bathroom set Draculaura for this.
First Lala.
the Shoulder Guards fit okay but look too big for her tiny shoulders.
The Dress fits well around the waist but without straps is a bit loose around the Bust. I feel that with Straps though,the other dresses should fit fine,much like Bratz. 
 the tights though are a bit too loose as her legs are smaller. they should fit Nefera though.
The glasses are way too big,though they are cuter on her than Briar,and fall right off.
The shoes on the other hand fit perfect!
now onto Briar,I have two outfits to Model her in,so yes they do fit!
I first tried Venus's Signature outfit on her,the top is tight but looks great on her and the Leggings fit her Perfectly!
as do the Boots.

oh I forgot to mention this is as high as her Arms go,without turning them. 

this is the outfit I have her in now,though I'm thinking of changing it,I redid her hair too and straightened the pink. 
In Dot Dead Gorgeous,Spectra's Dress 

These shoes are a bit big,but still stay on. if they were strapless though they prbly wouldn't. 
The dress is a bit tight but still looks good. 

here's how it fits in back. 
so yes they can share clothes,some may look better than other's and not all shoes will fit them,I recommend Boots for EAH and peep toes for MH. 
here's some more Pictures of them sharing!
I did not put Venus in Briar's dress as I think it looks to girly and looks weird with her skin tone.

What do I rate her? A 10! as the first Line from these Dolls,Mattel did a great job and I remember the Wave 1 MH having Similar faces as well. (My Wave 1 Frankie for instant has a much bigger head  than the others) I have a feeling they are following in MH's footsteps as far as Line's go,as  the next one is Legacy Day,similar to Dawn of the Dance,mixed with Ghouls Rule.
also on a Sidenote check out the Webisodes,they are great!

  • the box is a stroke of Genius! as I love Books,I love the design they did!
  • I love the indepth story that came with Much like MH's Diary's
  • I love the outfit quality and the little details.
  • the hair bow was a nice added touch
  • thankful that they come with stands!
  • Briar's hair isn't the best quality,but Mattel never did get the hang of curls.
  • I wish the purse opened,but I understand it's meant to be her Pillow
  • I hope they come out with Pets soon!
  • I heard in the next line theirs Faces won't all look the same,so hopefully not!
That's all on my Review I hope you enjoyed,next up is going to be Raven's!


  1. Thanks for reviewing this. I've thought about getting an EAH doll, but something about the roundness of their faces makes me hesitate every time.

  2. I love EAH. I just got Briar recently because your review was so positive 💁