Thursday, September 26, 2013

EAH Legacy Day Apple White Review

Finally done being Lazy and decided to review my Apple White Doll,I found her at Justice.

First Here's Apple in her box,She comes with a Stand,Brush,Plastic Book and Key (for the Book) but no Booklet this Time. Aside From the Cardboard Legacy Day Book on the Front,the Box looks the same as the first one's.
Instead of a Crown the Side Has a Gold "Button" on it and says EA,Apple's picture is of course different with her Legacy Day Artwork,but still in the same pose.

The Back of the Box is Red and instead of having Info about her it tells you about Legacy Day. It also shows the other Dolls in this Line Briar,Raven and it looks like Maddie will be coming as well!

 Here is a closer look so you can read it.
And the inside but itself.
Here is Apple with everything,out of the box. Yes I forgot to take a Picture of the Brush again XD
The Stand is Different this time in that the Stand Part is Clear and the Base is Gold. instead of it being all one color. I like both of them but I think the Gold with the Clear makes it look Classier.

Apple's Accessories include the Book,Key,Crown,2 Bracelets,Necklace,Ring,Purse and Earrings.
I'll start with the Book first.
It's Pretty Big and Painted a Gold Color,the Plastic is Molded to feel like a Rough Leather Bound Book,with studs all around it,it is painted Black in each Four Corners along with Matching Black Apples. The Key Lock is also Edged in Black but there is no hole in it for the Key to actually go in.
The Front Has the Outline of a Large Apple,with Red Curlicues making the Apple Part,with a Brown painted Stem Attached,a Green Leaf and a Large Red Bow. The inside of the "Apple" is Supposed to be a Mirror I assume but is actually just a shiny Clear Sticker like Material though you can see yourself in it.
The Side is Made to look like The Bind of an Actual book,and it says Ever After High in Raised Black Lettering. 
The Back is Just Normal and the Same Gold so I didn't bother Showing it. 
I was Hoping there would be maybe a little Story in side but no,it's a Hollow Book. which is still pretty cool. oh I should also say the Other side looks like Gold Pages. 
The Key is Tiny but Intricately molded. It is gold as well and the Key Part says EA on it. 
Now onto her Earrings they Are Gold,of Course,with a Red Bow on top,it is Supposed to look Royal and old fashioned with a Gem in the Middle but From Far away it looks like a Skullette,to me. Very pretty though!

Her Necklace is the same Gold,with Four of the Gems Painted Red.
You can also see the Accents that are attached to her Cape,Two Large Red Bows on either side with Plastic Molded Pearls going across.
I just don't like how they lay. 
She has Two Chunky Bracelets one on each Wrist, one is White the other Gold.
She also has a Large Red Apple Ring that slides on two Fingers,without the plastic tie though it comes off VERY Easily.

Her Crown (My favorite Accessory!) is also Gold,it sits off to the Side over her Her small bun of hair,it's secured with Clear Bands,that I don't recommend snipping as you probably won't be able to get it back on then,attached are Molded Strings of White Pearls that Sit on either side of her head with Large Red Gems included on one side. 
Though The Crown is rather Kingly,I still love it! it's so pretty and the Bun is a Great effect. reminds me of the new Bratzillaz Cage Crowns.

Her Purse is all one Mold and does not open. The Chain is Gold While the Purse itself is a Shiny White and Made to look like the Quilt Fabric,It has a Giant Red Bow Molded on it with a Giant Matching Apple in the Middle. it is really pretty and does stand on it's own.
She wears Pearly White Heels. the Straps are Pearls with a Red on Bow on one side of each shoe,it has a Thick Round Toe with Gold Filigree on the Top and a bit on the Sides.

The Makeup
This Apple unfourntly does not have a New Face Mold at least I don't think as I do not have the first one I can't make Comparisons.
Apple has Light blue Eyes and her Eyeshadow Consists of White almost Nude on her brow bone along with some Glitter and Dark Pink or Magenta on the Lid,There is also Gold outlining the Top and Bottom Lids.. Her Lips are a shiny Red.

Her Hair
Apple's Hair is Beautiful though it's not as Great as Ravens,it's a Very Light Shiny Blond,Pretty sure it's longer than her Basic. they Tried to curl the Ends but it didn't make it in the Box so the Ends are a bit Frizzy.
the rest of her hair is Very soft though and the Top is so intricate! her hair is Smoothed down away from her Face on side is Tied in a Very Neat Bun which is inside the Crown with the other is Held Back with a Clear Tie in the Back. long Parts from the Bun were Popping out but I just put them under the Tied back hair and that worked fine. her hair is Very thick,I like it!
If I decide to Change Apple's Hair it will be her First Wave when I get her. no way am I Messing up all their hard work!
The Outfit
I love Apple Dress! but I'll start with the Cape as that will go quicker,
It's as long,if not longer, than her dress,it is Pearly White with a Gold Criss Cross Pattern all over. the Top at the Neck and the Hem along the Bottom are adorned with a Red Royal Design with Gold over the Top and is very shiny. actually the Whole Cape is a Shiny,almost Cheap Feeling  Material,it feels like those noisy shiny Pants People used to Live in...I don't remember the name, and it Wrinkles Very Easily. it's my least Favorite it looks Fine on Camera but in real life I'm not a Fan.
At first I was perplexed on how to get it off but I soon realized that one of the Molds of Pearls Detaches From the Bow. Like this:

The Bows themselves are just tied on with thick thread.
it also has places for her fingers to go.
Looks pretty Cute Wrapped around her shoulders.
The Dress on it's own though is Gorg!
The Majority of the Top is White,with Red and Gold Designs spread throughout,the Bodice is a Satiny Red and gathered in a Flattering way at her bust. the Very Top is a Black Fishnet,the Sleeves are Short,Puffy Princess Sleeves,they are Sheer White with Shiny threads going through,the trim is gold.
The Waist Part is Gold as well and Made to look Crocheted,it is sewn on to to the Bottom of the Top and slightly over the Skirt.
The Bottom of the Dress is Marvelous! it has Two Layers,the Bottom is a Shiny Bright Red,but with Sheer Black over the top,it looks like a Deep Red,With Gold Sparkles all over,it's in a Asymmetrical Cut,Short in Front,long in Back. 

Simply Stunning!
That is Pretty Much it,No I didn't do any Clothes Swap with her as I want to keep her in that Dress,unless I get an Extra.

I Rate Her a 9 out of 10
Not a Full 10 because of the Material of the Cape,it ruins the Collective Vibe she has a Bit. 
Not Doing a Pro's/Con's as The Cape is my only Con oh and the Stands need to be Sturdier!

Now To wait for LD Maddie Hatter,Duchess Swan,Cerise Hood,BlondIe Locks and Ashlynn Ella to come out! Would be Awesome if they Did a boy too like the Frog Prince!
(Guessing about Duchess BTW)
Here's some pics of her With Snow Bite and by Herself.


  1. thank you! I have her and I love her as well!

  2. thank you! I have her and I love her as well!