Monday, October 12, 2015

Bratz Study Abroad Sasha Review

Sorry I haven't posted sooner I've been Sick.
Now I'm back with one of My first Bratz Reviews! (not Counting Bratzillaz) I started out not liking Bratz when they first Came out The Big Heads,Lips and Feet turned me off (With the Exception of Rock Angelz) But much later I found Myself Thoroughly enjoying The Movies (including the live action) and a Couple years ago I started Slowly Collecting them.
The New 2015 Bratz are a Callback to the Older Bratz with a Modern Spin and at first I didn't like them and only wanted the Accessories but after seeing them in person I gotta say I'm definitely Warming up to them and even want some Old Bratz!
I Picked up Sasha First because she's the Hardest one to find! At Walmart at least,Surprisingly they have a lot of her at Toys R Us!

The Study Abroad all have Specific Themes,reminding me of Monster High's Monster Exchange,Sasha's being Great Britain,England.
Here is her in Box.
as you can see it comes with a Ton of Stuff and the Box is really shiny.

But also Ridiculously hard to Debox...
All that unnecessary plastic...
Unlike Previous Promo's The New Bratz Photo's look like the Actual Dolls,they don't Skimp or Change anything!
Now onto Sasha.
The Accessories
Sasha Comes with A Blue Bratz Brush,A Furry Guard Hat (which she is wearing),A Tea Cup with a Red Handle and Blue Heart prints,A Silver Bracelet,Red Earrings,A Gold Choker with a Dangly Heart,A Medium Sized Heart Purse with The British Flag painted on both sides,A plate of some sort of British Desert (looks like Deviled Eggs to me) A Plastic White Rabbit in a Guard uniform for you,An Extra outfit,A White Suitcase and Stickers!
I didn't take Seperate Pics :/ but this Photo of Everything should Suffice.

I did take Pics of the suitcase though as soon as I put the stickers on,The Panda is My Favorite!
 The Suitcase is pretty Roomy and Can Hold her Cup,Plate and Extra Outfit.
The Face up
This Sasha is a bit different from her Former Dolls or The Former Bratz in General. She has Thicker Eyebrows,Wider Eyes and over all looks More Friendly looking. A bit Disappointing since I've grown to like Their Saucy looks. Despite that I still think she's very Pretty.
Sasha has Glitter on her upper brow bones and Grey eyeshadow on her Lower Brow bones along with her Green eyes. Her lips are a Peachy Pink.

The Hair
Sasha's Hair reaches to a bit past her Butt and is Straight (or at least it would be if the box hadn't ruined it) 
It's a Very Dark Brown almost Black With a Blue Streak in the Front,that being more of Jade's MO,it's a bit different but I like it! I always like when they add new Colors to Doll hair! 
This is the First Time Sasha has had Blue in her hair,Not Counting her Blue Style Stars Wig.
         Her hair was a mess right out of the Box,Lots of Glue in the Front and Crimped From her Hat and The Ties. I brushed it out and it's much softer now but I'll have to straighten the hair for it to look perfect. 

The Outfit
Sasha's main outfit is Very English Inspired. It is Mainly Red and Black.
My Favorite things are Her Black Fuzzy Guard's Hat and Her Red Plaid Skirt that has Fake Suspenders sewn on.
Sasha is also wearing a White Tank With a Telephone Booth Sticker Design on the Front and a Red Felt Jacket over it with Pleather Cuffs.
Under the Skirt are Black sheer tights,Large Red Boots Complete the look.

That's all on Sasha,I will be taking Photo's of Robecca Steam in Sasha's Second Outfit soon!
Now how do The New Bratz Compare with the old one's?
Well here is Sasha Next to My Older Beach Cloe and Newer Tall Jade and Fianna.
 As you can see Jade is Much Taller than Cloe and Sasha but Cloe and Sasha are about the Same Size though Sasha has what looks like a Bigger head. Also They're Face has Changed While Cloe,Jade and Fianna all have pursed lips and side Glancing eyes. Sasha has a Slight opened Mouth,Wider Front Facing eyes and Thicker Eyebrows.
I heard that this is to make them look more Friendly,I personally prefer the old Eyes but I do like the Thicker Brows.
I will be doing a More In Depth Comparison on my Next Review.

On a Side note,I'd like to talk a little about The New Shoefie Snaps,A Separate Shoe Pack.
These are The one's I bought.
I Put them on Fianna and Cloe. I haven't tried them on The Newer Bratz but I have to say they are really tough to get on The Older Bratz! Especially the Sneakers.
Since they are such a Tight Fit they don't move on the Ankle Causing your Bratz to be stuck in whatever Position They end up with.

The Ballet Wedges are a Pale Pink and Very Big!

Though the Wedges are Cute,They're Size makes them hard to have the Doll Stand on her own.
I prefer the Mint Sneakers,which are much smaller.

The only other shoes I am planning to get are these (For The Green Goo Boots) as none of the others impress me that much.

Now for More Pics of Sasha!
Until Next Time! XOXO

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  1. Hello from Spain: I really like your new doll. She is fabulous. I love her suitcase. keep in touch