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Bratzillaz Switch A Witch Review

Yeah I know it's been Awhile,I've Been lazy.
First off I just want to Comment on this Drama with MH Fans and Bratz Fans,MGAE Did Not Blatantly Copy Mattel With Their Create A Monster's! At First Glance the Packaging is Similar but how else are they going to Package them?
Here is a Side by Side Photo,Not Mine!
The Boxes are Slightly Different plus Keep in Mind The CAM's JUST Now came out with Two Torso's. Bratzillaz Debuted with Two Torso's,PLUS Two Pair's of Shoes and Jewelry! plus their Quality of Wigs are better! Not that I hate the CAM's,I don't! I think there super Creative and I own all of them,but I don't play Favorites either. I hate when Fans Rip on other Dolls,that people Like (Bratz,Barbie,Knock off's ect),Leave the Senseless Feuding to the Companies! 
Now that that's out of the way let's Start the (very long) Review...

Here are the Three I have,they are coming out with a Wave 2.
They all Remind me Of Batman Characters :)
I love that you can Mix and Match them and they Still Turn out Awesome!
First will Start With the Clown/Circus Girl,I Named Nicki Roman Harleen.
They Can not Stand alone and Don't come with Stands.
She Comes With Earrings,Shoes and a Little Bowler Hat. 
I'll Start with the Hat First,it is really Cute,I like that it's not a Traditional Witch Hat. It is Pink with a Green Stripe Going around it. her hair is So poofy it has a hard time getting on.
But it does Tame her hair,which I like.

Her Earrings are Long Hoops Connected together,one side is Lime Green,the other a Pale Pink.
Her Shoes are From What I've seen,New Molds. They are Heels,with a Closed Toe and open back,and Straps that Criss Cross the top of her feet,as well as one going across her ankles, one is Green, the other Pink.
They are a Soft Very Pliable Rubber,a little too Soft In my Opinion 

The Hair is very Soft and Poofy but Not Afro Poofy since it's not Course. one side is Dark Blue the other is Bubblegum Pink. this might be just mine,but it is not as Full as I would like it,you do see the Wig Cap quite a Bit.
She's Balding!

If I just push it back with the Hat though I can hide it,other than that I do like,and I do like that it is Not as much of an Afro as I thought it was going to be.
I think only she can pull it of though and Vice Versa.
I like that they can look at each other
Prepare For Some Bald Dolls,as I can show off the Makeup and Eyes better without their Wigs!
Her eyes are Wide,one is Pink the other Green. She has Green Eye shadow on the Green side of her face and Dark Pink Eye shadow on the pink side of her Face,both Make a Point at the top. with a Dark Brown Crease and Black Liner. Her eye brows are also Brown,which I think they should have made them Pink or Dark Green. 
Her Lip color is also Split down the middle,one side a Dark Pink and the other Dark Green. Her Skin is Mint Green on one side and very Pale Pink on the other. I love it!

The Outfit
Her outfit,plus Hair is Very Nicki Minaj to me (hence her name) 
Her outfit Consists of a pleather Top and pleather Skirt with a Sash/Cape.
Her Top is A Pink and Neon Green Checkered Pattern,the Sleeves are a Tulle Material,Neon Green on one side and Dark pink on the other,they stop at the Elbow and Puff out.
The Top stops Just above the Belly Button.
The Skirt is the Same Pattern as the Top and pretty Tight,the Bottom has a Pleated Edge. 
The Sash is a Dark Blue Bow,made out of a Soft Polyester Materiel,it has lots of Tulle Attached. 
I do like the Sash at the Waist and The Tulle Reminds me of a Wedding Veil. it makes a V Cut.

But as a Cape? Way too much!

Death by Taffeta
that Bow looks like it's Choking her :/

Body Type
This one is New to Dolls in General,because these Bratzillaz each have a Different Body Type,Nicki is Short.
Her Legs are Thicker than the other's as is her Waist.
Side by Side Comparison
Her arms are also Shorter.
Now onto The one that Came with her.
I named her Raven Sugar Spice,as she reminds me of Two Faces's Girls.
Like Nicki,Raven Comes with Earrings,Shoes and a Hat. But she comes with a Witch Hat. also she comes with two Square Bracelets,one white,the other Black.
The hat is Half White,Have Black,and Perches on her Head very Nicely. I should also say,that unlike the Bratz Fashion Pack Hats,these have a thick plastic Band attached to them,to keep them in place. 
Her Earrings are Long,Squares Attached by a Tiny plastic Chain,the Top Square is Small,while the Bottom one is Large. they are all one mold. one Earring is White the other Black.
Her Shoes are a New Mold (at least to me) they are Heels,open toed with a Strap going across the Feet and around the Ankle,they also have Molded Buckles on them. one heel is White,the other Black. 
They are also Made of Rubber and Very Pliable. 

Her Wig is a Nice Silky Saran,as are all of them I think.
it is Pulled into two Low Pig tails on each side,that go just below her Butt,One side is White,the other a Dark Purple. 
I do not advise taking the pig tails out unless your going to do a Different up do. as the way it is Rooted,makes it so the Part is Permanent,you can't brush the hair and Expect it to all flow together. 
also this Wig again for me isn't Rooted the Best as one side is missing hair.
The White Side is fine though.

Her Eye shadow is a Very Light Pink on one Side and a Shimmery Silver with White on the other side. both have a Black Crease,but one side has Black liner and Lashes while the other has White.
Her lips though are all one color,a Very Bright or Dark (depending on the light) Deep Red.
Her Eyes along with her Eyebrows give off a Sinister Look,one Eye is a Light Blue while the other is a light Green,One Eyebrow is Grey while the other is White.

Her Skin is White on one Side,Black on the other which makes a Cool Effect for Photography,very Artsy!
also one of her Arms and one of her Legs are a Black and White Checkered Print. 

 The Outfit
Her outfit Consists of a Pleather Top and Skirt and a Shiny,Polyester Cape.
The Sleeveless Top is Very Tight and Pretty short,ending just below her Boobs,but it's Tight enough to not ride up. it is split Black and white.
The Skirt is the Same Fit and Color wise,it also has a Buckle at the waist just for show.
Pretty Hot looking though!
Her Cape Velcro's at the Neck and is Half Black Half Dark Purple.
sorry I forgot to take a Picture of the back,but here it is as a Skirt!
Very Tribal!
Body Type
She is Taller than Nicki and Leaner,but Still Curvy,Her waist makes an hourglass shape.
She also has a More Pronounced Butt.

Last But not least The SAW that came in a Single pack,I named her Harley Dent.
Here is her Packaging.

She Came with Earrings,Shoes and a Witch Hat.
Her Witch hat is Hot Pink with a Black Stripe around it.
No she does not have a Pink Streak,it's the light reflecting off the hat.
Her Earrings are Long,shaped like two Triangle Molded together,one in yellow,the other Black. 
Her shoes are Remolds of the Midnight Beach shoes and are my least Favorite.
One is Yellow the other Black.

Her eye shadow is the Same,both in a Shimmery Lavender. I'm glad they don't do half on all of them as that would have got old fast. 
She has Black liner also.
Her Lips are Black,which I love because it's so rare with Dolls,unless their the Living Dead Dolls or some other Gothic Doll.
one side of her is White,the other Yellow. Yellow is on of my Least Favorite Colors,but I still like it on her. 
Her Eyes are a Beautiful Sparkly Silver Color

Is black and White,she has Bangs and her Hair is Styled in a Twist above her head,which I love!
Not a big fan of the Bangs,but this Wig has Proper Rooting this time! although one side covers the Wig Cap more than the other.

The Outfit
Her outfit Consists of a Pleather Top,polyester Pants and a Cape.
Her Top is Striped with Pink,Yellow and Black,the Sleeves go across the shoulders. because of the Materiel it is very tight and her Arms cannot really move.
That's as far as they go
Her Top is Very short also,ending just Below her Boobs. But I do think it's a Cool Top,very 90's.
Her Pants are Shiny,one half Black,the other white,they stop at her Calves,like Capri's. I really don't care for them and will be looking for Pants or a Skirt to replace them.

Her Cape is very Long,White with Black Swirls all over,the Bottom is Cut to look Tattered I think,it has a High Collar one side Checkered,the other White. the whole Effect is Very Modern meets old Dracula Vampire. because her cape ties at the Neck,I think it is supposed to be a Cape only. 

Harley thinks it makes a nice Blanket too

Body Type
To me she has the Most Frustrating Body,She has a long Torso,but  the rest of her is Straight up and Down,because of this and that her Knees bend to far the wrong way she has a very hard time Standing or posing. 
I like looking at my Feet,okay
But my Boobs are bigger. no their not their just rounder!

But she's pretty so I'll overlook it lol
Now onto the Switching Part!
Raven looks great in Harley's Wig and Vice Versa.
Nicki Decided to Sit this out.

I think each other's Wigs,look better on one another!
Gives Harley a much younger Vibe.

Now what do I rate them? I give them a 10 out of 10,I wasn't to happy with the Wig Rooting but I could have just got a Bad Batch. 
  • the Price,Really almost $40.00,really Target? at least the Single got a Price Cut and went From $17 to $13.
  • The Rooting,but again may just be mine.
  • Two of the Girls Knee's go to far forward making it hard to pose,Mattel Fixed this with Robecca Steam,now it's MGAE's turn. 
  • All of them should have new Shoe molds!

that's pretty much it.

  • Silky Saran hair,love that they didn't skimp on Quality!
  • the Creativeness of this Line is Amazing! love that they look so Artsy!
  • Glass Eyes!
  • Good Quality Clothing,love the Pleather!
  • Love all the Accessories and Extra Shoes
So in all I would Definitely Recommend them,to Bratz fans!
Now for Pic Spam with Raven and Nicki!

okay Harley wants in on it too


  1. I don't like Bratzillas much, but these are very original.
    Congratulations for your review and your post!!

  2. I've been curious about the Switch-A-Witches, this was really helpful. Keep up the great work! :D