Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Scaris Car Review

Surprise Review! this will be My last Review of the Scaris Line until I get the 2 pack with Cleo and Lagoona!

I thought the Car was supposed to be Rochelle's or Catrine's,but it says on the Back of the Box it's a Junker that Ghoulia Found and Fixed up.
Actaully after I watched the Movie I found out it's an Old Car that Belonged to Rochelle's Family in Scaris,that Ghoulia Fixes up later. (why? watch the movie!) so Technically it is Rochelle's.
It's supposed to be a Fiat or a VW Bug idk..I don't know my cars...
anyway,it is Purple and has a Curlicue Design all over with parts Cut out.
The Tires are Black with Silver Rims that have the same Pattern as the Car and Skulls in the Middle.
The Tires do move
From the Sides if you look hard enough you can see some of the Dolls sitting in the Front Seats.

The Bottom of the Car is a Darker Purple as is the Inside,Seats and Trunk.
The Front Has the Same Curlicue Cut out Pattern,as well as a Small Skull in the Middle.
The Bottom Has a White Webbing Design and What looks like Fangs Descending in front.
The Car Lights do not actually work. 
The Top also has the Same Cut outs as well as a Webbing Design. It is all one Solid Piece so the Hood does not come up.

The Windshield is Clear Plastic that Curves to the sides. The Trim is a Shimmery Silver with a Swirly Romantic Pattern on the sides. 

Now for the Interior. 
It is a Dark Purple, the Seats would be Cushiony in real life,they have a Spider web design on each. there is two Connecting Seat Belts in a Bright Blue Color and the Straps have a Fleur De Lis on them.  The Base thing in the Middle (told you I was bad with Cars XD) has two Cup holders,for Buttons and the Stick shift is Bright Blue and Shaped like a Gargoyle head (see why I thought it was for Rochelle?) It has a blue Stereo and Matching Steering Wheel with a Fleur De Lis Pattern,it also has a Gauge Sticker. The Steering Wheel does move. The Dash is Black with a Webbing Design. 
Sorry I didn't take Frontal Shots of the inside but those would have been really hard to take with my Camera.
Their is Plenty of Room for their legs,too much room in my Opinion as they tend to Sit too low in the Car. 

The Tail or whatever it's Called that sticks up back their,is Black with a Cutout Pattern.
The Back of the Car has a Sticker For a License plate and says Scaris on it,Below that is the Same Cut out pattern. 
Now For my Favorite Part of the Car,the Trunk/Back seat!
It is Dark Purple,and made to look like a Cushion,not only does it sit two Dolls in the Back Comfortably with Connected Seat Belts.

But it also Lifts up into a Pretty Roomy Trunk! It does not Fit their Suitcases as I have tried,but their Purses do fit!
The Tail Lights are Grey Gargoyle Faces. 
and that's Pretty Much it For the Car,Simple but Cute! 
I would give it a 8 out of 10.
I don't like that the Doors and Hood don't Open. plus it would have been cool if the lights worked.
but those are really my only Complaints it's better than Draculaura's Roadster!
I love the Detailing,The Colors and that Backseat!

So my Next review should be the Bratzillaz Switch A Witch,since I did get the final Doll (until Wave 2) 
Off to the City of Frights!

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