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La Dee Da Viva La France Review

I renamed her Frenchie
This is My First La Dee Da Review and my First Doll of these.
La Dee Da Came out by Spin Master to I guess replace Liv? though they are so Far apart from Liv,that I just can't see it.
after Months of resisting these Dolls,so I wouldn't start yet ANOTHER Collection,and I wasn't too keen on their Articulation.
I finally gave in a Few weeks ago when I was at Toys R us,they didn't have any new Monster high I didn't have and the Bratzillas were too Expensive. I kept looking at the La Dee Da's and knowing that their Clothes fit MH and How Cute their hair,face and outfits are,I debated getting one,but I decided to wait until I got the Scaris 2 pack. the Following day,I got the Scaris pack,so a few days later Me and my husband went back to TRU and after much Choosing,I settled on Viva La France not only was she only $13.00! but she was also the first doll I thought was cute when I first saw Images of the La Dee Da's,also I thought she would fit in with the Scaris group (despite the big head)
And Now she's getting her own Review!
Introducing Cyanne as Viva La France!

First lets see her in the box. ( I will start doing this with new Lines)
The packaging is a Pain to open.

here's a close up of the Excerpt
the Dog is Sold Separately I won't be getting one. they're ugly,to me.
the one thing I don't get is why the box has that open here line around it,it doesn't help in getting the doll out of the Box....the inside Backing also has that,I left it alone as I want to keep all of the backdrop.
um what was the point...just to get her stand out? (it's attached to the outside for some reason)
and again waste of tape......
It's pretty! I have no idea if the Map is Correct as I don't know my Geography very well.
Here she is with all her Stuff.
Her Extra's include a Fan,Suitcase,Stickers,Stand and a Booklet.
Here they are on the Suitcase

The suitcase is pretty plain and while the handle goes up and Down,the wheels do not move. maybe I'm spoiled by MH but I was disappointed the wheels didn't move and the lack of Space in the suitcase,when opened.
The Fan is a Pink Plastic and Meant to look like a Feather Burlesque fan. (I think her whole outfit was inspired by Burlesque)

Her Booklet is a Hard Glossy paper,it is pretty thin only about 5 pages. the first page introduces you to the girls,by the main Girl Dee,the Middle pages are instructions on how to make your own Hair Bow (as seen on the back of the box) and the last Page is an Ad for the Sweet/Candy Line and the Vacay Line. 
I want all but Sloane as Safari Dreams,I think she looks Tacky.
They should make a Basic line of them in their everyday outfits as seen in the book and here. I know they're supposed to be 16 (or at least she is) but they dress more like their 13,maybe They're Scenesters? XD

Now onto the rest of her,I'm going to Start with her Body and Articulation first,they all have the same Body Type,it's very Betty Boop with the Giant Heads and ultra thin Bodies,I think they are supposed to look more Anime though. 
they only have Articulation in their knees unfourntly but they have started making the newer one's with Bent arms,so maybe they'll expand? 
Because they are so Tiny the clothes do fit Monster High and Vice Versa! though the Tights are too small,I mean MH Dolls legs aren't THAT skinny. also of course shoes do not fit either,I didn't even attempt that. 

it was a little hard getting that over Cupid's Butt,but of course that IS supposed to be a Corset. the dresses (at least this one) are too short but just put another Skirt or Shorts under it,like I did.

The MH outfits Slide right on La Dee's.

as far as the Articulation goes well let me show you.
Yes that is her on a MH Stand. 

 "Look I can do the Splits! Almost..."
She can also sit down,but as because her head is so big she needs help from her hands to not fall back.
now as far as the Stands go,they are not my Favorite,in fact I won't be keeping this one (mainly because I don't like Yellow) though I might keep a few down the line. 
it's pretty short,as short as Cyanne sitting down.
I also thought it was weird that it clasps her Legs and not her waist,I hope they change that because,unless it clasps her Knees (which make moving impossible) she is pretty Wobbly on it and comes loose alot,even clasping it to her thighs,she tends to fall over, stand and all. she can still pose,if your watchful of her Feet placement.

this took about 3 tries.
the strange thing is,the stand works Perfectly with Monster high and the Monster high Stands work Perfectly for La's!

I honestly think it's because of the Size,My Dot Dead Gorgeous Abby is better Proportioned and has thicker Calves and bigger Feet,than Cyanne's, Cyanne needs a Sturdier Stand because her Legs and feet are so Tiny and her head is Heavier. though the MH stand is a bit tall as she can't move her head back now.
Now lets Move onto the Accessories.

She does not come with any Jewelry,her only Accessories are Her Hat and Shoes.
on her head is a Teal Rubber Top Hat,with a Large Gold Eiffel Tower attached to the Front,with a swath of Red netting attached to the bottom. I was going to give her hat to Rochelle,but it's only Attached by small red threads,so I wouldn't be able to put it on her. 

this is My Favorite thing about her,besides her hair and dress.
when I first saw her Shoes,I thought they were Exact Replica's of Wave 2 Draculaura's except with a blue bow.
after seeing them in person,I don't think they Exactly copied but the inspiration was definitely there. not only are they almost the same Color Scheme,yellow on top and Pink on bottom,but that "Cork screw" Heel is a very Close match. 
the difference,aside from the Obvious size,is that it has a Ankle Strap,the Heels are smaller,it doesn't have black anywhere on it or a button and it has a Blue Bow on the Front.
sorry I didn't take any Comparison shots,I just now thought of that.
I do think they're cute (the bow saves them) but I dislike the heel,as I do on Wave 2 Lala's.

Cyanne's Big eyes are a Bright Cerulean Blue and even has a Twinkle! depending on the angle of her head she can look up or to the side.
 her Make up is the most Tame of the Dolls I think,it is white on the Brow bone and a powder Blue on the lid,with thick eyeliner,that ends at an upward angle. the only thing a bit Dramatic is her upper Eyelashes which are topped with a black dot on each point. 
Her small pursed lips are a Shiny red.
she also has a hint of blush.
Her hair is a Platinum Blond with light pink Streaks, it is soft and thick,with lots of Big,messy curls. while I like the curls and I see from the Artwork what they were going for (A Marie Antoinette feel) in their rushed attempt it didn't really get there. why they would put her hair in a ponytail,then tie it into three Separate ponies,to achieve a Bouffant feel,I have no idea. 

ummm yeah what is this?..

so I took all but the main Ponytail out and tried to tame her hair without combing it or washing it as I wanted to keep the curls.
looks better and yes she has a Bratz/Moxie face when off to the side.
the Front locks Framing her Face though are perfect and their not crunchy with glue,they seem like they're just lightly Hair sprayed,like you would do to your own hair. I wish they would have done that to the curls in the back,as I don't think the Box helped much either.
but the rest of her hair is just soft.

regardless after some taming her hair is very pretty and really soft. I'm sure it would be easy to restyle if someone wanted to.

The Outfit
Her outfit has a Very Moulin Rouge,Marie Antoinette "Lingerie" feel.
it is a Pale Pink satin one peice,with Visible Stitching across the sides to look more like a Corset,I believe. 
the straps are a Pale Blue Satin and the Edging at the Top is Yellow Lace,the Front has a stitched on red Heart that Sparkles. 
the Bottom half is pale pink also,with a wide Yellow Lace edging,to break it up.
the very bottom has a poofy pink netting like a Petticoat. the Back has a Large pale blue Bow in a ridged Material at the waist.
Her stockings are a sheer, Shimmery Light Red,with Dark Red Stripes going down them.

I really like it,each piece,even though it's not,seems like it's handmade,but in a good way.

and that's all of it.
what do I rate her? 
I give her a 7 out of 10. 
if anyone is just a Collector and doesn't play with them,then I can see it being worth it,especially at the price.
  • I love there Anime/Betty Boop Looks!
  • they are very Creative which I love (love the Themed lines)
  • I love there outfit and Hat Designs,especially that they can share clothes with MH!
  • Her hair is Very Pretty and soft,despite the hair styling Fiasco,I like that she has a lot of thick hair to play with.
  • the Price $13.00 to $20.00 isn't bad for these dolls,Considering most come with at least two Accessories (except the Juicy Crush line) 
  • I do like that they come with stands,even though the stands aren't the best for them
  • The Articulation is not the Greatest,Especially if they were to replace Liv,who has the best Articulation in a playline doll to date. 
  • they are a little too thin,especially compared to their head, definitely unproportioned,though I'm not going to go as far as saying their Anorexic,because they are JUST dolls! but there body type makes them look younger than there written ages. 
  • there Stands are too short and not that sturdy.
  • the Packaging is confusing....
  • Their story sounds a bit Superficial and kinda like Bratz with the whole Fashion Designing. but I like that they Travel and seem Cultured and Creative. 

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  1. YOur so lucky you can get these dolls in the US. I collect Monster high but my little sister loves these dolls! Please visit my blog if you get a chance! Lola x