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Scaris Cleo and Lagoona Review

First I changed my Background,of a Picture I took (only Frankie is from the Roller Maze line,Ghoulia is Wave 1 and Lagoona is Skull Shores) I hope you like it!
My Flickr FrankenGhoul
anyway onto my Last Scaris Review,(unless they make more,like The boys! *fingers Crossed*)
Introduced by Catrine!

First I'll Start off With Cleo as I'm sure she would want...

instead of Journals they both Come with a Shopping Bag and Extra Shoes.
Also two Cards.

Cleo's Bag is a Teal Design with a Black Diamond Shape on the front and a pink Skullette wearing a Pink Beret,with a Pink Design around it. 
the Shoes are Gold Versions of the Create A Monster Cat Girl Shoes.
Aside from those Mentioned,Cleo also wears Earrings,Bracelets,a Scarf,a Barrette and carries a Purse. 
Her Earrings are Teal Chandelier Earrings. 
She has a lot of Bracelets,She has a Teal Bracelet,that I'm not sure of the Design,on one Wrist and 3 Gold Triangle Bangle Bracelets on the other. (like her Wave 2 doll) she also has a Gold Arm Band on her right upper arm (like her Wave 1 doll)
The Design on her Scarf looks alot like Nefera's Dress,but in the Movie Cleo States that she "Borrowed" some of her Sisters things. so the Scarf is Probably Nefera's. Given this,the Beetle Designs and the Teal color that Cleo has been sporting lately,I don't think they'll be making another Nefera anytime soon :(

Her Barrette is gold and Shaped like a Beetle with it's wings Spread.
her Purse is my Favorite thing off all,it is Gold on the Front and Handle,with an Egyptian Design on the Front and what looks like two Snake Heads on top ( I thought they were Clasps but they don't open) the Handle kind of looks like Rope or Scales. 
the Back is the Same except in Black.

the Sides are Black Mummy Wrap Molding.
Very Cool!
and it does open.

Last but not least are her shoes,that also have a Gold Ankle Bracelet attached by a rubber band. (looks like what a Belly Dancer would have)
The shoes are Sandal Wedges,the Top is Teal with a Scarab Mold on it and Molded Bead trim,the back is solid gold and the Wedge is made to look like Bricks or Sandstone.
Cleo's outfit is a Simple black tank dress,in a Yellow,Teal and Burnt Orange Mummy Wrap Design. it has Gold Piping around the Hem.
her hair is Black with Teal Streaks,this is the First Cleo to have Wavy Hair and while I like the Side Bangs,I'm not a big Fan of the Waves. it seems a bit Messy. I do like that they are easing up on the Tinsel More and More. First with Ghouls Rule,then Skull Shores and Now Scaris.

Cleo's Makeup is Very pretty,it is Mint Green Eyeshadow that also goes below her eyes,with a Maroon Colored Crease with Gold on her Browbones and thick Flared Black Eyeliner.
Her lips are a Light Red.

Now onto Lagoona!
She comes with a Black Shopping bag with white outlined skulls and Vines all over it,off to the side is a Pink Dripping Eiffel Terror,that also extends to the Bottom of the bag.
Her shoes are recolored Versions of her Wave 2 Shoes and Roadster Lala's Shoes.
Lagoona Comes wearing a Pink Bracelet that has what looks like a Squid Design,she also has a Mint Green Octopus Necklace and Matching Hair Clip. (No Earrings)

I love this!
Her Bag is Made too look like Clear Blue Bubbles and the Handle is Large Pink Tentacles with a Seashell in the Middle,the Purse opens up at the Top,her Scarf Comes Tied around the handle.

Her Shoes are Pink with a rough pattern on Top,on top of each shoe is a Molded Aqua Squid. The Wedges have a Swirly Design all over. the Ankles Straps are meant to look like pink Pearls.

Lagoona Comes wearing a Sheer Black Sweater like top,with Dark Pink Coral Stripes down it and Light Pink Edging on the Sleeves and the Bottom,made out of Sweater Materiel.
At first Glance it Looks like she is wearing a Skirt but the top is Removable to show off her Mint Green shimmery Tank Dress underneath.
Here she is wearing it with her Scarf which is black with Dark Pink Coral and Bubbles on it.

Her makeup shows off those Lovely Purple Eyebrows I love!
the Bottom Lid is Mint Green,the Crease is Purple while the Brow is done in a Light Pink that extends to the bottom. 
her Lips are done in a Bright Pink.

Her hair is still Blond with Blue streaks,it is Soft with a very big Wave at the bottom,the only Part that is not Wavy unfortunately is the Part tied up with the Octopus Clip. once Brushed out the Hair is Very Cute,reminds me of the 90's as a kid.

also before I forget they do come with black stands,no Brushes.
that is it for these two
while they are not My Favorite of Scaris,they are Definitely worth Buying! I love the Extra's.

  • The Details on their Purses and Jewerly,I love the Octopuses and Egyptian Designs! 
  • The Extra shoes,even if they are remolds,also love the Shopping bags!
  • the stands are a plus
  • love that Lagoona comes with two Outfits pretty much.
  • really like that they both come with Scarves
  • No Tinsel in Cleo's hair and Lagoona's hair is Soft yay!

  • why do they have to be Exclusive to the most Expensive store?! (Toys R Us)
  • Wish that Cleo's hair had not been Wavy but that's just me
  • I want Cleo to have Snake Designs not Scarab! Her Pet IS a Snake after all!
  • Wish Lagoona's hair looked a little more like the Artwork
Now all Mattel needs to do is make Scaris Dolls of Heath and Clawd  (or at least Fashions with an extra for Deuce as well!),A Doll of Rochelle's Boyfriend Garrot,A Fashion pack for Venus and Possibly a Doll of Madame Gostier?

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