Sunday, October 27, 2013

Art Class Draculaura Review

So Here's My Second Art Class Doll From
I will hopefully be Getting Robecca and Skelita soon!

Draculaura Comes in a Deluxe Box like the rest.
But Mine has a Paint Smear on it :( I couldn't find anything wrong until I checked her Lips,yep there's paint Missing. ah well My Husband can fix it :)
Alittle Confused by the Artwork too as it shows her Holding a Painting of Clawd on the front,Then a Nice Painting of Her on the Back,then a Messed up Painting A la Picasso,in the box.
Could You not make up your Mind Artist?
Here is Lala outside The Box.

and Here she is untied with Everything.
Here's a Portrait done of her. which is also seen in 'Why Do Ghouls Fall in Love?'

As Usual I'll start with her Accessories First.
Lala Comes wearing a Headband and Earrings and Comes with a Paintbrush,Paint Palette and Her Framed Painting.
Lala's Earrings are Large Pink Monster High Skullettes,Her headband is Yellow with Matching Molded on Bows that have a Skullette in the middle of Each one. It's really cute!
Her Paintbrush is White with Pink Paint on it and Her heart shaped Palette is Hot Pink with Pink,White,Yellow and Black paint on it.

Her Painting is a Self Portrait of her With Count Fabulous,done in a Picasso Style. which call me Ignorant but I've never seen why he's so Popular and Famous when it looks like a Kindergartner did it....
The Frame is Cool though,it's Hot Pink and has Fangs holding the Picture in place. with Webbing and Studded Designs going around it as well as Hearts,A Bat and Swirly Designs. 
The Outfit
Lala's outfit is a Top and Skirt with an Apron.
The Top is Similar in Design to Twyla's as it ends just above the elbows and has the same Ribbon on the front but in pink,Tied in a Bow.  
The Top is Yellow with Light Pink Dripping Stripes going across,and the ends of the Sleeves are a Soft Chiffon type,in Light Pink.
The Skirt is Black and in a 50's Style Shape,it has a Satiny Feel to it and has Splotches of Pink and Yellow Paint all over. The Trim of the Skirt is a Rough Yellow Tulle.

The Apron that Ties around her waist is Pink with a Black Cross Hatch Print and is Cut Jagged at the Bottom.
Lala's Shoes are Pretty neat,Actually I love the whole outfit!
They are heeled Ankle Boots,they are white With Knetting on the Front,Frills around the Ankles and also Studded Straps,The Toe part and back of the shoes are also Studded. The Sides has a Pink Skull with a Two White Paintbrushes,with Pink paint on them,Crossing each other,behind the Skull. Kinda like a Skull and Crossbones. near one of the Straps also has a Pink Skull.
The Heels are Awesome! as they are Hot Pink Tubes of Paint,Spouting Paint along the Bottoms.
Honestly though I wish these were Catrine's.
The Makeup
Finally Something other than Pink! though that is my Fave Color,seeing the same Eyeshadow on her got old fast. This Time her eyeshadow is Predominantly Yellow with a Pink Crease. Her Lips are Dark Pink. I like that the heart on her Cheek is outlined in Yellow!
The Hair
Draculaura's Well in a Simple Ponytail has the Most unique Colors seen on her! 
It has Not only Pink Streaks but Bright Yellow as well!
Though My Lala's hair has a Frizzy Part in the Ponytail so it's in a Bun for now until I boil Straighten it. 

Bad Scare Day...
That's it For Draculaura,Hope you liked it!
I give her a 10/10,even though her hair was a Mess and I don't like her Painting (which is a Personal Preference) I still don't think those are reason enough to downgrade her. I love how Creative looking she is and having the Yellow Back is a plus!
I also Can't wait for the Art Studio to come out!

IDK when I'll be doing another Review as I've ran out of New Dolls. but I'm hoping to get More Art Class and Budget Dolls (I ♥ Shoes,Dead Tired Wave 3) So Stay Tuned! 

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