Friday, October 25, 2013

Lagoona Shower Set review

Surprise Review!
I found The Set at Barnes and Noble for $22.91! Way cheaper than any other set I have!
I do not have Wave 2 Dead Tired Lagoona,but I will get her soon :)
Who's behind the Curtain?

First off is the rather large Box,it's a pretty Basic Monster High Box,But I love the Side Comic it's so Cute!
inside is a Cardboard cutout of Wave 1 Dead Tired lagoona,holding a Toothbrush.

Something tells me Lagoona forgot she was still in her PJ's

he he she said release the Reflection instead of,Release the Kracken! 
here it is released from it's box.
The Background is Great! 
Why is Neptune dreaming about Dead Fish?....well she IS a Pirahna 

The only thing that needs put together is the Shower and that's pretty easy,though I had a tough time getting the base of the shower snapped on.
I'll start with the Vanity or Sink first.

it comes with two figures or Bottles attached to it one is a Coral or Dark Pink Seahorse and the other is a Blue Fish. I'm pretty sure the seahorse is meant to be shampoo but I'm not sure what the Fish is since it can Attach to the shower,is it Conditioner or Soap?
The Mirror Part is a Mint Green and looks like Tentacles come out from it or is it the Kracken? Two Purple Jellyfish hang from either side. 
The Mirror is Actually a Mirror unlike Frankie's Bed (the back was more like a Funhouse Mirror)
The Back of The Frame has a Giant Molding of Lagoona's Skullette Surrounded by Bubbles,Skeleton Fish and Skeleton Seahorses,which is pretty Creepy to me. but still neat.

The Sink has A Silver Seahorse Spout and Two Silver Shrimp? knobs. They Do Move.
The Sink it's Self is Pink and meant to look like Coral. it even has a Skull shaped Drain!

The Legs are Black Mermaid Tails?
Under the Sink is a Plastic Blue shelf,meant to look like Glass that can sit items.
That's it on the Sink,Now for the Chair. Who has a Chair in their Bathroom? 
The Chair is made to look like Black Coral that Curves up the back and on either side,The Back has Her Skullette in Pink. The Legs are Mint Tentacles wrapping around each other. same on the back.

It's Actually one of the better Chair's They've come out with,the only other one that was easy for them to sit in was The Coffin Bean Couch.
And last but Not Least The Shower!
I don't care if it doesn't make sense that she comes with a Shower,I think it's just a Cool looking Shower!
The Shower Curtain is Clear with a Greenish tint to it and made from a Thick Rubber or plastic like a lot of Shower Curtains. it has White Shells,Pearls,Dead Seahorses *shudder* and other Sea designs all over.
The Curtain also Moves like a real Curtain.
Someone was Obsessed with Dead Sea creatures....
I'll start from the bottom and work my way up.
The Bottom of the Shower is meant to look like the inside of a Clam in Dark Pink. because it's so rounded though,it's not very sturdy.
The Drain is also shaped like a Skull!

it comes with a Stand with a Bubble Design all over much like Dead Tired Lagoona's Water Chamber stand.

The Shower head is Shaped like a Dark Purple Clear underwater flower of some kind,it's really pretty. 

Overhead Shot
It's Attached to a Black Tentacle,with Suction's all over it. 
Kinda Wrong looking....
The Tentacle has two other's sprouting From either side,that curl in to hang stuff from. a Purple Scrub is tied to it as well as the Fish I attached.
On the Front is a Silver shower Knob with Her Skullette on it,the Knob actually moves back and forth!
On the side with the Scrub is a Large Clear Blue plastic Bowl with water running down the side that can hold Bath items or Neptuna!

How does Lagoona fit in it? Perfectly! These are going to be Nude Shots,because who takes a Shower with their clothes on?!

That's all on the Review! I hope you liked it!
I give it a 10/10,wish it came with more items. but I really love it! they can never do wrong with Playsets,to me. 
Here's More Lovely Shots for you!

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