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Home Ick Abby and Heath Review

Now I just have to say they are not My Favorite Couple,as I ship Abby with Cupid but I still like the Fire and Ice Idea. I find Heath Annoying on the Show but I like his Doll.

I found them at Wal-Mart,The Box is Pretty Standard with Yellow Designs of Utensils all over it,as well as Full Art of Abby and Heath on the Back,with Shelves,Hanging Utensils and a Sink by them.

I forgot to take a Picture of the Cool Backdrop,but you can see it in Some of the Following Pictures.
Heath and Abby Come with Two Utensils,and 3 Food Dishes,They also come with a Home Ick Journal.
I forgot to take a Picture solely of the Journal so I will be doing a Separate post for it.
They Do Come with Stands
I Will Start with Heath Burns first and he will be the first Boy I've Reviewed.
Heath has Light Yellow Skin and his body is the Same as the other boys. 
He has Prominent Brown Eyebrows that are thick and one of them points up. it makes his eyes look slightly sinister,which I don't Mind since it's better than his goofy face,to me. his eyes are Oval and a Reddish Pink Color,his Lips are a Slightly Different Shade of Yellow than his skin. he also has pointed ears. 
His Hair is Molded into a Slicked back point,made to look like Flames,it is a light Red with Orange Highlights. 
Heath doesn't come with Jewelry or a Bag,but he does come with an Oven Mitt on one hand it is Dark Red with Black Criss cross pattern all over.
It is held to his Hand with a plastic band,without the Band is seems like the Mitt is too big for him.
when you take off the Glove is does leave slight purple Stains on his hand but nothing that can't wash off,I don't think. 

He also comes wearing a Red Apron tied around his Waist that has the MH Logo on the Bottom Left.
Heath Wears a Grey Tshirt with a Flame Print on the front.
it's my Second Favorite Piece of his,My First Favorite would be the Jacket he wears over it.
He wears The Black Varsity Jacket,all The Mansters wear on the show. (Besides Deuce) it is Made out of a Felt Material,one side on the Front has a White Strip with Red Felt "buttons" Attached and Fake Pink Pockets,The Bottom is Hemmed in Pink,White and Black (the school colors) as is the Collar. the upper Sleeves also have that same Pattern,as well as the Cuffs,but what makes his Different is that Flames Rise up From the Cuffs to the Elbows and it seems like the Arms maybe a Different Material. 
His Pants are Made to look like Dark Blue Jeans but aren't a Jean Material just a Light weight Cloth.
He has Boat Shoes (I guess they all can't wear sneakers) that are Black with white Soles and a Flame Design covering most of the top.
and that's it for Heath not as Detailed as say Deuce or Holt but I still think he looks Cool and love that they finally introduced the Varsity Jacket into the Doll line!
Now onto Abby.
Abby has pretty Simple but still Striking Makeup,she has Purple Eyeshadow and Bold,Bright pink Lipstick.
Abby has Pink and Blue Streaked hair pulled back in a high ponytail,I like that they took the time to wrap a Piece of hair around the band. Her bangs are streaked with purple.
while I like the Colors,I'm not a big fan of her hair style (aside from that one piece) they always seem to give her a Ponytail and her Bangs are Super Annoying,they just won't stay down for me,I wish they would have Gelled them. 
Abby's Accessories include a Bracelet and Earrings.
Her Bracelet is Simple pink beads.
but her Earrings are Awesome! one side are Two clear Pink Teaspoons,one has that dripping effect.

The other is Clear Blue and at first Glance looks like an Icicle but is Actually a Spatula!
She also comes with an Apron like Heaths but in Blue.
The outfit
Abby comes wearing a Mini Dress,it is all Black,the Top has a Fur Collar and a black ribbon,as well as Fur Cuffed sleeves,it has tiny white dots and stars and Blue and Pink Designs all over.

The Bottom has a Glittery Fuchsia Tulle sewn over it with a Jagged bottom. 
underneath the bottom matches the top.
I much Prefer the Dress without that Tulle and I might Cut it off. 
Her Shoes are the best,Abby Shoes in a While! they are Clear Purple Ankle Boot heels with what looks like Blue pebbles all over,though I think it's supposed to be Ice or something. when I saw Pictures before I got her I thought they were cut outs,but they're still neat regardless.
Now onto the Home Ick Items!

They're Main Dish that they talk about in the Journal and is shown on their artwork,is a Dessert? of some kind that Heath Heated one side and Abby Froze the other,it also has Spider on top and is Molded onto a Purple plate. 
along with that is a Measuring Cup with Green "Liquid",A Yellow Concoction with white Dots in it,Spilling over a Black Bowl with a Webbing Design on the front,the last food Item is a Bit confusing for me the Top is Green in a Wavy Pattern with a Green eyeball on top and the bottom is Purple with spiders around it. at first I thought it was a Cake,but the top Spins so now I don't know what it is.....
The utensils are a Pink Spoon with a Bone Handle and a Black batter whip (idr what it's called...) with a Claw for the metal tongs....

And that's it for the Set. I really like it. The Items are really Neat looking,I like that they made another Boy and Abby while not outstanding is still pretty and I do like her dress without that over skirt. Her earrings and shoes are the best though!
I can't wait for the Classroom Set to come out!
I only wish it came with that Ice Blender. 
Now Some Heath and Abby Spam!

Stay tuned for My First Pinkie Cooper Review!
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