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13 Wishes Frankie and Draculaura Review

First off I just have to say I hated Lala and Frankie's hair in the 13 Wishes Movie. Lala's was way too big and I didn't like how Frankie's streaks stopped midway leaving just her white hair,in CG it looked awkward.
I much prefer their dolls.
Now onto the review.

First Their Boxes. I didn't take pictures of them in their boxes,so here's one I found.

Pretty straight forward looks alot like the other boxes. Here is the Box Art of the back I took.
I still need Clawdeen
They Both come with Cards,the Front has Art of them and the back has art of all 3 of them with Gigi.

they Each come with a Lantern and a Stand. It is a New Type of Stand Called a Saddle Stand. (Some Collectors Barbie come with these as well) I like the Base and the fact that they can pose more easily and it doesn't mess up the clothes,but I don't like that they're feet do not touch the bottom.
I thought only Spectra floated....

Since Frankie is My Favorite of them Two,I will review her first.
Frankie's Accessories include her Lamp,Bracelets,Earrings and Headdress.
Frankie's Lamp or Lantern is pretty Big and Sturdy,it is a Clear Hard plastic in Blue and looks like something you might find in a Genies Lamp or an Arabian Castle. The Top also Flips open.
It's so pretty!

Her Circlet  is Gold and like the rest of her Jewelry (and Corset piece) is Very shiny! I think it's meant to look like hammered Gold nuts. (sorry that just sounds so wrong,I wish I could think of another name) it's Circles almost all the way around her head and is held to her head by plastic bands. 

Her Jewelry are Simple Gold Bracelets and Dangling Matching Lug Nut earrings.

I love how shiny everything is and the Hammered effect,gives them an Ancient Egyptian feel!

The Hair
Frankie's Hair is the Usual White with Black streaks but with added Thin Streaks of Blue and Gold interspersed as well! 
She has Straight across Bangs,heavily Gelled down,and parts of her hair are pulled back,the rest of her hair is straight down,reaching to her butt. 
her hair is not Flipped like in the Art,but that just means it won't get messed up from the box. 

The Makeup
Frankie's Makeup is Very Beautiful and Different for her.
She has Gold Eyeshadow on her Lid and below and a Darker Gold on her brow bone,as well as an even lighter gold above,with lots of glitter! Even the Stitch on her Cheek is Gold! To offset all the Gold,Her Lips are a Nude Pink Color. Also Her Neck Bolts and Stitching are gold as well!
The Outfit
Her outfit is Very Detailed and Genie looking.
The Color Scheme is Black and Blue.
the top half of her Dress is a Shiny Silver,with Visible yellow Stitching,the other side a Shiny Black almost leather look. A Swath of Blue Chiffon is Attached to the top,going across her bodice but raised up by another Swath of Black Shimmery Material that wraps around the back of the neck.
Held by plastic Ties to her waist is a Shiny Gold Metal Corset type with Large Lightning Bolts Design,it hugs one side of her.
The Top is attached to the Back of the Dress but not all the way around as the Short skirt part is not attached! it is a regular Skirt,that velcro's in back and can be separated from the rest. it is a Shimmery black tulle,very poofy with Matching Blue tulle over it. the fabric makes a slight V cut.

The Long Skirt part of the Dress is a Soft Shiny blue,the inside has a Gold Moroccan design with Lighting across the Top and Bottom.
Over the Back of the Skirt is a Soft Black netting.
The Gold Corset piece can come off,and easily goes back on,it but it can be a bit loose without the band to hold it close to her body. here is how it looks on it's own.
Looks like some sort of Arachnid....
Without it though,her the top of her dress doesn't have the same Pizazz. 
It's missing something...
last but not least are her shoes,they are Wedge Sandals, the Top is a Clear Rubber in blue. The Top of the shoes are a Lug Nut Design with Straps Extending outward. the inside is Black and the Heel again looks like Hammered Gold in a Brick pattern. 
I really love this Frankie,she is a part of my top 10 Favorite Frankie's (with Basic,DOTD and I♥ Fashion,claiming top 3) 
Simply Electrifying! 
Next up is Draculaura.
Lala's Accessories include Her Lamp,headdress,Necklace,earrings and Arm Cuffs.
her Lamp is the Same as Frankie's except in a Hot Pink.
her Circlet wraps around her head in the same way as Frankie's and is a Shiny Gold,but not hammered. it appears heavier though it's not,and is in a Very intricate design of cutouts that look like bat wings,and a very detailed heart with a Web design,in the middle. 
Her Jewelry is all Gold (as is the theme of the line),Her Wrist cuffs look like Bell sleeves and have a Webbing design. 
I think they are supposed to go the other way,but they look much better like this. 

her Necklace is thick and short,it curves in at the top,making a Batwing Design,with a curved web design under it. 
Her earrings are crude cut hearts connected together 
The Hair
Lala's hair is predominantly Pink this line,with most of the black streaks through her Bangs the sides and underneath and some Gold Tinsel thrown in. she has a Top knot which is all pink. her hair is Slightly wavy. I'm just glad it's not as big as in the Movie,though I did have to Brush and straighten some of it as it was a Mess right out of the box.

I like Pink but I feel like this is too much and is prbly My least Favorite thing about her,or it might just be the not so great quality of her hair. 

The Makeup
Lala's Makeup is pretty wild (for her) a bit too as I feel like it's better suited for an 80's theme,then a Moroccan one. 
I still like though,It's is predominantly Pink (of course) a bright Pink,with bright gold (though it looks yellow) half on her lids and half under. and Glitter!
The Heart on her cheek is Gold also!
Her Lips are the same color Pink as her hair with glitter all over them. as I like Glitter,I don't mind.  Also is it just me or in Pictures does Draculaura almost always look Wonk eyed?
Sorry about the Blurriness
The Outfit
Lala's outfit is My Favorite thing (after her Accessories) about her! it has a Very Bubblegum Goth,Vampire Princess Feel to it. (Made complete with the Circlet and Jewelry)  
The Top off the Dress (which is all one piece  has a Corset look to it with the Gold ties that criss cross the front and the Pink Fabric straps that makes a V Strip down the front,the pink also has Black web design on it and goes around the waist as well,the rest of the Black top has Darker pink shiny Dots spaced all over. 

The Skirt Part is a Soft Light Pink Fabric,with a Black webbed fabric over the top that also has A Heart on it and Lots of Bats. It has an Asymmetrical Cut. and Billows out in back. 
oh I forgot to add that in between those two fabric's is also a soft black Netting fabric,like Frankie's. so it has 3 layers.

rounding out the look are Lala's Wedge Slip on's. The Top is a clear Rubber in Pink and molded into a Spider Web. the inside is the same pink color with Gold Granite Wedge heels.
To Me Lala's outfit reminds me of a less Costumey Version of her Ghouls Rule. 
Well that's it for Frankie and Draculaura,Review I hope you liked it!
as far as what I rate them?
Frankie-10/10 I think she's pretty much perfect. 
Lala-8/10,the hair Quality and the out of place makeup make me love her a bit less than Frankie,but I still think she's great!
aside From that the only complaint I have is they made the Stands too tall. 
I hope they make a Cleo or Howleen (I wasn't to crazy about Ghoulia) as they Need 4 ghouls to round it out!
Stay tuned For My Catastrophe review!
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  1. My Frankie's earrings left big yellow stains on the ears. I took them off but I'm still worried about the neck bolts. Be careful about that gold.

    1. oh,thankfully I haven;t had that problem