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Pinkie Cooper in London Review

I found all the Pinkie Coopers at Toys R Us,but they are not Exclusive.
I first got introduced to Cooper via Facebook. I loved their Cute dog looks and the Fact that you could switch up their Ears/Hair. I also love that they were made with a Specific Dog Breed in mind and Named after the Creators King Charles Spaniel,Pinkie.

Pinkie comes in a Really Cute Box,It's light Pink with Brown Stripes and reminds me of a Candy box. it's really Sturdy,it has a large oval Window that you can see Pinkie and her Dog in the oval is Pink with White Dots around it. at the bottom it has another Pink oval that says Pinkie Cooper in White Fancy Script. the Top has a Pink thick plastic rubber handle that also says Pinkie Cooper in raised lettering.
The Back is Pale Pink and has Art of Pink buildings and Art of the New Line of Dolls in the Front along with their dogs on a red carpet. it also shows in pictures below how to Mix and Match the ears. it has a Blurb about them above. with small drawings of the places they go to.
Now my only complaint is why are they showing the other Line when they should be showing the Art of this one? There is more than just London in this Line there is also Beverly Hills and Paris.

My Favorite part about this Box is that the Box is inside another one! you just pull it by the handle and the Box containing the Doll Comes out. The back of that Box is Pin striped like the front and has Art of a Blond Pinkie in Silhouette Style with a Pink Bow and a Pink streak. 

Here it is Side by side the other one. this is pretty much how you open the box,because this way she is easily Accessible. 

here is Pinkie outside the Box With Everything including Lil Pinkie.
and here is Pinkie By herself.
Pinkie Comes with a Camera and Umbrella.
The Camera is all black and Attached to a Gold Plastic Chain,the chain is pretty rubbery.
The Umbrella is Hot Pink,the Stand is Gold as is the Emblem on top. it is all a thick rubber.
The Outfit
Pinkie Comes wearing a Plaid Yellow,Blue and Pinky/Orange Raincoat. but it is Soft rather than Slick,the Sleeves have a yellow Satin Fabric sewn around it as well as the bottom of the coat. The Front has Fake yellow Buttons and a Yellow Satin Belt attached. the Belt is not Tied on it is a part of the coat and is all one peice it Velcros in front to get it off.
for some reason it is folded and Sewn on side,which makes that said Poof out.
it's a nice Material but I wish they would have given her an actual outfit underneath.
She comes with a matching hat that has two slits on each side for the hair plugs to go in.
Her shoes are Hot Pink Rubber Peep Toe Boots.
The Hair
Her hair or ears are two Silky Pieces,one side Brown the other Blond. she comes with the Blond side showing but I like her better as a Brunette.
They are Sewn onto plastic plugs that go into her head. here's the blond side.
 Without the Hat they don't look as good but if you think of them as Ears than they make sense.
I tried to see if I could have one side Blond and the other Brown,but they're Not Liv Dolls the Wig pieces don't work the same way.

Pinkie has the most Unique Skin pattern of all my Dolls. she is meant to look like a Spaniel so she does have the Markings. first her Face.
She is Tan with a Large White Splotch going around her Mouth and up the bridge of her nose,on the top it has a Dark Pink heart with the dots under it. her Mouth and Nose are outlined in a Dog style,like a Muzzle she is open mouthed with Three Freckles on each side.
She has Thick White "Eyebrows" and her Eyes are Huge they Glass Black with Brown around the Pupils and a Hint of Dark Green.they are Framed with Thick Real Black Eyelashes and Brown lashes painted on the bottom,Ringed on top with heavy Black eyeliner and Peach and Salmon Pink Eyeshadow.
Up close you can see the Rough edging of the heart and the not so smooth Lines of the White but in person it's harder to see.
Sorry but you can see it alot better without her hair and hat on.

She the rest of her is all white,which is unrealistic for that type of dog,except for one splotch of Dark Brown on her right Calf. 
also here is her Poseability.

She also has Blushing on her Elbows/inner Arms and Knees/back of legs.
I don't really mind it as it's better than all white. 
She even has a Outie!

Her Paws are the Cutest to me her fingers Curl in so she can hold thin stuff easily,with her thumbs up,she has Pink Polish on and the inside of her Paws have Small Pink hearts in the Middle of them her hands are a harder plastic then the rest. 
Now last but not least her Dog lil Pinkie,Her dogs name Frustrates Me as that is HER name. also why does a Spaniel HAVE a Dog as a pet? A Cat would have been Funnier.
Lil Pinkie is of course a King Charles Spaniel and a bit More Accurate than Pinkie.
She has Pearly White ears that Can rotate and do come out.
Her little jacket is the same as Big Pinkie. 
Cute updo

Her Eyes are shut with thick black lashes. she has a Smiling Dog Muzzle with three dots on either side and a Black heart shapes Nose. she has a Small Dark brown dot on her forehead with three smaller dots below it.
Pinkie where'd your ears go?!

Her Back has two spots of Dark Brown on her side and Splotches of Tan on her Back,Tail and one on her thigh making a Heart Shape outlined by pale Pink. she has Tufts on her legs and her Paws are also Pink,which I'm not to fond of as it looks like they're sore. 
up close you can see how Crude the heart is :/
but all in all she's very cute.

Here are Pictures of Actual King Charles Spaniel's that are the Closest to resembling Both Pinkie's.
I didn't find any that had White ears so Lil Pinkie Must be a Mix.

Well that's all on the Review,I give them a 8 out of 10.
My only Complaints are the lack of outfit under the raincoat and No Stand :( these are the dolls that need it the most as their legs are really loose and they fall down alot. 
other than that I think they are a Fun,Creative,New way to see a Doll and would be pretty entertaining once you got more than one so you could Mis Match their ears!
I hope they come out with Fashion and hair/Ear packs for them!

My Next Reviews with Be Art Class Draculaura and Abbey as I am getting them in the Mail Soon!!! I can't Wait!!!

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