Monday, March 25, 2013

La Dee Da Viva La France Review

I renamed her Frenchie
This is My First La Dee Da Review and my First Doll of these.
La Dee Da Came out by Spin Master to I guess replace Liv? though they are so Far apart from Liv,that I just can't see it.
after Months of resisting these Dolls,so I wouldn't start yet ANOTHER Collection,and I wasn't too keen on their Articulation.
I finally gave in a Few weeks ago when I was at Toys R us,they didn't have any new Monster high I didn't have and the Bratzillas were too Expensive. I kept looking at the La Dee Da's and knowing that their Clothes fit MH and How Cute their hair,face and outfits are,I debated getting one,but I decided to wait until I got the Scaris 2 pack. the Following day,I got the Scaris pack,so a few days later Me and my husband went back to TRU and after much Choosing,I settled on Viva La France not only was she only $13.00! but she was also the first doll I thought was cute when I first saw Images of the La Dee Da's,also I thought she would fit in with the Scaris group (despite the big head)
And Now she's getting her own Review!
Introducing Cyanne as Viva La France!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Scaris Cleo and Lagoona Review

First I changed my Background,of a Picture I took (only Frankie is from the Roller Maze line,Ghoulia is Wave 1 and Lagoona is Skull Shores) I hope you like it!
My Flickr FrankenGhoul
anyway onto my Last Scaris Review,(unless they make more,like The boys! *fingers Crossed*)
Introduced by Catrine!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Bratzillaz Switch A Witch Review

Yeah I know it's been Awhile,I've Been lazy.
First off I just want to Comment on this Drama with MH Fans and Bratz Fans,MGAE Did Not Blatantly Copy Mattel With Their Create A Monster's! At First Glance the Packaging is Similar but how else are they going to Package them?
Here is a Side by Side Photo,Not Mine!
The Boxes are Slightly Different plus Keep in Mind The CAM's JUST Now came out with Two Torso's. Bratzillaz Debuted with Two Torso's,PLUS Two Pair's of Shoes and Jewelry! plus their Quality of Wigs are better! Not that I hate the CAM's,I don't! I think there super Creative and I own all of them,but I don't play Favorites either. I hate when Fans Rip on other Dolls,that people Like (Bratz,Barbie,Knock off's ect),Leave the Senseless Feuding to the Companies! 
Now that that's out of the way let's Start the (very long) Review...

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Scaris Car Review

Surprise Review! this will be My last Review of the Scaris Line until I get the 2 pack with Cleo and Lagoona!