Sunday, January 27, 2013

Scaris Cafe Review

I Decided to Skip Scaris Abby's Review as I Just wasn't feeling it anymore,and I have lots of New Dolls I bought that need a Review.
So Onto My First Play set Review!
I must Say I do like this Cafe's Cart More than the Coffin Bean's Counter,it's Far More Sturdier and More places to put things. though I prefer the Coffin Bean's Chair and Couch to the Scaris Chair and Bench. Not because I think they're Ugly or Poorly Made by any means,but because they aren't as Sturdy,it's also hard for the dolls to sit down in them. I'll talk more about that later.
Here's a Photo of all of them at the Cafe,in My Vintage Barbie or Disney? Castle.
(I won't be doing a Review on the Castle as I got it used and their are some Pieces Missing.)

I Will Start With the Table First.
It is Dark Purple,Designed a Bit like an outside Restaurant Table with Three Legs in a Fleur D Les Pattern. 
Very Scarisian. 
The Table Part is Round and has a Fleur D Les/Web Pattern on Top and around the Edges. if it were real it would Probably be Wrought Iron. 
The Middle Part,that is the I'm assuming,Umbrella Holder is Dark Purple as well and Shaped like a Vine with Webs on it.
The Umbrella is Fushia and if you look closely you can see the Goo and Spiderweb Designs
From it Hangs Yellow Skulletes that I think look like Lemon Drops. you Attach them yourself.
On the Table-Attached with plastic-Sit Yellow Gooey Flowers in a Black Skull Vase,An 'Ice' Water Bottle Designed to look like the Eiffel Terror with Snowflakes on it. In a Aqua Color,it is really Pretty in the light it seems Transparent.
Also a Brown Chocolate? Bat with Yellow Eyes,attached to a Black Plate that has Spiderwebs on the Bottom.
Kinda looks like a Cross Between a Bat and a Pumpkin....idk if it's even food?
The Chair
The one Chair in the set,Why only ONE chair...?,Is Hot Pink with Fleur D Les Legs and a Web Design. 
The Seat Itself is a Skull and the Back is Web and Fleur De Les with a Skull on it and a Small Heart above it.
oooh Spooky
How well do they Sit? Not Very,you can't have their legs Straight because they'll Just Slide off,if they Sit straight on with their Legs folded they won't sit all the way down on the Chair,so with some Maneuvering and Balance,I learned the best way is for them to sit with their legs folded off to one side,like this.

There. sitting Pretty

The Bench
The Bench is a Dark Aqua Color,their is Room for Two Dolls Comfortably. 
It has the Same Fleur D Les,Webbing Design as the Rest of the Set. it Curves Slightly towards the Middle and the Seat and Back has a Wrought Iron Look,the Back also has a Skull on it.

The Ghouls Sit okay ,though not as good as they sit on the Coffin Bean Couch,their Legs must Be slightly or all the Way Folded otherwise they just Slide off,I also haven't been able to get them to sit all the way on it with much Success. though that maybe because of where the Bench is or Due to there tight skirts.

The Cafe Cart
Now onto my Favorite thing (besides the Table)
The Food Cart! 
It is Hot Pink,The Front has a Sticker Meant to look like a Plaque Or Sign that Has the Eiffel Terror in White on it (The Terror also has a Spider hanging off it) With the Words Cafe after it in Big White Bold Script. The Background is Black and has Silver Vines and Skulletes all over it as well as Lavender Spider Webs and A Lavender Fleur D Les Pattern outlining the Sign,with Dripping goo. 
The Raised Molding the Sticker is on is Pink Fleur D Les and Small molded Spider Webs go around the Sign in a Hap hazard Fashion. 
The Whole Front of the Cart is Encased in Raised Black Fleur D Les Molding and Spiderwebs.

Above in the Front that Sticks out,though Not as much as it should,Matches the Black Molding Perfectly. It is Meant to be a place to set your Food when it's ready but it's really only big enough for Cups or very small food.
The Stickers were added by Me and are not Included.
Sorry about the Dust and Pet hair....
The Canopy is a Light Clear Blue,Attached to Solid Blue Bars, the Bars have The Menu's on either Side of them Written in Non Descriptive Squiggly lines. on a Lavender Background.

Perched on Top is a Large Black Bat.
Here is the Display of food.
and No the Shelf and Coffee Maker are not Attached.
The Cappuccino Maker is one Solid Piece,Black,with White Spouts and Black molded Buttons.
The Top has a Spiderweb Design while the Back has Spiderwebs and Fleur D Les around a Blue Skullette.
The Display That Holds the Food is a Dark Purple and has two Shelves,it is all one solid Piece with a Large Spiderweb Design on the Back.
I added the Stickers,they do no come with!
The Food is a Yellow Cake With a Giant Matching Spider on Top and it sits on a Black Plate,their is also a Purple Cake with Orange Frosting also on a Black plate. the plates have webbing on the bottom. it also Comes with a Clear Aqua Colored Goblet with Goo running down it.
The Small Drink that is For the Cappuccino Maker,is a Fuschia Coffee Cup,with Brown "Liquid" in it,it also has a Face in it that looks like the Cheshire Cat....

Oh Before I forget The Wheels are a Light Blue and have a Spider on each them,making a Spiderweb.
The Back of the Cart,is Pink with the same Black Molding as the Front,Except the Bottom has a Skull on it with it looks like Spider Wings attached. The back is very open with lots of places for Food!

Attached to one Side is a Black Molded Handle for Pushing the Cart,it is in the same Design as the rest.

And that's the Scaris Cafe! I really like it,it comes with a lot of things and the Designs are so pretty!
I Give it a 9 out of 10. I do wish it would have come with an Extra chair as I don't know many Cafe's that only have one chair. But I can easily get a Second one,so That's not a Big Deal. and with as much space that it has they could have Put more Food. 
But I do think it is one of their Best Play sets! and Recommend it for any Collector!
Skelita think's it's Perfect too.


  1. wow! thanks fo rthe review! i can't wait to get this set, it's gorgeous! :-)