Saturday, January 5, 2013

Scaris Ghoulia Review

Haven't been really feeling inspired to do this Review,but I decided I needed to get it done!

Scaris Ghoulia comes in a smaller version of the Scaris Deluxe Box and with a Different Picture on the back. unlike the Deluxe the Basics do not come with a Journal or Suitcase. 

Ghoulia only Comes with a Carry on Bag,idr if she came with a Stand or not but I don't think so. if so it is Black just like all the others.
also I did change her hair as I wasn't fond of the poofy ponytail.
Photo Not Mine belongs to Picklepud

Ghoulia has Red Zipper Earrings,the same as her Wave 1 Doll just in a Different Color.
Her Signature Horn rimmed Glasses in Red and a Black and Red Carry on,it has her Skullete on it along with Dripping Goo or blood. it does open. the handle looks like bone.
I ended up repainting it.

Her Makeup as you can prbly tell from the Above pictures is Light blue on the lid with a Strip of Silver,below and above it. Her lips are a Dark Red. 
I love them.

her hair is the same Color blue as her other dolls,it is Medium length in the ponytail,but I Braided the top and Straightened the rest so it's longer. 
It's really soft and has a lot of Volume as is Expected with Ghoulia's hair.

Ghoulia's outfit is a Black Jumper with a Striped hood. the Front has a Blue Ribcage on it and a Front Pocket with Brain Design,that Actually functions as a pocket! 
Her hood is just for looks though as it is much too small for her head.
I could so see myself wearing this,with a bigger hood of course!

Her Sneaker Heels are Light Blue with a Tiny White Skull on each shoe.
They are so cute!
I love the new Color they are giving Ghoulia! 
All in all I would say for a Budget Doll that is about $15.00 this and the other Scaris Basic's are great! they still have that Attention to Detail that the Dance Class-while cute-didn't really have. 
though to me Abby and Ghoulia are the best but I do not own Deuce or Lala yet. 
I would give Ghoulia a 9 out of 10 they could have done  something different with her Hair,but if you know how to hair style than you got that covered!
Off to Scaris!
Next review might possibly be Scaris Rochelle or Clawdeen! Depends on if I get a new doll before than or not. 

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