Friday, January 11, 2013

Scaris Fashion Packs

okay so Technically they aren't Scaris,it doesn't say it any where on their Packaging. but Clawdeen Draws their outfits in her Scaris Journal and they are shown in the Preview for the movie 'City of Frights' 
There are 4 Fashion packs but I am not a big Fan of Spectra's though I may get it Eventually. 
So Now lets start with Abby's.
I should add this will be my first Outfit Review. 
My Skull Shores Abby Models this outfit.
the outfit does not include the earrings,Necklaces or Bracelet.

Her Accessories Consist of A Necklace (A blue Version of her Crystal Choker she always has.) and her Purse which is a Blue Version of Spectra's Basic Purse.  before I got the outfit I thought that the purse really didn't go with her,but in person it is Beautiful and almost looks like Water! the chain also looks like Ice or Crystal. to me it is Prettier than the original. 
lets get this out of the Way these shoes are Purple Versions of the dreaded shoes that have came with Clawdeen's Fashion Pack,Sister Clawdeen and I♥Fashion Abby. though these are slightly clear. I know we have all had a tough time trying to get those suckers off! (with the Fearleading shoes and W2 Clawdeen's boots next in line) so I wasn't too Excited that I had Gold,Black,White and NOW Purple Versions! but I was pleasantly Surprised when I attempted to take the shoes off and they slid right off! they are a Softer rubber now yay! for that reason (and the color) I am keeping them. the other's are going,gone. 
The Dress

Abby's minidress is really pretty,it is Blue with Fishnet Sleeves and a Crystal Design down the front and Blue Trim. the Dress is a Natural Off the shoulder. 
I can see her Clubbing in this.

Modeled by Dead Tired 2 Lala.
The Fishnets are not included.
Even though I didn't like this dress when I first Saw it,after I bought it and put it on her,I fell in love! it is so cute! 
Lala's Accessories consist of a Dark Pink Bracelet and Top Hat shaped like a Heart (the same as her DOTD Hat except it's not white and doesn't have fishnet attached to it.)
I prefer the Top hat in this Color,which is why before this ever came out I painted the original two Shades of Pink! 
My repainted Version and the New one.
Her shoes are Basically DOTD Lala's shoes Except a Softer Rubber and the Heels aren't shiny,they are also Opposite Colors,the top being Pink and the heel being black instead of the other way around. they also fit her feet alot better.
Her dress is Very Cute and looks handmade. it is Black with a Pink Skull pattern,light pink Eyelet Lace Frill,that makes up the skirt and pink Lace straps that Velcro at the Neck. it also has a Pink Bow on one side of the Bodice. to me it seems like something my Mom would make me :)
The Fishnets offset it nicely.

My Classroom Lagoona Models the last outfit.
The Earrings and Pink Bracelet do not come with. 
Everything here is pretty much Classic Lagoona,I love it!
She comes with a Pearl Bracelet (was a bit disappointed it wasn't a Necklace) and a Aqua Version of her Wave 2 Bag,which I love in Pink and love in Aqua as well!
My Favorite of the Bunch! though they are Aqua versions of her Classroom Shoes,I think this Color and the fact that they made them clear,is Awesome. it makes them look more Classier less I'm going to the beach right after school vibe,more I'm going to Scaris! 
Love the toes!

The Dress is Black on top with Aqua...not sure what it is some type of Sea Creature or maybe seaweed? pattern. it is held up by Braided Aqua Straps,. the Bottom is a Full Black skirt with Pink Coral all over and Aqua Sea Horses. it also has Aqua trim oh and the braiding circles the waist as well.

In Conclusion,I really Enjoyed these Fashion packs though they could have come with more Accessories like Purses for Spectra and Lala. but regardless I enjoyed them,they are all very cute with their own individual looks. also maybe a Green Scrunchie for Lagoona to match what she wears in the movie?
I give them a 9 out of 10,though for most of them it worked out,they still could have Recycled Molds less. 
also while I love Lala's Dress I wonder why they made her a Fashion pack when she has a Scaris Doll,Same with Abby. It would have made more Sense if they made one's for Venus and Cleo instead. but hopefully they will at some point.
I just got Scaris Lala and Operetta's Deluxe Fashion pack so stayed tuned for those!

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