Sunday, January 6, 2013

My Top 5 Fave Images

This is a really good photo Of Novi Stars Orbit Beach,Ari. I so want her,her suit isn't fantastic but I love how it makes her legs looks super long and I love her boots! plus that glitter is inside her body,so I can change her clothes without worrying about all the Glitter coming off! yay!

I don't have any of the First Wave Bratzillaz but the two that I definitely want are Cloetta and Yasmina. Ironic because Jade and Sasha are my Favorite Bratz (aside From Roxxi)  I love this Photo the lighting,the Colors all Pop! I love Bright girly Colors so this Photo is Definitely a Favorite of mine plus I found out that Moxie Girls and Possibly Barbie clothes fit them! 

By Clawdeena9
First off Just have to say I love Clawdeena's Photos and I watch every time he does a New doll Review on youtube!
When I get Wonder Wolf I am going to try and do her hair like this.

So Christmasy and Pretty I love it!

All these Ghouls are Beautiful,Great Lighting,I love Ghoulia's Dress and Skelita's hairbow!

Until Next Time
~Michelle C

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