Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Operetta Deluxe Fashion Review

Finally getting around to writing this,if I can with My Cat Prisma wanting Attention. lol
Bought these From a Seller on The Adult Fans of MH Facebook Group I'm in. only 12.00!

Modeling them Will be My Basic Opry and Dance Class.

Will Start off with my Favorite of the two, the Dress!
It looks like it was Made for Dance Class Opry!
Now This is a Swing Dress!
Does not Come with Shoes,Mask or Bandanna.
The Accessories Consist of  A Dice Belt Molded in Red,that you can also Use for other outfits.
and a Large Lavender Coin Purse with a Detachable Strap that looks like Piano Keys,though I don't know why they Made it Detachable since you Can't Attach it to anything else.
  Purse does open
The Outfit
The Dress is very 50's looking which is Perfect for her! It has a Slight Satin Feel and the skirt is Slightly Stiff to keep it's shape. It is White with a V Necked Purple Shiny Collar,It is Fitted at the waist and Billows at the Skirt. The Designs are Purple Spider webs and Music Notes all over it,on the Front of the Skirt to the side, is a large Black design that looks Very Phantom Opera Esque.
I also Paired it with the Purple Cardigan that is made out of very soft Cloth and looks Handmade it has a Red Emblem on it that I think is Supposed to Mirror her First Mask or just be her staple.

Now onto the Second Outfit that also comes with Shoes!
Does not Come with Bracelets,Ring or Purse.
The Outfit
Wondering why I'm doing this first? well because the Mask and shoes are so Awesome I wanted to save them for last!
The outfit Consists of a Top and Skirt,the top is a Red Formfitting  shiny Materiel. it has a large White Collar that has Web Designs and Music Notes in Black and Red all over.
The High waisted Black skirt is Form fitting and has a slight Denim feel to it,it has White Stitching Curving in Horizontal lines down it. it is Hard to move her legs in this Skirt much like her Fashion pack one.
Sorry for the blurry photo,took it with my phone
Now onto the moment you've been waiting for! or I'VE been waiting for....
The Accessories 
Starting with the Earrings they are Red and Shaped like a Heart with a music note.

The Shoes are Red on top White on Bottom,they are opened toed with a Bow on top,the sides have Spider Webbing as does the Back. The Heels are White Dice Stacked on top of one another!

Now the Mask!
It is Red and cover the whole Top of her face where her eyes are,they wrap around like Glasses and make an intircate Music Note Dripping Heart,the design is also on the sides.
I love them! it may slightly Obscure an Eye,but Her Dad's Mask hid one half of his Face!

In Conclusion
They're Designs are getting better and better! I can't wait to Get Ghoulia,Frankie and Robecca's!
I give it a 9 out of 10 only because It didn't have an Extra pair of Shoes. but other than that it's Great!
also I do Consider these Fashions as part of the Scaris line only Because Frankie's Dress is worn in the Movie.
Until Next Time!

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