Thursday, July 25, 2013

13 Wishes lagoona's Diary

Poor Lagoona...

13 Wishes Lagoona

Sorry about the wait but it has been way too hot here,even to be ON the Computer (Especially when   only one Window in this room  opens and the Fan interferes with the running of the computer :/)
but anyway I said I'd do a Lagoona review and here she is!

Saturday, July 20, 2013

13 Wishes Twyla Review

So I went to TRU (Toys R Us) and after much rummaging for one with Decent eyes-found Twyla!
this always happens I wait and wait for them to come out and they all decide to come out at once! they didn't have Gigi or the Haunt the Casbah Ghouls-they did at one point but the shelves were ransacked. :( but I did see Howleen-who I didn't get as I didn't have enough-,Lagoona and Twyla. I came home with the latter two.
Not Disappointed!
I will review Lagoona later,right now it's the New Ghouls turn!

Twyla,you can come out now...

Monday, July 8, 2013

Ghouls Night Out Spectra Review

Finally new Monster High Dolls showed up in Spokane! (Besides Bloodgood,who I wasn't inclined to pay $50.00 for att)
I went to Justice looking for Ever After High Dolls,no luck there but I was surprised to see GNO and Music Festival!
after some Debating I Grabbed Spectra,MF Abby and the following day I went back and Grabbed Clawdeen.
Spectra is pretty in Photo's and in the box but out of it she is Gorgeous!!
I mean look at that Face and that hair!
But I can't start on her Face or Hair right off the bat,so lets start at the Beginning.

Ghouls Night Out and Music Festival Reviews coming soon!