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13 Wishes Lagoona

Sorry about the wait but it has been way too hot here,even to be ON the Computer (Especially when   only one Window in this room  opens and the Fan interferes with the running of the computer :/)
but anyway I said I'd do a Lagoona review and here she is!

Her Box is the Same as Howleen's so I won't be showing it the Front is the same as the rest of the 13 Wishes Dolls.
I also forgot to take a Picture of her with everything,I'm sorry XD
But here's a picture of her with Neptunia
instead of Her Regular Pink Color,Neptunia is a Dark Fuchsia,she comes with (but not in) a Clear Fishbowl Purse that has a Teal Bamboo like Handle. it's the Same Fishbowl as Wave 1 Lagoona,Except in Different colors. as I don't have Wave 1,I can't do Comparisons.
Her other little Accessory is a Pink Flower clip for her hair,that I ended up putting on a Different Lagoona.
Classroom Lagoona in her Scaris outfit.
along with Neptunia being a Different Color,Lagoona is also, as well as her hair,since she is a Freshwater Monster in this Story.. but I'll get to that in a bit.
first her Accessories.

Lagoona Comes with Her Fishbowl purse,Pet,Hair Clip,Bracelet,earrings,Visor (?) and Necklace.
Her Earrings are Pink,Clear Dragonflies and her Necklace is Green clear Beads with a Matching Turtle Attached.
Her Bracelet is also Clear and in the Same Green Color it is Beads with a Turtle Attached.
they are pretty cute and different than the Norm of Fish,Seahorses and (as of late) Octopuses. but as this is a Different Lagoona,I wouldn't Expect anything less. I can also see Kids who are into Reptiles,Bugs and the Sea in General really liking her. 
Lagoona also has on this Weird Clear plastic thing that kinda looks like a Visor or Breathing Apparatus of some sort... the clear part has a tint of Blue and the Sides are Green,made to look like Grass or Moss with Flowers,it also has a Strip that goes above the Goggles with Pink Flowers. it is held together by a Black strap. 

It looks a Bit Funky. but it does make a Good headband!
alot of other's don't know what it is Either,so I guess we'll find out when The 13 Wishes Movie rolls around!
Her shoes on the other hand are easy to figure out.
They are Wedges with a Bright Green Grass like Strap across the foot.
the Rest is Clear Green with a Bright Green Grass Blade Pattern up the Sides and Back. 
I think they are my Favorite thing about her outfit! (aside from the Visor as it has grown on me)
as you can tell by her Accessories,Lagoona has Changed alot. if this isn't enough Proof you can read it in her Diary I will be posting Next,it's pretty Sad....

This Lagoona's Skin is very Different than the other's,her Skin is a Deeper Blue not as light,her Fins are also Darker. Even her Freckles are a Different Color! Compared to her,the other Lagoona's look white! the only thing the same is Eyebrow color.
Compare with Scaris lagoona.

so Much Different but still Pretty!

The outfit
Her outfit is Basically a Mini Dress with Tulle over it.
The Top Part is Pink with Black Aztec like Patterns all over,one sleeve is Attached,it is a Sparkly See through Blue with Black Trim on the Top and Elbow. The rest of the Sparkly Blue Tulle is Attached to her Bodice and goes over the rest of the Dress in a Tulip like Pattern. 
It feels pretty rough
The rest of the Dress is the Same Color and Print as the Top but ends in a Jagged Pattern at her thighs. 
Kinda reminds me of Flintstones,though maybe it's supposed to resemble scales?
that's pretty much it for the outfit,simple but I like the Sparkles!

The Makeup
Her Makeup is pretty Different than the others. the Eyeshadow is Lavender all over,that's it just one Color but this Lagoona is Simple. her Lips are a Mint Green,almost like they are meant to be Natural.
Her Hair...where do I begin?! for one it's a Bright Yellow, the only Blue in her hair is a Solid Streak in her Bangs.
and I thought Roller Maze Lagoona had some Yellow Hair with that Neon Green!
along with the Color,it looks Pretty long. but it's not as long as I thought it would be in the Promo Pictures :( I thought they had put it in a Ponytail,Twisted it and then Looped More hair and Twisted that. I was thinking it would be as long as Dot Dead Spectra's,if down! 

but No,they took the easy way out,well it still a Cool Concept the final Product wasn't that great....instead of Twisting all of it together,they Gelled the Ends together to LOOK like a Loop but never Actually made a Loop with one piece of hair. 
I stuck my Finger through it and this is what happened...
Can you see the Split?
also it is Very Thin along the Front of the Ponytail,the hair line. and the Bangs are Gelled but not as Gelled as the end of that Ponytail was!
Crusty City...

I hate when they do this,like Kids are not going to want to change the hairstyle?!
Despite that though,when I did take her hair down and brush it out,it has Beautiful Waves! and is Pretty Full at least where the ponytail was and down.
it's not that long,reaching to her Knee's like most of them. 
I really do like the Waves though and Surprisingly that Bright Yellow hair!
to cover up the Thinning hair on top,I used her Visor. 
it looks much better down.
pretty sure that's all on her,I hope you liked the review!

  • The Change in Skin Color and Hair Color,I like when they Change it up
  • Her Cute Accessories
  • Despite it's Weirdness I like the Visor
  • She comes with a Stand
  • She Comes with a Diary!
  • I finally get to have the Fishbowl purse!!
  • like her Subtle Makeup
  •  the Thin Hair on Top and the Failed Pony Twist
  • Not too crazy about her Dress,I like the Colors and Sparkles but that's it
  • Her Diary is Depressing
  • Colored Stands please!

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