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13 Wishes Twyla Review

So I went to TRU (Toys R Us) and after much rummaging for one with Decent eyes-found Twyla!
this always happens I wait and wait for them to come out and they all decide to come out at once! they didn't have Gigi or the Haunt the Casbah Ghouls-they did at one point but the shelves were ransacked. :( but I did see Howleen-who I didn't get as I didn't have enough-,Lagoona and Twyla. I came home with the latter two.
Not Disappointed!
I will review Lagoona later,right now it's the New Ghouls turn!

Twyla,you can come out now...

First I'll show off her in box
the sides and Top have smoke all over and the Background is Awesome Colored in Rich Golds,Purples and reds,Designed to look like the inside of a Palace I'm assuming,with the Colors,Throne,Drapes and Throw Pillows. I don't have a Pic but you'll be able to see it in the back ground of many of my photo's.

Wonderful Box art as Usual!
The Back also tells you a bit about the Story of how Howleen made a Wish on a Magic Lamp and Disaster ensued! I am very Curious to know the rest,but Have to wait for the Movie! 

Twyla comes with her Purse,Diary,her Pet and a Stand! I wish they make more Colored Stands instead of Black one's but at least they are making them!
also here is Twyla's Bio,which you might have already read in my Previous Entry but oh well.
this is actually the back of her box,the other one was Lagoona's oops!
This Review will be slightly Different as she is my First Doll that I have reviewed that comes with a Pet. so I will talk about her Pet Dust Bunny Dustin first.
to start I do wish they had given him a more modern name like Dusty or Boo. but old Names seem to be Trendy now as far as Animals go,so Dustin it is.

Dustin is solid,Heavy Plastic but still made to look Furry and Tattered,he's Lavender with one Silver Button Eye and the other a Mint colored piece of thread I think for the other eye. His Nose is a Pink Button and his Mouth is opened to make a Oh shape,his Paws are tucked underneath his Chin. he's really cute and once again has me Wishing that they'd show the Pets in the Webisodes or Movies. 
I think he's my Favorite Looks wise,Personality goes to Crescent and Hissette
Twyla thinks he's adorbs as well
Now onto the Accessories

Twyla comes wearing Earrings,Bracelets and a Belt,of course she has a Purse and Shoes as well.
Twyla's Earrings are Silver and Made to looks like Doorknobs
How Creative is that?!
She has three small Bangles on one wrist two in purple and one in Black,on her other Wrist she has what looks like a Beaded Bracelet with a Skullette Dreamcatcher Dangling from it in Mint Green. 
Her Belt is Mint Green as well it is made to look thick,Studded around the top and Bottom with Spiders all the way around the Middle, a Skull is on the Front made to look like a Doorknocker
Her Purse is plastic,but does open at the top,it's pretty flat so the opening is just for show,it has a Black Rope like strap and the rest of the Purse is a Dark purple with Designs,that looks like Beaded Curtians,running down both sides of the purse,the Front has a Mint Green Dreamcatcher in the shape of a Skull (I'm assuming her Skullette) looking like she painted it on her self.
I think all of Her Accessories are Fangtasic! Especially her Earrings and (despite the Spiders) her belt!
Her shoes are pretty neat as well they look like Lolita or old Fashioned shoes,they are Purple with a Grommet pattern around the top foot and Straps across with Mint Green Laces and a Mint Spider Dangling on each one. the Bottoms are Black and I'm pretty sure the heels are made to look like Tendrils of Smoke. 
I don't Usually talk about their skin but since she's a new Character and her Skin is so much more Different than the other Ghouls,it needs to be talked about!
Most of her Skin is Lavender (light or Dark depending on the light) but her Legs have Wisps of Grey Smoke (or Darkness) going up them,making beautiful patterns up to right about her knees.
Her hands and arms have the same Grey as well but it is all over instead of Just tendrils,it covers her hands,all the way up her arms to Fade perfectly back to her Lavender skin tone at the Elbows. the Grey is also very Shimmery and the tops of her hands have flecks of Gold Glitter in them.
(which you can see better in the above photo)
The outfit
Twyla's out fit is a bit young but she's a younger Character and they did a good job in capturing her Demure personality with her...Occupation in the Dark Colors.
other's have said her Top looks like a Pajama top and I agree to a point,but I understand why it would be as she Catches Nightmares. 
Her Top is Made out of a Soft Purple Materiel,the Collar is Black and Attached to a Black Satin Ribbon,the Design is Black Lines Running all the Way down her shirt with Spiders (or maybe just Critters) running down it as well. Her sleeves are Cut at an Angle and hang down a bit past her elbow
Her Miniskirt is Layered (but Sewn together) with the Same Plum pattern of Mint Green Smoke or some sort of Design on the Bottom of each Skirt,sewed on each layer is Purple Tulle.

The top and Skirt are separate as well.

The Makeup
Aside from her Accessories and Skin tone,my Favorite part about her is her makeup (and of course I love anything in Mint Green!) it's very Soft and Simple but still really Cute and Befitting of her Personality plus she has Green Eyebrows!
Her eyes are a Pastel Pink mixed with Purple,Framed by long Black lashes,that are Purple on the bottom! a first for a MH Doll I think. Her eyeshadow is very light almost matching her skintone,it appears to be white with a Strip of Purple. Her lips are a Pinkish nude color.
sorry about the lighting in this pic,better one's to come!
Also Yes her Eyes do Glow in the Dark but My Camera was really bad at Catching so I don't have a Photo...
The Hair
Twyla's Hair goes to her Knee's in slight Waves,it's is a Mint Green Color with Various Shades of thin Purple Streaks thrown in (I'm hoping this is going to be Temporary and they're going to add in Thicker streaks later on like they did with Rochelle)
Her hair was More Curly at the ends but I had to Brush it out,because she had serious Box hair. though the Color is Pretty and it's Fluffy,it's not my Favorite. it's not as Soft as it Could be and Feels a bit Greasy (though that maybe from all the Gel in her Bangs) No it's not from Glue Leaking,I have Managed to Steer Clear of that thus Far.
I would Compare Her hair texture and Even haircut to Rochelle's Basic,not Great but not Horrible either.
I'm sure with a Flat Iron it would look good,but I don't want all my Dolls with Straight hair.

Before I go,I will also tell and Show you her Height she is the Same as Howleen in Height and Body size.  also I think her Face Shape is a Cross between Howleen's and Spectra's,Ironic since those are her BFF's!
Ignoring Howleen's hair they are the same size 
Well I suppose that'll do it on Twyla,I really do her like her,she's as Adorable as her Pet and I love that they Made her Smaller. 

  • Her Size,so cute!
  • I love that she's some of my Favorite Colors!
  • Her Pet is the Cutest
  • Her Accessories are really well Detailed
  • I love the added bonus of Glow in the Dark eyes
  • her hair reminds me of Cotton Candy
  • Love those Big Eyes and how Different Twyla's Face can become with the right shadow!
  • love the Smoke Detailing on her Skin
  • Her hair is not the Best Quality
  • all the Twyla's I saw in the Store had hair fibers in her eyes and Smudged Eye paint,except her!
  • her Top could have been cuter
  • Pretty much it, not alot of Con's with this one!
Not onto some Spooky Cute Photo's!

until Next Time! 
Keep it Creepy Cool! 

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