Saturday, July 13, 2013

Music Festival Clawdeen Review

Bought MF Clawdeen at Justice,I don't really have an intro so I'll just go right into the review

Clawdeen Comes with Everything you see in the Picture,No Stand or extra Accessories.
I don't have a Pic of her in box but here is her Fierce Artwork!
I love her Stance,Her hair is Not as Big Irl,But I like that because otherwise it would probably be a Poofy Mess.

Clawdeen Comes with Earrings,A VIM Badge Necklace,Bracelets,a Belt and one Molded on Glove.

Her Badge is White and stands for Very Important Monster,the Badge itself has Black Splotches on it and Says VIM in white in a Pink Circle. the whole thing is Plastic including the Necklace part which I hate,because it keeps moving around and getting Caught in her hair...

I ended up putting it around her Waist same with Abby's it seems to work better.
Her earrings are Gold one side is two small hoops and the other is one hoop,with another Attached to Gold Chains,unlike her School's out doll,the Chains aren't looped but one Big Piece.
She has three round Bracelets on one arm,2 are black and one is gold. She has a Black Fingerless Glove on the other hand. Her Belt is Black with studs on it and Actually look like Three Belts molded together. giving her an edgy vibe.
unfourntly,for me,her Boots are the same one's as her Schools out and while they look cool are a pain to get off and on. they are knee high gold with Gold Zippers going down them Horizontally, the Spike Heel is Black and they have an opening at the Legs and the top of the feet (made to look unzipped)
These Will be repainted Soon
one of the Heels on mine Came off,it wasn't even glued on! but my Husband Fixed it.
It Just slides right off
The Outfit
Since This Line has a Music theme I'm Guessing Clawdeen's is Disco,I'm surprised it's not Hip-Hop but I guess that's Howleen's Genre. 
I'm not a Fan of Disco and wish she had been like idk Hair Metal or Grunge inspired.. But I'm still a Fan of this outfit.
It is a Purple Jumpsuit,with a Black Vneck Collar, The Jumpsuit unfourntly stops at the knees,it has Gold Studs,Rhinestones and Her Skullette going down one side. 
Pretty Simple but still Cute.

The Makeup
Sticking with the theme, Clawdeen has Bright Yellow Eyeshadow with Glitter going all the Way to her eyebrows and Fuchsia Shadow on her lids and Below. Her Lips are a Dark Magenta almost. 
The Hair
Despite not being in a Fro Per Disco,Which is Fine with me! Her hair is still Gorg, it came out of the Box perfect I didn't have to do anything but lightly Finger comb it. she does have the Crease in her hair from the Box but since her hair  is Wavy it's not that Noticeable. 
Clawdeen's hair goes to her waist and is her Natural Brown Hair Color with Streaks of light Blond in it! I love that the Streaks are not that Dominant and just flow through out her hair nicely. 
Her hair is Wavy and Curles at the Ends,it is Beautiful,Bouncy and so soft! her Best hair Recently, after Roller Maze.

That's Pretty Much it For Music Festival Clawdeen,hoped you Enjoyed my Review (Even though it was a Tad Short) Not sure if I'll be doing Abby's but I will review Venus after I get her! (maybe I'll do them together)

  • Her hair is Awesome so Soft and the Curls are the best on an MH Ghoul to date!
  • love her bold Make up
  • Her jumpsuit is pretty Cute
  • Love the Accessories Especially her Belt
  • Her Box art is Fierce and so is she!
  • No Stand
  • No Purse,I wish it came with a Generic Tote Bag that they all come with,something that Says 'MH 2013 Fest' on it,Maybe...
  • I wish her jumpsuit was longer
  • that Lanyard is a Pain and looks so much better as a belt lol
  • Wish she had New Boots,like Go Go Boots
  • Wish she came with a Picture Booklet or something that shows they went to a Concert Festival,besides the Badges

Photo Bomb!

I have received lots more Dolls Recently so stay Tuned for 13 Wishes and the New Mattel Line,Ever After High!!

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