Monday, July 8, 2013

Ghouls Night Out Spectra Review

Finally new Monster High Dolls showed up in Spokane! (Besides Bloodgood,who I wasn't inclined to pay $50.00 for att)
I went to Justice looking for Ever After High Dolls,no luck there but I was surprised to see GNO and Music Festival!
after some Debating I Grabbed Spectra,MF Abby and the following day I went back and Grabbed Clawdeen.
Spectra is pretty in Photo's and in the box but out of it she is Gorgeous!!
I mean look at that Face and that hair!
But I can't start on her Face or Hair right off the bat,so lets start at the Beginning.

Some were saying that their boxes are different and hard to open,but I didn't find anything off about them.
Such Cute Box Art!

Spectra does come with a Stand (Black again,of which I'm getting sick of) A Phone and Purse,Interestingly enough unlike Rochelle and Lagoona she does not Come with Perfume. I guess Ghosts don't smell?
She does Come with her GNO Booklet,which is kinda like a Photo Album/Concert book.

They are making a 5 pack with Clawdeen,Ghoulia,Rochelle and Venus

Catty Noir will be out soon too! 
Now onto her Accessories

The Phone she comes with is Different than the Previous Phones,more updated. It is Larger and Flat nothing Moves on it,it's more like an Iphone. it also doesn't have a handle so she can't hold it without help from Rubber bands :/ 
Her Purse is pretty Big and Square,it is made to look like cracked Stone,with a band of Purple around it. The Handle is Rounded and Small so you have to take her Hand off to put it on. The Chains on it are Removable and the bag does open. 

The Makeup Case she comes with is Tiny and opens up to look like all the other one's,it is Silver and the Front has Filigree on it and a Molded Keyhole.
A Pattern I've noticed with this Spectra is that she has a Keyhole Design on most everything,the Compact,her shoes,her purse,Her earrings and her Gloves all have it.

Speaking of her Jewelry,She comes wearing a short silver Chain Necklace and Dangly Chain Earrings that have a Lock Attached. 
She doesn't wear any Bracelets but She has on Molded Purple Gloves that have a Keyhole Design on the  Front. 
I like the Gloves but not the Splayed Fingers.
Now that thing on her Head that everyone's been wondering about? it is a Pillbox Hat,the Fuschia and Black sticking out is a Ribbon that's attached to the hat. 

Her Shoes are Silver,with a Buckle on the Front at the bottom,they Have Molded on Chains (Not removable) that go around the shoe's with a Lock on the front. the Chains in the back go down to make the heel. and the Soles of the shoes are Purple,which I thought was a nice added touch.

The Outfit
I think this is my Favorite outfit of her's to date! yes I like it even more than Picture Day's! though I really love PD's pleather Skirt and Tights. anyway....
I really love that it gives off a Modern Gothic Noir Feel. This Spectra just feels more Mature all the way around really.
Her Jacket is made out of a Clear Purple Slick Rubbery Vinyl like Material,it is Sleeveless and has a Popped collar,The Jacket Closes with the Help of a soft polyester Lavender Belt,that Velcro's at the back.
I would so wear this IRL!
opened it gives off a Dramatic Flair 
underneath is a Black Sleeveless Mini Dress with Silver and Fuchsia Chains all over it. 

I really like the Dress,it's Shiny and Sexy. But I feel that it would be nothing without that Jacket,the Jacket pulls it all together.
Don't you agree?

The Makeup
Spectra's Makeup is Just Haunting,no pun intended. :p
it brings that Gothic look full circle.
aside from her Lavender Eyebrows,her look is Very Different than her Previous Incarnations aka Dolls.
it's much Darker. Her Eyeshadow is a Light purple  with a Dark Purple Crease,Her eyes are heavily made up with thick Black Eyeliner which I love and her Lips are a Very Dark Purple. the Eyeliner is the Key here as it gives her Eyes a Hooded,sultry Dark Feel without the add on of real eyelashes.  

Compared to Her Basic and Dot Dead she is worlds apart. 
While Basic Spectra just looks older,GNO looks Mature and DDG Now to me just looks Blitzed out...pretty sure it's her eye color with that light Makeup. 
"You're right I am better" Don't get an even bigger head now Spectra!
onto the Moment I'VE been waiting for,that hair! 
Her hair is Mainly a Deep Plum with Fuschia Streaks and Lavender underneath. it reaches just below her Butt while the Lavender Streaks reach to her knee's. it was Curly but I brushed it out because she had really bad box hair. Her bangs are held tight to her head with a Rubber band at the end. which given from my Past Experience with Sister Clawdeen,I won't be undoing! 
some of her hair is Gathered into a side Top knot. that is nearly invisible with her hat on. 

I love all the Different Colors in her hair,while it's not the Softest,I dare say it's the prettiest!

Reminds me of My Little Pony Colors!
and look at the Difference in Shades!

Well that's all for Spectra,I hoped you like her as much as I do! 

  • Her Hair sorry I'm obsessed it's just Beautiful!
  • Her Dark makeup
  • Her outfit is Awesome,Especially that Jacket!
  • Her whole look is really spot on
  • I don't like that Her Fingers are Splayed and really hard to bend
  • that hat for me could have been a bit bigger as it's hard to make out what it is
  • I wish she would have come with Perfume
  • also her Phone should have came with a Handle attached 
That's really it all in all I love this Doll and Hope they keep up with this level of Qaulity.
Now here's some More Pictures!

PS: if anyone wants me to still do Vampelina just say so in the Comments! :)

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