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Bratzillaz 'Midnight Beach' Yasmina Review

Sorry about the Late review had a Show to do yesterday. But I'm sure all of you are used to it.

I was going to take a pic of her in her Box,since she's my First one (my First Bratzillaz at all actually)  But I forgot here's a Generic one.

I do like the Purple on the Box but it is Hell trying to get her out of it!
After seeing a Picture of Beach Yasmina on Flickr,I wanted her,Found her by Surprise at Wal Mart,Not sure I want the other's but I might get Sashabella just because Sasha's Dolls are the hardest to find here. unlike most everybody else I'm still not Impressed by Meygana (too Harry Potter to me,Not a Fan) though I do like her New Dance doll. (aside from the Green and Blue Color scheme) 
But I'm not here to talk about Her I'm here to talk about Yasmina,so here goes!

as a "Cheaper" Doll,Yasmina's accessories are Limited,Just a Witch Hat,Bracelet (Copy of a Moxie Teens one) and Eye Mask? I Don't get that but it must have something to with the Witch thing. No earrings,but who wears Earrings to the Beach anyway?

I'll start with her Hat first,it reminds me of a Party Hat except it's not made out of Paper (thank god) and is 100 % better than they're Fashion Pack one's. It is Dark Purple,with White stripes making a criss cross Pattern on it. it is made out of Hard plastic and Attached to her head (thankfully!) by a Clear Band.
I like how you can't tell the Clear band is there and I love how it looks,pretty sure it is going to stay their Permanently. 
Her Eye Mask...Masquerade thing,is Purple,Shaped like a Design of some sort with a Yellow outline.

 It's looks pretty good only thing is just like the Monster High Ghouls Rule Masks,she Can't hold it straight to her eye as Shown above. I Managed to Balance it on her,for this Picture.
 That's pretty much it for her Accessories....Now onto her Starting with the part I have the most Issue with...her Body and Skin Tone.

First off I'm pretty sure the Bratzillaz are Taller than the Regular Bratz,as they are just a tad bit Shorter than the Monster High Ghouls. 
Nefera:"I'm still the Tallest!"
Yasmina has Glow in the Dark Skin as do all the Midnight Beach Line,so in light it does look a tad Sickly,but I think the Greenish Tint goes with her Witchy, supernatural Side. The plastic does feel a bit Cheap though. 
It was VERY Difficult to take this with my Camera
She does tend to Glow Even when not in the Dark,because of how Green her Skin is lol
Look how Much of a Difference there is! 
her Nose is also pretty much Non Existent. but since I also Collect Novi Stars I'm used to that.
as far as Articulation goes,I am Glad she has but I don't like how they did,her hands and Arms are fine but I hate how they Made her legs. 

I'm not Bowlegged I am Curtsying!
I've tried to straighten her Legs but they still have a Slight Bend no matter what. 
one thing I do like is that The Bratzillaz have Feet yay! no more Peg legs!
Yasmina has the Same Tattoo as her Wave 1,The Eye of Ra,or Just a Psychic Eye.
Very good Detailing.
Also another Problem I have is her Waist,It would not have bothered me if her waist didn't move,because unless it's Covered, the split looks Ridiculous and makes her really loose and wobbly.
omg! Keep that Covered!

Yasmina's Makeup is Beautiful and I don't even Mind the Teeth! Her lips are a Deep Plum,she has very light Pink Blush and Her eye shadow is Pale Pink,with a Dark Purple Strip in the Middle and Lavender on the top. She has Thick Black Eye liner and Mascara with slight Purple at the sides. It's too bad her Bangs hide most of it.

Her eyes are the best I've seen! (that I own) her pupil is Black with Yellow Irises with a thin line of Purple going around them. they are Glass but alot more Expressive than the Liv dolls! 
Just look at all the Expressions you can give her,at the right angles!
Bright Eyes
I Will eat your Soul.....
Those eyes and that Hair is the whole reason I bought her! speaking of her Hair...

Yasmina's Hair while not the Softest at the Ends,is very Beautiful,it's not very full but what she does have is Gorgeous! like her Wave 1 her hair is a Shiny Lavender,straight with Bangs. it reaches just past her Butt.
Just Me and My hair!
I really love it,I'm glad they didn't cut it because it wouldn't have been as impactful. She would have stayed on the Shelf with Cloetta. But I'm not a Big fan of short hair styles anyway. Her bangs are also Smooth and Soft,easy to rearrange. 

Her outfit Consists of a Two Peice Swimsuit,with a Wrap. First Mistake! MGAE should have given her and all the Beach dolls,a one Piece,Just because of there Waists! 
Her suit is a Rough Materiel in Purple with Darker Purple Sequins all over it,the top Covers Most of her and Ties at the neck. The Bottoms could have been a little bit higher up. 
Her wrap Velcro's at the Waist and is a Sheer purple with a Aztec like Pattern. It is Big because it also Doubles as a Cape! 
Sorry Colors are off!

I prefer it as a Cape
Her Sandals are Yellow Wedges with Purple Beaded Straps.
Simple but it works.
One thing I don't understand is....
Why does she have underwear on under her suit?! who does that? irl you would ruin your underwear if you went in the water with them on. which is why Bathing suit bottoms have cloth inside but whatever....
well hey at least she has underwear on...Yeah Monster High I'm looking at you....

Now that I've gotten all the basics out of the way,lets have some fun and see if she really can fit into Monster High Clothes like Normal Bratz can. 
While Spectra's Dress looks great on her in the Front,it is too Small Sadly. 
That would be a No go
Some Tops and Skirts though fit her just fine,Albeit the skirt is high wasted on her. 
I wouldn't Recommend the Shoes though. 
Bratz Clothes do fit on MH,though a bit loose. I wanted to See with the Bratzillaz being Taller if the Clothes would fit Nefera Better,sure enough this Swimsuit looks Made for her!

Werk it girl!
The Shoes are a bit Small and don't sit flat on the shoe unless you want her Heel Peeping out.
From the Front they Look good

So for now She stays in this Hot suit!
And Thankfully I had Yasmina's Fashion Pack so into Her outfit she goes! along with Spectra's Shoes,which are a Tad Tight and I wouldn't Recommend trying to Cram them in there like I did :/
Yay She's Covered! lol
So that's it for Midnight Beach Yasmina,All in All I'd give her a 8 out of 10 for those Eyes alone! her hair and makeup being a Bonus!
My Next Review will possibly be Scaris Ghoulia or My Scene Nolee!
Until Next time,have a Witchy Good Day!

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  1. This one is quite pretty, and I think she looks the best with the green glow skin.