Friday, February 15, 2013

Ghoulia Deluxe Fashion Pack review

I know it's been Way too long since I've done a Review,But I've been working on creating a Doll Room in my Basement :)
Since it's been So long I've decided I'm going to do two reviews,Starting with Ghoulia's New Fashion Pack which comes with two outfits.
Boots,Headband and Red Glasses not included

These Fashion Packs are very much like the I ♥ Fashion line except they do not come with Dolls. I like to include them in the Scaris Line,even though they're not, Just because they came out during the line and Frankie's FP Dress is Worn in the Scaris Movie.

The first Fashion is Worn by Roller Maze Ghoulia (But of course you can put it on whoever you wish) Not because she's my Favorite but because I had an Extra,plus she's perfect for Geek Chic!

Lets Start off With her Purse,it is Red not Orange,stupid Yellow lights....
It's open a little Bit and has What I gather is a Blood Cell pattern.
Her Top is Black with a School girl Collar trimmed in White and a Tiny Red Bow Tie in with a Brain Design on it. Over the Top is a Short White Vest with a Cherry Design. it is not Connected to the shirt so you can wear it with anything.

Her Jeans,though they don't close very well,are Awesome! They are Red With Black Paint running up them,they stop at The Calf.
While that outfit she could go to School or out and about in,The Second More Complete outfit I could see her Just as easily Haunting the Cobble stone Streets of Scaris in as well as going to the Maul.
My Wave 1 Ghoulia Models this outfit she looks amazing in! Standing in front of the Class of 2013 "Wall" I made.

Though you can Mix and Match any way you want to,I gave her all the Accessories (besides the Purse)
First will Talk about the Glasses and Earrings.
These Glasses are one of My Favorites along with The Fearleading Coffin glasses and the Classroom Protective Goggles. 
They are Black with a More Thicker Frame than her other one's they are Glasses Girls wear today!
Plus they look fantastic with that Brown Makeup! and Red Lips.
The Earrings are Pink Worms! I love them,they are so out there and so Ghoulia!

The Belt is a Bright Blue rough Material,one Piece hangs down and it has a Skullete on the front. 
Her Dress Which is My Favorite of the outfits,is a Black Tank Dress,with a Grey and White Cracked Tombstone Pattern on it with a Red Glittery Pattern to Break it up.

Last but Not Least the shoes!
They are Black with Molded laces and Raised Molded Designs on the top and sides. They are open Toed,The Wedge is Bright blue and has a Thick heel.

Well that's all for The Fashion Pack,I'm going to give it a 9 out of 10 Just because like The Rest they do not come with an Extra Pair of Shoes! these Shoes really would not have fit the other outfit. 
But I do love the Creativeness of these outfits! unlike the Scaris Single outfits,they are not too simple or have recycled Accessories. 

Anyone for A Game of Casketball?

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