Friday, February 15, 2013

Swim Venus Mcflytrap Review

Finally another Venus Doll!
Though I wish they would have given this Line an Actaul Name...They Consist of 3 dolls,Venus,Lala and Lagoona. I might do a Lagoona review when I get her but I can't do a Lala Review as I redid her hair before I took any pictures.
as the other Beach lines have been about 5 Dolls including one Boy,I am hoping they Expand this line,Maybe add an InvisiBilly?
onto the Review.
first I'll start with the Makeup,though really if you have the First Venus you know what it looks like Hot Pink Shadow Hot Pink Lips,their is nothing really Distinguishable between the two Venus's,if it weren't for the softer slightly shorter hair,I would have said it's the Same Venus in a Different outfit.
Though I just heard they will be rereleasing her with Green Eyeshadow and lighter lips.
Now onto the Accesories,First are her Sunglasses they are pretty neat,they are a clear Bright Green Color (this line is Loaded down with Bright,Neon 80's Colors which I love!) with what look like Jagged Teeth on the Top and sides. 

Note that she has no Piercings
She comes with a Beach Towel and Bag.
The Towel is Small,barely big enough for her to sit on,but the Patterns Match her Swimsuit in a Cool way. 
Her Tote is Large and has Room to put the Towel in and other things. It is a Clear Hot Pink,the Front has the same Jagged Teeth Pattern on the Top and Bottom on either side. The Handles are made to look like thorns.

Next is her Swimsuit,it is a White One piece with Large Black,Lime Green and Pink Jagged Print all over,the Print gets Smaller towards the Back. kind of a Jungle look.
it has a Large Lime Green Clear Collar Attached,with White Jagged Print around it. the Collar is made out of a Thick plastic Material. 

Another Notable Difference is that the Vines around her Wrists and Ankles are a Clear plastic and lighter Green than the Basic Venus.
now her Shoes
They are Hot Pink Wedge Sandals,the Straps are clear and made to look like Vines.
I saved the best for last,Her hair!
it is Still the Same Green and Pink,shaved on one side. 
but it is Layered better and is super soft and Silky,I took the low side Ponytail out as I didn't think it was particularly impressive and left it down with the other parted style still there. 
It is so Gorgeous and Thick but not Overwhelming! Her hair is the best thing about this Doll to me! though I do love the Purse. 

 So I would give Venus a 9 out of 10,I wish her Makeup was Different and that the Towel was bigger. But other than that I do recommend her,this is a Cheap line but the Quality is anything but! 
Who you calling cheap?

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