Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Catrine De Mew Review

So I promised a Review of Catrine and here it is! I am so Excited! She is one of my Favorite From the Scaris Line after Skelita,my Favorite of the Main Ghouls would be Clawdeen in this line.
Now onto the Review!
Who is it...

Catrine is the Last one of the Scaris line that I own,until The Lagoona and Cleo 2 pack come out,which makes 12 in all,the longest Line they've had I think!
Catrine is a Werecat From Paris and Will be in the Upcoming Movie Scaris: City of Frights
Catrine is a Painter, the Journal she comes with is not a Diary but More of an Artbook.

Painting Rochelle and the Eiffel Terror
She also Comes holding a Cardboard Cutout of other Paintings she's done like of Frankie and Clawdeen.

so lets get right into it with the Accessories.
Starting with Her glasses,Her Shades are Black and Very Jackie Kennedy Esque with the Large Round Lenses. 
The Sides Make a Curlicue Pattern.
Cutie Kitty

She Carries with her a Black Art Case,it has the Scaris Skyline in Lavender on the Front and the Handle is a Fleur Da Le Pattern,it opens on a Hinge and the inside is Very Flat and not much room Except for maybe a Painting or two.

it can also stand on it's own
Catrine also has a Pale Pink Belt or two Belts Criss Crossing each other.  
It has a Web Design,With a Skullete on the front  and Two "Pouches" on either side,one Pouch holds her Chalk or Oil Pastels are Colored in Pink,Purple and Bright Blue. The Pouch is Pink like her Belt with a Lavender Fleur Da Le Trim.
Her other Pouch is the same design and Colors Except it holds all Her Different Paint Brushes in Variety and Sizes, unfortunately her Brushes are all one color.
Finally onto her Shoes they are Lavender with Pink on the Bottom and Heels.
The Straps Go around her Ankle and Across her Foot,the Ankle Strap has a Curl and a Matching Rose on the Side,their are also Lavender Bows on the back. They are Closed toed and Made to look Scrunched,the Bottom reminds me of a Cupcake and the Heels are Actually two Paint brushes intertwining! 
How Cute are these?!

The Outfit
Starting with the Top and Scarf. Every French Ghoul needs a Scarf and her's is Beautiful,it is Dark Purple with a Fleur Da Les Pattern on it,the Front Part is Longer than the Back. 
Her Top is a Simple T shirt in a Striped Pattern of White,Lavender,Pink,and Black.

Her Skirt is really Cute,it is a Layered Frilly Mini skirt,and I do mean Mini! the Bottom Layer is in the Same Pattern as her Shirt, while the Top Layer is Black with Blue,White and Pink,what look like either Buttons or Smiley Faces.
I'm going to go with Buttons,it makes more sense

The Look
Catrine is an All White Cat,Her Tail is Not Bendable but it can Move with out falling out.
She has Lavender Eyebrows and Light Pink Eyeshadow that make a Racoon shape around her eyes,along with a Thin Layer of Purple Eyeliner on the top Lid and Black below.
Her eyes are Wide and a Light Blue Color. She has very Pretty shiny Lavender Lipstick with a hint of Dark Purple shading it.
She also has a Mole under her Right eye,which makes her look more Mature than 17,to me.
also Her Nose is painted Lavender at the bottom.

also Interesting to Note She has No Ear Piercings unlike the rest of the Ghouls. I think she's the only one without Earrings.
also her Hands do have Painted on Black Fingerless Gloves,like Torelai's but a Different Color. 
The Hair
Catrine Has Shoulder Length thick Lavender hair with Fushia Streaks,More in the Back than the Front.
Her hair is Very Gelled with Curls and also a thread holding her Bangs back. I just Brushed it Lightly with a Comb and it came out the way it's Supposed to look,the side is more Curled than the back but the Back Curls in More. 
I love the Fat Curls,it's something New we haven't seen before and along with her Shades and the Beauty Mark gives her a Retro old Hollywood Glamour look.

And that's all on Miss Demew,I give her a 10 out of 10! I do wish she had Piercings and that the Brushes where also painted. but those are just Small things,she is a Beautiful Doll and I haven't gotten Tired of the Cat Girls yet!
also Yes she does come with a Stand. Now onto Photo Spam!!
The Kitty's are here!

You Love me,no? Yes!

Catrine thinks that Vespa looks very Intriguing...

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