Monday, September 7, 2015

Project Mc2 Bryden Bandweth Review

 Finally after so many months,I'm actually getting around to doing another Doll Review! I haven't been that motivated as of late. As soon as I saw these new Line of Dolls though I knew I had to do a Review!
Project Mc2 is a Doll Line by MGAE (Same one's who make Bratz and Made Liv,Cutie Pops and La Dee Da) It Comprises of 4 Super Smart High School BFF's Camryn (The Sporty,Sassy DIYer of the Group who I'm pretty Sure is Black Asian),Adrianne (The Quirky,Girly one who loves doing Science Food Experiments and has an Australian Accent) and Mckayla (The more Serious one who also works for a Spy Agency!)
The thing I love most about the Dolls and it's Show on Netflix,is that it's all about Science,Technology,Art and Math (STEAM) While still being relatable and fun!
Plus the Diversity and Style Choices are great!
I would say Bryden is the most Tech Savvy and a Gamer if The Nintendo Belt on her Deluxe doll is anything to go by!
I Found all them at Wal Mart but was only allowed to get one of the Cheaper one's so I picked Bryden Bandweth!

I will Start off with her Box it is a Slim Box and does not come with a Stand,a Comb is her only accessory.

I like how the plastic juts out around the front of the box. 

The Words around the side are great!

 I don't like Camping either Bry!
Now onto the Doll.
Here is The Comb she comes with it is Lime Green and Shaped like a Beaker.
I did not take any Pictures of Her Nude as I'm saving the Body Type Review for when I get her Deluxe doll as that is articulated,this one is not. you Can clearly See Bryden is African American though. 
                                              She Can also do a mean split!

Bry has Creamy Pink Eyeshadow With actual Eyelashes! outlining Beautiful Glass Green eyes,Her lips are a glossy Nude or Peach color. 
Bry has Long Dark Brown Hair though it's not as Poofy as The Actress who plays her is,it's still Great, they took the time to Crimp it all over and I missed that in My Dolls! 
They did put Gel in it that got on the dolls Face a bit which sucks but I'm not complaining too much.
That would be the extra shiny spots on her Forehead and eyelid. 
Her hair was a bit Flat from the box but still really soft,I did end up brushing it a bit and put two Braids in for fun!
The Outfit
The Outfit Consists of a Sweater,Shorts,Leggings and Sneakers. No Jewelry.
The Sweater is very soft and is done is Block Colors. Yellow and Pink with Black Stripes for the Sleeves and White for the front along with Black Trim. 
The Front Says 'I am The Sharpest pencil in the box' in big thin lettering. 
The Sweater is My Favorite of what she has on,I would wear it!
Her Shorts are a soft Material as well, Black With Sequins all over. I don't care for them too much I would have preferred Jean shorts but that's just my style. 
Her Leggings are Grey and made to look like Lined paper with bold black numbers and letters on them. 
Her sneakers or High tops are also cool,They are Two Toned Grey on top with Teal laces and one bottom half is yellow while the other is Fuschia. Pretty neat!

That is all for Bryden Bandweth! Hope you liked it I will Hopefully be getting the rest soon! I will try to write more Reviews more often as still have Monster High,Ever After High and Bratz to do!
Stay tuned every Monday or The Weekend,I will try to get one up Every Monday at least!!
Now for some Awesome Pics of Bryden!


  1. I love this dolls and I'm dying to get my hands on them, unfortunately, they're not avaliable in my country yet.

    Nice review, by the way!

  2. Hello from Spain: fabulous doll. Great job. Keep in touch

  3. Won't be able to do a review this week due to my son's first birthday, I will try to get one in this weekend :)

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