Monday, August 25, 2014

Freaky Fusion Dracubecca Review

Found Dracubecca at Justice along With Neigthan Rot (who I have no intention of Buying) and The New Swim Class of Clawdeen,Spectra and Jinafire (who I will get soon)
For Now here is My Review on Dracubecca!
The Fusion of Draculaura and Robecca Steam.

Dracubecca Comes in the New Stylized FF Boxes.

Now onto the Doll!
She Comes With a Yellow Stand,But Mine's Not Very good.
The Accessories 
DracuBecca Comes With an Umbrella and Wearing Goggles,Earrings,a Cage overskirt and Wings!
I love all her Accessories But her Umbrella is one of My Faves (along With her Wings,when they want to stay on) 
All of Her Accessories are Meant to look like Iron or Brass Metal Work. 
Her Umbrella (or Parasol really, as it has Cut Outs on Top Not Conducive to Rain) is no exception.
The Cut out's are Curled Hearts With a Grommet Pattern Down the Sides and the Edging is made to look Frilly. The Very Top has a Heart Sticking up. 
The Handle is black and Made to look like Rope,it has two Handholds,the Middle Which also has Bat Wings and at the Bottom Which is the Rope Looped. 

Because her Hands are So Soft and Spread out,it's hard For her to Hold The Parasol.
Next Her Earrings,They are Similar to Wave 1 Robecca's Earrings except Except the First Cog is a Heart and the Second is a Heart With a Clock face and Wings. 
Her Goggles Stay the Same Except the Eye parts are Hearts. 
DB's Cage Skirt is a Nod to Robecca's Blue one but Not Much is Similar,it's Shorter for one.
It also Goes out at the sides like a Petticoat,it has Studs at the Waist and a Heart in the Middle With a Bat Wing Cut out Design. 
The Back has Three Hearts Going Down that Make up the Clasps. 
The Sides also have one Heart Each and Iron Welding Going down From The Heart. 

It's really Cool looking!
Last But Not Least those Wings!
They Are Made to look like Welded Bat Wings With Curlicue Cut outs and a Heart on each one. 
The Hair
DB's Hair is Predominantly Black and Long With a Few Curls (Mainly in the Front) and Some Chunky Hot Pink and Bright Blue Streaks. 
It is Super Shiny and Soft and the Swept Back Curl Stays Very Well! So Far of the FF I have, Her and Bonita's Hair are The Best! 

The Makeup/Skin
Dracubecca is Very Pink Compared to Draculaura who is More of a Dusty Pink/Nude. 
She is also Shiny Given that she is Supposed to be a Robot,she has the Studs and Grommets all over like Robecca Does,but that's really where the Similarities end. (besides Her eyes)
DB has Light Brown EyeBrows and Cog Wheels For Eyes in a Lavender Pink Color. Which is Similar to Lala's Pale Pink Eyes But are Much Darker. 
Her Make up Consists of Silver Shadow on Top and Lavender Eyeshadow on the Lid,to match her eyes.  Her Lips are a Dark Red and Her Heart BirthMark is Bronze. 
The Outfit
DB Wears a SteamPunk Dress in Pink and Blue. 
The Bodice is Hot Pink With Black Lace Trim and Black Lace Sleeves.
The Rest is Pink and Blue Striped and the Skirt Part is Bright Blue With A Bronze SteamPunk Heart Pattern With Pink inside and Pink Curlicues. The Trim is Pink Frills With Black Mesh underneath. 
Now onto My Favorite thing about her Outfit,Her Steamboots!
They are Predominantly Black,The Front has Molded Laces going up. and Studded Feet. The Very Top is made to look Jagged. 
Each side has a 3 Dimensional Heart and a Small Bat Wing that Protrude outward. 
at the Ankle is a strap With a Pink Heart Cog/Buckle and the Bottoms (where the Steam comes out) is Pink With Heels that Resemble Realistic Hearts? Not sure. 

And that's it for Dracubecca,Hope you liked it!
My Only Problem With her is Her Hand Mold,Everything Else is Perfect!
More Reviews To come,Stay Tuned!


  1. Your review was very descriptive,detailed & very helpful! Well done.How did you attach Dracubecca's umbrella to her hands in the photos? Glue,tape or small rubber bands? Thank you!


  2. Your review was very descriptive & helpful!

    How did you get Dracubecca's umbrella to stick to her hands?

    Thank you.