Thursday, August 28, 2014

Draculocker Review

Bought The Draculocker From K-Mart! also Spotted it at TRU.
Was Going to Get Poppy and Holly O'Hair but they were the SAME Price as the Locker,which I thought the Price was More Fair For the Locker given all the Stuff + Doll it Comes with!
Now onto the Review!

I didn't Get a Picture of the Front of The Locker by it's Self. but here's one I found.
As you Can See the Front is Black and Made to Look like a Locker With a Bow Handle,it's Pretty Sturdy and Heavy.
The Back is Just Plain When you take the Cardboard Backing Off.
The Side Opens With a Giant Skullette Lock
Inside Everything is Neatly Packaged and Lala Hangs Upside Down along with her Bat.
I really liked the Plastic Front but it had to come off...
and here is Lala With Everything.
I Will First Go into the Locker (which looks More like a Closet) to show Off the Backing Designs and Drawers.
The Drawers Are Black and Stick out aways,they have Curlicues on the Front With Pink Skullette Knobs. They Do Open a bit.

Here's Some of the Backing,the rest you Can see when I talk about the Accessories. 
It has Notebooks,Boxes,Fearleading Stuff and School Supplies on one side With Shelves. 
The Other Side has a Jar Filled With Eyeballs and a Globe thing,also Trophies and a Little Clock With Knickknacks,along with Shelves. In the Middle is a Heart,Eyeball and Bat on a "Shelf" along With a Board that has Pictures and Post it's tacked to it. 
The Bottom Shelves have Pictures of More boxes and Perfume. 

 Going to Show Count Fabulous Real Quick also.
He looks like Wave 1 Count.
Now onto The Accessories.

The Accessories
Draculaura Comes With 9 Accessories Plus 10 Hangers!
The First one's are Her Second Pair of Earrings,They Are Black Bows,So Cute!

Next Are Her Sunglasses They are Black Recasts of her Swim Class Versions.
I love them in this Color!

Next are Her Shoes,She Comes With Two Pair A White Pair that Are Recasts of Her Pink and Silver Day At The Maul Shoes and Black I Love Shoes,I love Both Pairs! And Her Pink Heeled Tennies are Recasts of Her Diener Shoes. My Fave Pair!
Here's The Original From the First Pair.
And The New One's!
Her Purses Are also Recasts,The Black Webbed Bow is a Recast of Her Pink Swim Class Bag.

Her Black Heart Shaped Purse is a Recast of Her Pink Day At The Maul Purse. (I prefer Black!)

Her Pink Coffin Shaped Purse is a Recast of Her Black Wave 2 Purse.
Her Pink Umbrella is a Recast of Her Wave 1 Umbrella,Which Is Great since I don't have her!
She also Comes With 10 Silver Hangers that are Shaped Like Bat Wings,this is a Long time Coming!
Her Extra Dress Fits Perfectly! 
Last But Not Least Is Her Blue Chair.
It is Made to Look Plush or Quilted With Little Skulletes Where the Buttons Would Be,The Back has a Web Design as does the Bottom Stool Part. it does Move.

Now onto the Doll Herself!

Lala's Makeup is Very Goth (as is her Hair),While Her Outfit is More BubbleGum Goth,I love it!
She Has Grey Black Eyeshadow With Dark Pink Sparkles and Black Lips! Very Much like Her Dawn Of The Dance Doll.
Lala's Hair is Mostly Black With One Thick Streak of Hot Pink on one side. It's about Time! Her Hair is in a Ponytail With a Slight Bump.

The Outfit/Accessories
Her Accessories include Pink Zipper Earrings (Like Ghoulia's) and a Black Flower or Crystal Necklace.

Her Minidress is Bubblegum Pink With Dark Pink Polkadots and Giant Stylized Hearts With Bat Wings all Over! it is Completed With a Dark Pink Fabric BElt With a Bow on it.
Underneath She Has Shiny Black Leggings!
Her Shoes Are Pink Recasts of Her Gloom Beach One's.
Her extra Outfit is a Hot Pink Zebra Striped MiniDress. 
It's Pretty Cute on Wave 2 Lala!
That's All For the Draculocker Hope You Liked! I really Do Like this Set and Kinda Hope they Do More!
Now Here's Some Pics of It all Filled Up as Well as Shots of Both Lala's!

 The Clothes are Day At The Maul Pantyhose,Gloom Beach Cover Up,Bratzillaz Dress,Custom Made Jacket,1600 Skirt,Custom Made Dress and Bratzillaz Cape. Also Shown Her Gloom Beach,1600 and Wave 2 Heels. As Well as a Bratz Bag.
I have More But they're already being Worn or in Her Coffin Bed.

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  1. Do you still have this and would you be interested in selling it?