Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Manster 2 Pack Gil and Deuce Review

Surprise Review!
After Searching All over for ANY MH or EAH Male Dolls,I finally Called TRU and they had Deuce and Gil in!! what a Shock since Spokane rarely gets New Dolls early,I was expecting them to Have Dexter Charming,But I'll get him eventually.

Anyway onto the Review!

First The Box
It has Blue and White Dice all over and Says Ghouls Not Included!
The Backdrop is Meant to look like a Basement which is pretty Cool!
The Back has Artwork of Deuce Scowling and Gil trying to do a Tough guy Pose but not pulling it off.
They Do Come with Stands and Journals!

I will Be doing them Together instead of Separate so The Post won't be as long.
They Both Look Like they Normally Do,With Deuce having his Snake Hawk Up instead of Down.

Gil Doesn't Come with an Accessory unless you count his Breathing apparatus.
Deuce Comes With Black Sunglasses and a Cartilage Piercing in one ear.
As I haven't Reviewed Him on here,I will also Note that Deuce has Green Snake Eyes,Brown thick Eyebrows and a Diamond Snake Pattern on one arm.
The Outfit's
Gil's outfit is Pretty Normal,Normal Black Boarding Shorts,Normal Purple Flip Flops,I really like his Quarter Sleeve Shirt though. it is a Light Grey With Light Teal Sleeves and a Graphic of a Wave With a Shark's Fin coming out of the Rolling Water. 
Much Better than his Dance Class Top!

As I only have Dawn of The Dance Deuce,I do like his More Casual Outfit Here (Though DOTD is Still My Fave!) 
His Tank Top is Black With Grey Sleeves and a Shiny Graphic of a Skinless Viper Snake! How Cool is that!
His Pants are Green Plaid With Green Snake skin Wrapped around his legs. 
I like the Graphic But I wish they were Jean as they Resemble Pajama Pants like this.
He has Plain White Sneakers With Black Laces.

The Game
The Gaming Pieces are Awesome,Very D&D!
They Come Holding Either Candy or A Game Piece,Not sure which.
 The Board's themselves are Really Cool it has a Small one on Top That Resembles a Map With Gil,Deuce and Clawd's Faces on it.
The Bigger Board is Dark Green With a Trail and Multi Colored Squares all over as well as Arrows and is Made to look Worn.
It Comes With a Tiny Red Dice,Two Game Pieces in Lime Green and Light Blue and 2 Soda's!
I am Keeping the Plastic over it so I don't lose all the Tiny Pieces!
I love that they put the Two Most sought after Boys in a 2 pack together! I also love that They come With Amazing Detailed Game Pieces! 
And that's it For My Review,I  hope you liked it!
I Will Be Doing Zombie Shake and Freaky Fusion Soon!

Now For Some More Pics!

Gaming At The Diener While Lala and Opry,who Should Be Working!,Look on.


  1. Thanks for the review! <3
    You actually made me want to buy this pack too, I originally wasn't so sure if I would get it or not! x''D
    I love the game basement setting and the fact that we get to see the guys hanging out together too!