Friday, August 29, 2014

Freaky Fusion Bonita Femur Review

Found Bonita at TRU along With Sirena and Avea.
Just Need Sirena To Complete them!
Now onto the Review of My Fave New Ghoul!

Bonita Femur is a Cross Between A Moth and A Skeleton.
I'm Pretty Sure Bonita is part Elephant Hawk Moth as Her Colors are Very Similar!

Her Box is The Same as the other FF Dolls.
Next Two Photo's are Not Mine,I forgot to Take In Box Pictures.

Bonita Does Come with a Diary.
I love that When she gets Nervous She Chews on her Clothes,resulting in Moth like Holes. It reminds of When Teen's get Nervous or Embarrassed they hide their Face behind their Sleeves or Chew on their Sleeves or Hoodie Ties.
Also All the FF Line Comes With Yellow Stands and Brushes.
Now onto the Doll!
Makeup and Skin
Not Doing an Accessories Post since she doesn't come With Very Much.
Bonita has Pink Skin and Lavender Eyebrows. She Has Pale Yellow Eyeshadow and Light Glitter that Accents Her Bulbous Purple Eyes,Which also have Spots of Blue and White in them.
Her Lips are A Darker Pink than her Skin With Lines on them and a Black Outline. (pretty sure it's supposed to be Natural)
Along With that and Her Amazing Cheekbone Structure!
Bonita Has An Amazing Body Mold,Her Hands are Skeletal as are Her Arms.
Going Up to her Neck where you can See Tendons,Her Skeletal Chest ends at Her "Furry" Moth Like Stomach and Legs.

The Back Has a Very Prominent Spine,also the Hole For Her Wings.
Her Wings are Amazing Not only do they allow her To stand on her own,but they are Simply Gorgeous!
They are Huge and a Hard Plastic,They are Pink With Yellow Clear Plastic in the Centers and Fade into Black. The Wings Even have a Spine!

 The Middle Resembles a Face. 
Honestly I could Just leave her Naked! But If I did That then I would For Honey,Jinafire and Gigi Too and that Would Just Be weird and Random to have a Bunch of Naked Dolls around With My Clothed one's. 

The Hair
Bonita's Hair is,along With her Body,My Favorite thing about her. 
As You Can see in the above Pics it is Super Long and if her Hair was Down it would be Past her Feet!
It is Predominantly White With Streaks of Pink and Black That Are Thicker on Top. 
She also has a Orange and Red Ponytail Holder that Look like Moths. 
You Can also See Her Antenna's or Ears.

The Outfit
Bonita's Dress Resembles a Skater's Dress To Me.
It is Mainly Black With a Pink Lace Neckline and Colorful Moth Pattern on the Front,Her Sleeves are Made to look like She Chewed Holes in them and the Pink is meant to look like her skin but it's all one Fabric,she has Hot Pink Lace at the Wrists.
The Skirt Part is the Same Pattern as her Top With Hot Pink Lace over it,it is Jagged also Meaning to look like she Chewed into that one as well.
Also She Comes Wearing a Neon Yellow Belt that looks like a Spine With a Giant Moth Molded on front.

Her Shoes are Neon Yellow With Various Cutouts and a Very Flat Bottom,which makes it easier For her to Stand.
Still Not sure what they're Supposed to look like.
That's all on Bonita! Stay Tuned For More! I might do Avea Next.


  1. This review was simply wonderful! Thank you for sharing Bonita with the readers, I loved her detailed body and her hair looks gorgeous!! <3

    1. Ty I love comments like these! I just got the fearfully feisty inner monster as well so stay tuned for her!