Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Viperine Gorgon Review

I didn't think I'd find her so soon,but I went to Toys R Us and There she was along With a Ton of Other New MH! (Scaremester,Secret Creepers play set) so I picked up Her,Honey and The FCA Premier Party play set!

Now Here is Viperine, Daughter of Stheno,Who is Medusa's older sister. I actually had to look her up as I had no idea Medusa had sister's. I like That Mattel is giving us unconventional Dolls now and Not the Normal Monsters We all know like Dracula and Frankenstein. Just Means that Kids-and Adults- will hopefully look up the one's they don't know and learn something New!
Here is a Fan art of Stheno
Anyway onto Viperine,Here she is in box.
Her box Art is Cute but I prefer the Doll.

Viperine Does Come With a Stand and Diary.
Now onto the Doll.

As A Makeup Artist (Elissabat's to be Exact) Viperine Comes With A Makeup Pallet,Brush and Makeup Box.  She also wears a Headband,Necklace and Sunglasses. (unlike Deuce she wears them for Fashion)
Her Pallet is Black and has the Colors Light Green,Hot Pink,Brown,Red,Bright Blue,Yellow and Pale Pink,on it.
Her Brush is Light Pink and looks Vaguely like a Horn.
Her Make up Box is pretty Big,It's a Powder Blue,The Handle is Two Snakes-I'm assuming-Kissing (though they look like Seahorses) on a raised Dias.
The Front Looks like a Snakes Mouth With Fangs,The Snake Nose and Fu Mon Shu Mustache though it could just be a Design. 

The Entire Box is made to look like Snake Skin.
It opens to reveal a Sticker on Top, of a fancy Mirror and Lights.

Like Her headband and Necklace,Viperine's Sunglasses are Light Pink and pretty Big.
The Top of the Frames Look like Wavy Snakes and the Bottom is Studded,The Snakes continue to the Temples.
Her Necklace is Beaded With a Swath of Writhing Snakes going down the Front.
only problem is without Cutting it,there is no way to take off the Necklace.
Her Hippie Headband is another Matter entirely,while it looks Cool-a Giant Snake wrapping around her Head and going in a Knot to extend down the left side of her face-taking it out is a problem as the knot part is actually a plug that goes into the HOLE in her head! which is a first. Swim Lagoona does Not have that,as I have straightened her hair and there is no hole.
Some have said it's not a huge problem,that you can just cover it up,But as My Viperine does not have alot of hair on Top,I can't do that.
She'll forever have that headband,or either side of her curls Will have to be pulled back. (which don't look good with her face mold.)

Makeup and Skin
Viperine has Pretty Standard Makeup a Line of Brown Shadow,Thick Lashes and Pink Lipstick,With Fangs of course!
But Her Face mold is Incredible! Her Skin is a Yellowish-Gold She has Light Brown Eyebrows and Her Eyes are large and curved,Her Pupils Pink and her Irises are Slit like a Snakes.
She has Small Pink Diamond Shaped Designs Clustered in the Middle of her eyebrows and Up.
She has Sharp Features and the Cutest little Nose!
Viperine's Body is Covered in Scales Much like Jinafire,Her Torso and Chest has Large Snakes Scales extending to her neck. She also has smaller one's on the inside of Her Arms. 
So Neat!

The Hair
Her Hair is White With Pastel Pink Streaks in Front,that reach to her Butt.
underneath that are Plastic Dark Pink Snakes,you can't take them out but you might be able to Soften them up with Hot Water to Mold them.
While the Big Curls are Nice (though I wish they were Gelled so they would stay Nice)
The rest of Her hair isn't that Great,it's pretty Frizzy and Gets Tangled up in the Snakes.
Also like I said Before,they're are large Gaps where Hair should be. The Same Problem I had With 13 Wishes Lagoona.

As you can See the Ends of the Curls are Getting Frizzy and Messed up because of getting Caught in the Snakes. 
The Outfit
Her Outfit is Pretty Boho Chic (which makes sense being her Style),The headband and Glasses Just add to it!
For the First Time,I had to take off The outfit so you could see it as I can't take off the Necklace :/
Her Dress is Pastel Blue,the Top has a Paisley Print of Pink and Black. 
The Bottom is Black With Large Prints of Pastel Pink and Blue Flowers and other Designs as Well as Gorgon Heads! (Her Mom's?) 
The Very Bottom is Blue Pleats With Pink Satin Trim. 

that's so Cool!
 Her Knee high Boots are Probably My Favorite thing! They are Pastel Pink (I have a Feeling Pastel Kawaii Girls would love her) Lace up in Front,with the Top making a V,There are Coil's of Snakes going down the sides and the Bottom in Front has Fangs! as well has that same Swoosh Design as her Make up box. The Wedge has a Waffle Design.

That's it For Viperine,I would love to give her a High Rating and Maybe I'll return her For a Better Version. but as of Right Now. I'll have to give her an 8 on her Hair alone. They're just too many Problems With it. The Frizziness,the Balding,Getting Caught and Messed up by the Snakes,love the Look but those Snakes are Bothersome,plus the Unnecessary Hole in her head! 
Not to Mention that Necklace,Mistake on their part to make it all one piece....
Don't Get me Wrong though,there are Elements to her I love,Her Face For one! Her Cool Skin Mold,her unique Style and all that Pastel! 

Stay Tuned For Honey!

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