Friday, January 17, 2014

FCA Premiere Party Play set

Yay Finally another Play set to review! as you can tell they are my Favorites to Review as there's so much stuff! I haven't done one since getting Lagoona's Shower Set in October.

First The Box,it is of course Big With a large Window Showing the Play Set with a Cardboard Cut out of Cleo.
On the Back are The Viperine and Cleo FCA Dolls.

I'll start With the Small Items First.
It comes With 4 Drinks,2 Treats,a Badge,Microphone and Camera.
Here are 3 of the Drinks (the other's I will show later) The phone does not come with. The Purple Drink Is the Same one that Comes With Cleo's Oasis and Spectra's Party Set.
The Other Two Pink one's are New,They Look like split Rib cages With Ooze and entrails spilling out With a Straw on top!
Pretty gross Sounding,but Pretty Cool looking!
It Comes With a Black VIP Badge,like The Music Fest one's and a Black Microphone,With a Large MH Logo on it.
The Camera is an Old Fashioned Reporters Camera and is all Black While the Flash bulb is Red With a Spider web on it. it has a Closed Lens,With the MH Logo on the side and a Handle. 
The Back has a Large Screen and Buttons.

The only Thing you have to put together in this Set is the Bottom Half of the other side of the Shelves.
The Other Side is a raised platform With a 2 Different Backgrounds to pose in front of!
The one I picked Was the Silver one that looks like Lights,the other side is Black and has the Coffin Bean on it as well as Cute Drawings of Elisabat's Face.
It also has Stylized old Hollywood Design above outlined in Black With What I think it Elisabat's Skullette,on each side in Red are Similar Designs. The Arch is Black and has Webbing at the Top and Cut out Designs along the Sides,looking like Wrought Iron Gates,on either side at the Bottom are Cutout Webs.
The other side has Red Shelves,With Web Designs and the Same Archway as on the back,hanging From the Arch are Various Mint Colored Beads. Sitting on the Top Shelf (which is not Connected to the other's) are a Scary Pink Cupcake (like one that comes With The Coffin Bean),A Blue Smoothie Drink and a Pink dripping Sundae that looks like it has hands coming out of it and a Cherry on top.
Also Coming With the play set is a Rope Railing or Divider. it has 3 Stands and 2 Ropes. That you hook onto the stands,also you can add More if you happen to get another one!
The Stands are Silver With a Large Black Skullete on top,and what looks like Hearts on either end,the Base is a Spiderweb With Studs around it.
The Ropes are really cool as they look like Either a long Red Snake With Spines going across or an Alligator.

 Second to Last is the Table,that you do not need to put together,The Top is Oval With a Giant Black cut out Spiderweb and Studs going around.
The Stem of the Table has Pearls or beads going around it and the Legs are large and Wavy on top With Grommets all over and Cut out is all a Mint Green.

The Chair is My Second Favorite (after the Ropes and Microphone)
It is pretty Big and Sits Two Dolls.
It's More like a Love seat.
The "Cushion" Part is Red and has a Wavy Design With Webbing. The Rest of the Chair is Black. The High Back is Small (only meant for one) With a Jagged Stylized Cutout,With a Skullette at the Bottom Center,they are also webbing at the bottom on either side making a Fan Shape.
The Legs are neat and VERY Detailed. The Trim is Studded and the Legs are Large Stylized Design's With Gems in the Center and Skulls making up the Feet. 

The back of the chair has the Back extending Down To More Webbing and Designs With a Skull Foot and Cut out Webs also make a Curtain below. 

I almost Forgot the Ticket Booth! it is a Mint Color With that Same Wrought Iron Design all over it and Hanging Beads,In the Center is a Giant Red Piece that has the Same Design and Skullette as the Shelves. attached to the Sides are Little Skulls and More beads. The Top is Slightly Raised and has Giant MH letters on it,either side are Cut out webs.
And that's it on the play set,I hope you liked it! I know I sure do!
it goes Great With My Home made Theater!
Well that's it on The FCA Line (until I get the Dressing Room),Stay Tuned For Ever After High!

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