Thursday, January 16, 2014

Honey Swamp review

My review Of the Southern Belle,Honey Swamp

I love that Honey's From The Bayou and that she seems Pretty Confidant and unlike Howleen she loves her Curly Locks.

Here's In box Pics.

So from What I've Read Honey's From New Goreleans,Viperine is From Barcegroena,Clawdia Lives in Londoom and Elissabat lives in Hauntlywood. So Diverse!

Now onto Honey,who does come with a Diary and Stand.
I didn't take a pic with all her stuff. so onto The Accessories.

Honey Comes With a Clap board and Camcorder,She wears Earrings,a Hat,Belt and Bracelet.
Honey is The Director and Cinematographer In FCA.
Her Clap Board is Black With Various White-Proubably Chalk-Scribbles,Goop going down it and it says Monster High on it as well as outlines of Tombstones Going across. The Clap Part is Shaped like Gator Teeth.
It does open and Close.
 Take 3!
Her Camcorder is Grey and Looks Old Fashioned. it has Spider Webs and Swirly Designs on both sides,as well as on the Lens cover,the Top has 2 large Reels of Film. It fits to her Eye Perfectly! 

Her round Hat is Pink and Tiny,It's attached to a Black Headband and has a matching Flower Molded on. 
Her Earrings are Pearl Studs and Her Bracelet is pearls also,Much Like Lagoona's. 
I will Be doing her Belt along with Her outfit.

Makeup and Skin
Honey has Salmon Pink Eye shadow With Teal outlining her Green Reptilian Eyes. 
She has Lavender Lips With lots of Teeth,Much like Venus. 
She also has Purple Eyebrows and Her skin is a Mint Green,abit like Frankie's.

What's Different about her Skin though,is all the Detail. the Most Detailed Monster High Ghoul yet!
She has Tendrils of Vines going up Either side of her Stomach,along Her neck,on one thigh and Down to wrap around the other side of her knee and Slightly Lower. on her Other Leg she has Vines Going From Her Ankle to her Calf,Vines also go up her Arms and Even Extend to her Back!
She also has Molded Underwear Which is also a first!
Her hands are webbed. 

My Favorite Thing though is the Rows of Spikes going down her Back to make a V.

Yeah Her Mold is Simply Amazing!

My other Favorite thing about her is Her hair!
The First MH With an Afro (Howleen had a Frohawk but it didn't last long)
Her hair is Teal With Lighter Strands in front,pulled back from her Face,to accommodate The Hat.
It is Not Gelled whatsoever and is in Very tight Curls,it is Spongy and Rough abit like an actaul Black Person's hair. No that was NOT a Racist comment as I have had black friends and that's what there hair feels like.  
It was little Flat out of the box but I just messed with it a bit with my Fingers and it poofed out more. 

lol looks like Broccoli
I really like it and unlike some I won't be Straightening it.

The Outfit
Her one piece Dress is actually not a Mini dress this Time!
it's more like an old fashioned Party dress. 
It has a lace Collar and the Short sleeved Top is Lavender and a stretchy Materiel,it has a Black Strip going down the middle with Fake buttons.
At her Waist is a Pink Belt Made out of I'm guessing Swamp Moss or Jagged Rocks, With the Same Flower as on her Hat-In the Center.
   The Skirt Part is Shiny Polyester in Mint Green With a Black Waistband and has 
Black Thorns,Black Hanging Moss and Large Vintage Coral and Purple Flowers all over it. The Bottom is Jagged and hangs down in Strips giving it a Tattered look. underneath is a Black shiny under skirt With Black Fur Extending down. While I like the Design and Bottom. I'm not a big Fan of the way the Skirt makes her look Pregnant. Much like DOTD Ghoulia's Dress did. 

Her Shoes are the Same Pink as her Accessories.
The Ankle Strap is Molded to look like Mossy Rock The Whole shoe is Scaly,like an Alligator,for the Front is an Alligator's Mouth With Rows of Teeth a little Snout and the Grooved edges of rough skin. The Heel has Spikes or Scales going down it and ends at a Curl,to make the Alligators Tail. 
They're pretty Neat,I'm definitely going to be painting the Details in. 
That's all For Honey,Hope you liked!
I give her a 10 out of 10 Despite the Poofy Dress,she's Perfect. I love her whole Design and Love how Mattel isn't afraid to take Chances With their Monster High and Ever after high Lines!

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