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EAH CA Cupid Review

Don't really have the Motivation to write this but I do need to get it done.

CA is the Adopted Daughter of Eros AKA Cupid.
Her Character has Changed Quite a bit since stepping through that Magic Mirror to Ever After High,Not Just in Looks (though that has been the most Drastic) but in Personality too. Although she is still helping Others find love,That is why she was Needed at Ever After After All,Cupid also wants Love herself,In the Form of a Nerdy Prince Named Dexter Charming.

Now For the Box,it is like the other's but Pink

Onto Cupid!
Sorry I forgot to add in Her Booklet XD I will make a Separate Post for it as well as one's for The FCA Ghouls.
Cupid Comes With A Bow and Arrows,(instead of just a Bow ring this time!) She wears a Headband,Bracelet,Earrings,Ring,Belt and of Course her Wings.

Starting With the Bow It is Dark Gold made to look Hammered,in a Grecian Style.
Not sure what the Pink thing is, a Feather? I think it means she supposed to hold the Bow up that way but as it came wrapped around her hand like that and I'm not taking the band off,it'll have to remain upside down.
it has an Arrow Molded to it,With a Heart Tip,With the bow string already taught as if she's pulled it back to shoot.
The other Gold Arrows are Molded into a Gold Quiver that has Grecian Designs all over and a Pink Heart in the Center,The Black strap isn't very good to keep on her shoulder because of her wings,so I have it on her arm.

I love that she comes with an Actual Bow and Arrows this Time! and so Rich looking too!
yeah MH Cupid has Nothing on EAH Cupid In terms of Weaponry.
 Now onto Her other Accessories.
Her Headband is Molded to look like The Heart in Her Previous Incarnations Hair.
it is Hot Pink and looks like Feathers With an Arrow Stuck through it,it is Molded on a Hammered Gold Headband that looks like Leaves.
Her earrings are Black Hearts,Her Bracelet is Gold and has the same leaf design as her Headband does and her Ring is a bent Black Arrow.
I like that Her Jewelry is understated and not too showy.

Her belt is Gold Molded Leaves attached to Black Rope as well as Black Rope hanging down.
Since her Wings are not attached like Rochelle's they fall into the Accessories Section.
My Theory on Why Cupid's Wings are Just held on by a Choker to her neck,is that Cupid isn't a Real Goddess or A Cupid and maybe Her Wings are not real but a gift from her Father....
Something to Ponder.
Anyway in this incarnation her Wings are Not Skeletal but Feathered like Angel Wings. they have that Decay look on one side but are Pure White on the outside! which I happen to like.
The Gold Choker (Bent Arrow) does not hold onto her Neck Very well and as these Wings are bigger,they tend to move around More and become lopsided,which sucks.

Makeup and Skin
Cupid's Body is pretty much the same as the other EAH Girls and instead of that Chalk White Skin With the Black she has a Normal Peach Skin tone. Which fits in better With EAH.
Cupid has Brown Eyebrows and her eyes are Teal With a Star burst of Yellow and Hearts for Irises. Her eye shadow is Pink as are her Lips She has Light Pink lipstick With a Dark Pink Heart down the center.
Completely different to her other self.
The Hair
Instead of Her hair being Short and Curled.
it is Waist Length and Very Thick in Cotton Candy Pink With Lighter Streaks flowing Beautifully.
Her Bangs are Thick are Rolled under.
The rest of Her hair is Wavy With Curls here and their,one side is Pulled back. it is so soft and Pretty.

The Outfit
Her Dress is Perfect for who she is,while I love The MH Dress I feel like it didn't really fit in to her Theme.
The Top part is Simple,it is Light Pink,Soft Cotton and Makes a V Neck,the Sleeves are Iridescent and stick out of Bit.
Her Skirt Is Poofy and goes to her knee's,it is Hot Pink With Fluffy white Clouds all over and Dark Shimmery Arrow Design all over that,the Hem or underside is Black lace and Over the skirt is a Tuft of Pale Pink Tulle.
She has Fishnet Hosiery underneath.
Last But not least are her shoes,They are Gold Heels With an Ankle Strap that Show off Prominent Gold Wings Much like The God Hermes. The Toe part is Very round With a Grecian Design,The Heel is Gold Leaves With a Cutout pink Heart attached to the end of an Arrow to  make up the heel. 
I give her a 10 out of 10 (though I wish her stand had been Pink) she is Perfect and so cute!
She is a great representation of Both Eros and Aprodite. as well as staying true to EAH and a Nod to her MH Counterpart With the Heart in her hair.

Next up Will be Getting Fairiest Briar and Maddie!

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