Thursday, January 9, 2014

Elissabat Review

I've been busy,but Now I'm back With More Reviews!
Continuing With Frights,Camera,Action!

Elissabat is a Movie Star and Draculaura's Cousin!
She goes by the Actress Name Veronica Von Vamp.
I'm pretty sure her name was inspired by Elisabet Bathory
Here is her in box.
I do like the CG Art.

As you Can Tell she has a Modern Victorian Goth Look,though I wish her Top had Stripes like the Art.

Aside From Her Diary and Stand. Elissabat comes With an Award,DVD and Wearing Earrings and a Single Bracelet.
Her Award is Silver and Shaped like a Clawed Hand.
Her DVD is shaped like a Tomb,it is Purple and Shows her in her next Movie on the Front (though I think she looks like Raven Queen) it does open to reveal a silver disc.
She has her Ears pierced Twice,both Purple,they are Drop earrings one large the other small.
she also has a Simple Clear Lavender Bracelet.

She has Simple yet Striking Makeup,She has Lavender Eye shadow With a Dark Purple Crease and Dark Plum lipstick,Her eyes are pink.
Elissabat has Deep Plum Colored Hair Mixed with Black.
She has Big Rolled Bangs,held in place with Gel and Soft knee length hair.

The outfit
Her outfit is almost like a short Version of a Victorian gown.
On Top is a Bolero Jacket,(it is Separate) over The Dress.
It Covers her bare skin Completely,it is high necked and ends at her elbows in a poofy Ruched Fabric of Dark Purple. The Top is Black With Purple Webbing.
The Dress itself is Held on By plastic Straps,so I believe it's Supposed to be Strapless,because if you take the Dress off the straps might snap.
the Top is Dark Purple,Shiny and Gathered at the bust,the waist is a Shiny Black With Purple Ribbon Criss Crossing the Front like a Corset,The Skirt part is purple and shiny and is Gathered like a Bustle,underneath and Extending past the Bustle is Black lace.
Here it is without the Jacket.
 Unfourntly the jacket left Purple striped Stains on both her Arms....
Her Boots are knee high and Black,they have molded Ties in front as well as Stitching going around from top to bottom,and Buttons going down the sides. The Wedge is Thick and Wavy. 

That's pretty much it For Elissabat,I give her an 8 out of 10. She's not My Favorite,though I get why she looks like Lala now. I do like her Gothic inspiration. But I feel like they could have done better,I kinda wish she had worn Her White Gown From the movie with her hair in a bun.

My Next Review Will be Jane Boolittle!

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